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As experts in Shopify integration, we specialize in developing custom Shopify integrations that connect your Shopify storefront with all other systems and applications. From ERP and CRM systems to marketplaces, shipment providers, and other Shopify third party integration along with everything in relation to Shopify plus integration, we offer both custom Shopify integrations as well as out-of-the-box Shopify integration solutions for any and all applications. Whether you need integrations for social media platforms like Shopify integration with Facebook, or integration with another platform such as Squarespace Shopify integration, we make everything possible related to Shopify CMS integration.

We’ve made integration with Shopify easier for you.

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Our turn-key Shopify integrations include plug and play connectors for leading ERPs like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Oracle NetSuite, which provide automated data synchronization between your Shopify storefront and your back office. This will help you have the best Shopify integrations and experiences.

We’ve made integration with Shopify easier for you.


This enables you to easily synchronize orders, customers, inventory, billing, fulfilments, and refunds between your Shopify web stores and your back office.

Our Oracle Netsuite and Shopify integrations services include;

• Compatible with both Shopify & Shopify Plus
• Supports multiple Shopify stores
• Works with all versions of NetSuite

Dynamics AX and 365 Shopify Integration

Dynamics AX and 365 Shopify Integration

Our proprietary Shopify Dynamics Connector facilitates automated data synchronization between Shopify web stores and Dynamics AX & Dynamics 365 ERP systems, saving a lot of time and data entry costs.

Our Dynamics AX and 365 Shopify Integrations services includes;

• Compatible with AX 2009, AX 2012, Dynamics 365, NAV and Business Central
• Real-time data synchronization
• Fully customizable


Custom Shopify Integrations

We, as a leading Shopify integration company, also offer custom Shopify integrations that are tailor-made to your specific requirements and help integrate your Shopify web store with various platforms giving you our top Shopify integrations such as;

Shopify Amazon integration
Shopify eBay integration
Shopify Etsy integration
Shopify QuickBooks integration
Shopify WordPress integration
Shopify Square integration
Shopify Mailchimp integration
Shopify WooCommerce integration
Shopify DropShip integration

Here is an extensive view of our top integration for Shopify:

Marketplace Percent FPL Integration
JQuery Zoom Integration
Google Font API Integration
Mercent Integration
Custom Map Integration
Express Checkout
GPS Integration
Custom Communication API
Twilio Message Sending API
Shopping Cart Integration
Print Menu Extension
Lime Light CRM API
Google Translator
Free Gift Module
Custom Video Plugin
Brightpearl Integration
Blog Engine
FishPig WordPress
Zoho CRM Integration
WordPress Integration
Perfection ERP
Microsoft Dynamics
Google AdSense Integration
Yoast SEO Integration
Google AdWords integration
Google Maps APIs
Social Media Sharing
Refer A friend
Newsletter Subscription
Google Shopping API
Google Analytics Integration
Email Sharing Integration
Custom Popup
Media Player Plugin
New Relic
LiveChat System
Multiple Payment Gateways Integration
YRC And UPS Shipping Integration
Shopify Payments Integration
Sage Pay integration
Apple Pay Integration
Yahoo Currency Converter
SKUVault Inventory & Warehouse Management System Integration
Snapfulfil WMS Integration
REX3 Fulfilment Services Integration
M.O.M. (Order Management Software) Integration
ShipStation API Integration
Sage API Integration For Shipping Calculation
Fedex Shipping Integration
USPS Shipping Integration
Autoship Subscription Module Integration

Don’t see the platform you want to integrate with? Don’t break a sweat we'll get you covered no matter what your platform is after all we've got the best integration for Shopify.

Shopify Integration and Development Solutions

With over 15 years of experience, Folio3 is well equipped to handle any Shopify Integration you can possibly think of

AirBag Man - Thumbnail

Airbag Man

  • App for tier pricing and managing customer discounts

  • Folio3 designed a tailored app for tier pricing, and managing customer discounts and groups.
Zinco - Thumbnail


  • Zinco's shift to Shopify 2.0

  • Zinco's shift to Shopify 2.0 aims for higher sales and performance with Dynamics 365 integration. Folio3 partnered with ZinCo to develop a new Shopify store with several key features.


