We designed a tailored app for tier pricing, and managing customer discounts and groups. 


Airbag Man

Airbag Man is a manufacturer and retailer of air suspension products for vehicles. They offer a range of products including air springs, air suspension kits, and accessories. As part of their marketing strategy, they want to implement tier pricing on their Shopify store to incentivize bulk purchases and increase customer loyalty.

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Custom App Development


  • Increase average order value by encouraging customers to buy in larger quantities.
  • Reward loyal customers with discounted prices based on their order quantity.
  • Simplify pricing management by automating tiered pricing structures within Shopify.


  • We have developed a custom app for tier pricing, which allows us to manage specific customer discounts along with customer groups.
  • Within this app, we associate customers with their respective groups, binding them together so that whenever a user logs in to the website, they receive discounts on products based on their specific group.
  • Additionally, certain kits on the website have special discounts applied to them, which are exclusively granted to specific customer groups while others may not have access to them.
  • Furthermore, we have implemented a custom checkout specifically for B2B customers. This checkout process enables our B2B customers to place orders, with the order being processed immediately upon receipt, while payment is deferred to a later time.

Airbag Man


  • Increased average order value: Customers are incentivized to purchase larger quantities to take advantage of discounted prices, leading to an increase in average order value.
  • Improved customer loyalty: Tier pricing rewards loyal customers who make repeat purchases, encouraging them to continue buying from Airbag Man.
  • Streamlined pricing management: By automating tiered pricing within Shopify, Airbag Man simplifies the process of managing pricing and discounts, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business.

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