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We specialize in building Magento 1 and Magento 2 integration solutions

As Magento integration and development experts, we offer solutions that enable your Magento web stores to communicate with other third-party business applications such as ERPs, shipment providers, CRMs, 3PL logistics systems, and many other critical applications. Our Magento integration services include both off-the-shelf and custom Magento integration solutions, irrespective of whether your Magento integration is with NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, or digital marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.

Proprietary Magento integration solutions

Our Magento integration solutions facilitate automated, real-time data synchronization between Magento and your back office, helping you save time and money.

Magento Integration Connector for NetSuite

Our Magento Integration Connector for NetSuite is a turnkey Magento ERP integration solution, which offers automated integration between multiple Magento web stores and the NetSuite ERP, enabling synchronization of orders, customers, inventory, fulfillment and billing between Magento and NetSuite.

  • The connector offers both scheduled and real-time data synchronization options
  • It supports both Magento 1 and Magento 2
  • It’s compatible with all versions of Magento including Magento Enterprise

Magento integration connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX and NAV

Our industry-leading Magento Integration Connector for Dynamics 365, AX and NAV, provides fully automated data synchronization between Magento and the Dynamics ERP/CRM. It enables sellers to focus on managing fulfillment and improve sales while eliminating manual data entry and minimizing human errors.

Custom Magento integrations

We provide custom Magento integration services that are tailor-made to your exact requirements. This includes payment and accounting integrations such as Magento QuickBooks integration, Magento Square integration, and Magento POS integration. It also includes marketplace integrations like Magento Amazon integration and Magento eBay integration and content management integration such as Magento WordPress integration. Furthermore, we provide custom Magento ERP integration and also CRM integration including the likes of Magento Salesforce integration and HubSpot Magento integration.

Do you have a custom Magento integration that you want to discuss? Let us know so we can find the perfect solution for you.

Our Magento Integration Solutions
Marketplace Percent FPL Integration
JQuery Zoom Integration
Google Font API Integration
Mercent Integration
Custom Map Integration
Express Checkout
GPS Integration
Custom Communication API
Twilio Message Sending API
Shopping Cart Integration
Print Menu Extension
Lime Light CRM API
Google Translator
Free Gift Module
Custom Video Plugin
Brightpearl Integration
Blog Engine
FishPig WordPress
Zoho CRM Integration
WordPress Integration
Perfection ERP
Microsoft Dynamics
Google AdSense Integration
Yoast SEO Integration
Google AdWords integration
Google Maps APIs
Social Media Sharing
Refer A friend
Newsletter Subscription
Google Shopping API
Google Analytics Integration
Email Sharing Integration
Custom Popup
Media Player Plugin
New Relic
LiveChat System
Multiple Payment Gateways Integration
YRC And UPS Shipping Integration
Shopify Payments Integration
Sage Pay integration
Apple Pay Integration
Yahoo Currency Converter
SKUVault Inventory & Warehouse Management System Integration
Snapfulfil WMS Integration
REX3 Fulfilment Services Integration
M.O.M. (Order Management Software) Integration
ShipStation API Integration
Sage API Integration For Shipping Calculation
Fedex Shipping Integration
USPS Shipping Integration
Autoship Subscription Module Integration
From ERP & backend integrations to Marketing tools & Software Integrations, we have done it all!

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  • B2B B2C Customization, Dynamics Integration

  • Design & implementation of a Magento 2 based web store integrated with the Dynamics AX ERP and Magento customization, helps boost sales & enhances operational efficiency

PureLife Dental

  • Magento 2 website design and development

  • Magento 2 website design for Purelife Dental helped with the seamless customer experience and increased product sales.

Maravai Life Science

  • Customization, Migration, NetSuite Integration, Website Creation

  • Magento 2 Migration from OSCommerce and Magento customization helps enhance eCommerce revenue and streamline shopping experience.

Agri Beef

  • Customization, Dynamics Integration

  • Magento 2 Migration and Magento customization helps streamline ecommerce operations and reduce order turnaround time.


  • Custom B2B Magento Integration

  • Folio3 enhanced Trilink's customer satisfaction via Magento integration with group pricing for personalized rates.


  • B2B Magento Integration and Customization

  • Folio3 enabled BermudaSand to improve operational workflows with the help of Magento-based B2B platform integration with NetSuite.
Have a Magento Integration requirement you would like to discuss? Want to know more about our Magento Integration services?

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of Magento integration depends on the third-party applications you want to integrate with. It also depends on how skilled your chosen developer is so human resource costs play a big role in the final costing. Other than this, every application is different so every integration solution bears a different cost. Furthermore, the cost of customized solutions is more than the off-the-shelf ones that you can simply buy and install.

A good company is one that caters to your requirements and fulfills them perfectly. It is experienced and renowned and has clients that love it. It would also be a plus point if the company has experience in the industry you are interested in.

Folio3 excels in all these factors and this is what makes it one of the best companies for Magento integration services. It also has clients spread across all industries in most countries of the world. Moreover, our clients always come back to us. Folio3 offers pre-built and custom integrated solutions that allow your online stores to communicate effectively with various other technology devices, logistics systems, and other business applications.

To develop a Magento 2 API for the mobile app you need to take the following steps:

1. Create an interface in your API module folder
2. Define all API methods in the web interface
3. Make sure all methods have a doc-block
4. Define API in the doc-block
5. Define the parameters in the doc-block as ‘’params’’

The web API framework for Magento provides developers and integrators the means and resources to use the web services that communicate with Magento. To be able to access Magento web API, we require Magento User Name and Magento API Key. But since there is no API user nor API role defined in Magento by default, we need to configure them both first.

For this, first you need to create a Webservice role and user.
Step 1: Log in to your Magento admin
Step 2: Create New API Role
Step 3: Create New API User
Step 4: Add New User button on the top right
Step 5: Insert the information (like user name, first name, last name, email, current admin password)
Step 6: Click ‘’Save User’’

Then, you need to create a user and finish the process.
Step 1: Add New User
Step 2: Insert information in the fields. In the API field, enter any secure key or password that you will remember.
Step 3: Select the API role you created when you click on User role.
Step 4: Save User

Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle Netsuite are both recommended as good ERP solutions for Magento 2 ERP integration to build an e-commerce startup store. They enable store owners to meet their daily business requirements offering them the gateway to earning high revenues.

Some of the Magento QuickBooks Integrations readily available are Magento Data Link, T-Hub, eCC, Stone Edge Order Manager, and Magento Order Export Module. However none of them promise to deliver a truly seamless integration with QuickBooks. For that, the best option would only be to get a custom integration built, which could end up being costly especially if it’s for an individual client.

It is a plugin that allows easy and seamless integration of Magento 2 with WordPress.

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