  • GenoPalate leverages Shopify’s eCommerce platform

  • By leveraging Shopify’s e-commerce platform, GenoPalate has successfully scaled its business and made personalized nutrition accessible to a broader audience.

Rose Inc.

  • Shopify Promo Code and Custom Bundle Feature Development

  • Folio3 created "bundles" as product variants, offering different combinations of products in a single product listing for customers to choose from the desired variant.
The renewal workshop

The Renewal Workshop

  • Shopify Customization and integration

  • For The Renewal Workshop, Folio3 worked on Shopify connectors integrations and customization to need their custom order and inventory management needs.


  • Revolutionizing Package Insurance

  • ShipTect serves as a game-changer in the realm of package insurance, tailored specifically for your BigCommerce store.
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Frequently Asked Questions

It is now possible for Amazon to Shopify integrate as a separate Sales Channel and be able to make Amazon listings from your existing Shopify products and sync all your in-stock inventory.

You will find plenty of quick turn-key solutions that can make integration for shopify possible with eCommerce marketplaces such as Etsy Shopify integration or Shopify Amazon integration.

There are several turn-key Shopify marketplace integration solutions available that can let you implement a QuickBooks Shopify integration, but how effective the solution is, depends on the level of expertise of the Shopify integrationer or the development company.

Folio3 can help you develop a custom payment integration solution without interrupting your existing workflow and make sure the integration Shopify process is quick, easy, and seamless with minimum possible downtime.

If you are already an existing registered seller, Shopify lets you match your products and listings on Amazon. Moreover, you can also create fresh listings on Amazon and link those to your store. You can always find your existing product listings that are associated with your Amazon professional seller account on your Shopify website’s Amazon listing page. However, please remember that if you use Amazon SFP or FBA for order fulfillment, those products wouldn’t be displayed on the listing page.

Folio3 has more than fifteen years of experience in the eCommerce industry and has tons of satisfied Shopify customers. We have a dedicated team of expert developers only working on Shopify integration and even in that, every developer has a specialization.

Folio3 is definitely the best choice for Shopify integration because we can offer you the best customer service and help you with whatever you need integration with. Our turn-key solutions are impeccable and leave no stone unturned and if they don’t work for you, we can customize your Shopify theme integration services to fit your needs.

In 2019, Mailchimp and Shopify announced that they were parting ways and that Mailchimp would no longer be available on the Shopify App Store. This does not mean that custom integration solutions can’t be developed anymore, it simply means that Mailchimp has ended its support for any such solution so now it is all up to the developer. Third-party solutions can still be used to integrate Shopify with Mailchimp.

If you want any third-party software to integrate with Shopify, you will require the Shopify API key. Hence, follow the steps below to get your Shopify API key: Step Number 1: Log In To Shopify The first step is to get to your Shopify dashboard; hence go to Shopify’s login page and enter your credentials. Step Number 2: Creating An App Now once you are in the dashboard, head to setting-> Apps and sales channels->Develop Apps ->” Create an app.” Now, fill in the field by giving the app a name and selecting the developer, and click on “Create app.” Create an app Step Number 3: Admin API Access Now click Configuration, then Admin API Access, and check all the boxes. After that, save all the settings from getting your Admin API. Finally, click on “Install app.”
When you install the App, you can get this Admin API access token. Step Number 4: Access The API Now you can access your API token anytime by going to Settings -> App and sales channel -> Develop apps -> Create an app for your store. Choose your custom app -> API credentials.
After that, you have to select your custom app and then click on the Manage credentials. You can use this API for various eCommerce integration solutions to Integrate Shopify with the existing website or solutions. Moreover, if you are facing trouble with these steps, then you can contact any Shopify eCommerce integration services provider to help you with the process.
Editing the products in Shopify will remain the same even after the Facebook integration. You would have to make that product available on Facebook after editing. Hence follow the steps below to edit product detail in Shopify Facebook integration:
Step Number 1: Head to Product>All Products option on the sidebar again and filter the product by Availibity>Unavailable on Facebook, then click on more options and select “Add Available Channels.”
Step Number 2: Simply select Facebook from the options and click on “Make Products Available.”
Finally, if you are looking for seamless Shopify online ecommerce store integration services, especially with social media platforms like Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram, then you can contact us as we provide seamless and automated integration services for Shopify.
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