PureLife Dental increased customer retention and product sales with Folio3’s custom Magento 2 website design and development


PureLife Dental

PureLife Dental is a dentistry products manufacturing company. The company serves the medical and dental industry with eco-friendly and biodegradable products. Since 2009, PureLife Dental has offered cutting-edge products ensuring to limit waste by taking corporate footprint seriously.

From product manufacturing to distribution and facilitating the customers, PureLife does it all. The company has also partnered up with Carbon Fund to offset 100% carbon emissions.

  • Industry Type
  • Health Care
  • Number of employees
  • 51 - 200
  • Solution
  • Magento 2


PureLife Dental wanted to have a website focused on customer facilitation and retention, A complex yet easy to navigate Magento 2 enterprise website was needed with custom promo and discount options along with a unique customer retention concept

Some major challenges are listed below.
  • B2B website that integrates with all their systems.
  • Custom discount cart, unique for each customer based on the purchase history
  • Mega promotions structure and ‘Business Rules Engine’ optimization
  • Custom coupons and promotions feature
  • Netsuite ERP integrated with custom discounts and pricing functionalities on the website.
  • Custom preferred products based on individual customer history


Folio3 performed an AppDiscovery with PureLife Dental to understand the requirements and offer integration with the NetSuite ERP through Folio3’s Proprietary Magento connector. The project involved Magento 2 enterprise web development and design, and further implementation of custom features to cater to the client’s needs.

To facilitate the regular/returning customers, the following solutions were offered.

  • Advanced algorithm to identify inactive customers based on their data from the registration panel
  • Mega structure of complex campaigns and promotions
  • Customer-oriented discounts based on each customer’s order history
  • Special one-time discounts on preferred products
  • Unique company level pricing for customers
  • Pay later option was a custom feature as well
  • Custom styled order history data to facilitate customers in understanding their regular orders
  • A feature was added to maintain shopping lists
  • Quick Order Functionality to populate the entire cart through a single page or even a CSV import
  • Functionality to associate reference files with products like brochures and even embed videos
  • Custom prices feature to set individual prices for each company
  • Unique shipping price calculator for customers
  • State of the art website designs produced by Folio3

PureLife Dental

Client Testimonial


Omar Al-Midani

(Co-Founder & President, PureLife)

Folio3 successfully tackled and resolved all of the partner's challenges. They provide the appropriate level of project management, and proactiveness is a hallmark of their work.


Folio3 overcame the challenging requirements with ease, and was successful in developing and designing an avant website that facilitated the customers and the internal team. The speed of the website was increased massively. The company was also able to increase their sales with quite some margin because of the mega discount structure.
With intuitive features and custom functionalities, The Purelife Dental team is quite happy with Folio3 as evident by their 5-star review on Clutch.

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