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Watch Our Magento B2B Demo to Learn More About The Magento B2B Portal

eCommerce has become a necessity for businesses, especially in the era of COVID-19. Folio3 can facilitate you in establishing a productive, long-lasting relationship with your customers and also nurturing and maintaining it. Watch the Magento B2B demo below to witness how we leverage the power of the Magento platform to bring your customers convenience and many other benefits so that they keep coming back to you for more. 

Our Priority is Your Customers

At Folio3, we employ a customer-centric strategy because we understand that your success is determined by your customers’ satisfaction. Hence, we rely on a design-thinking approach and create intuitive responsive designs, and powerful features to ensure a smooth journey for your valuable customers. Our Magento B2B demo reiterates the fact that your customers are our priority by showing you how they are the center of our ideas. We care about your customers and your success. 

Magento B2B Demo: Showcasing Our Features

Earning and maintaining customer trust is crucial in B2B eCommerce, and no one understands that more than us. This is why we never go overboard and keep your B2B website interface powerful but simple so that it’s easy for your customers to navigate and get exactly what they want without any hurdles. We put ourselves in the shoes of your customers when we design your storefront in order to arrive at the most user-friendly, intuitive, and responsive design and purchasing process. Our innovative and intelligent Magento B2B solutions have the following features:

Dealer Specific Pricing

We have dealer specific pricing for your Magento B2B customers, which ensures that you can have shared catalogs with custom pricing that you can set for every company that you do business with.

Bulk Order/ Quick Order

We enable you to offer special rates to those customers that choose to order from your website in bulk. You can also offer faster checkout options with quick order forms, and also upload CSVs for orders.

Sub Accounts/ Parent and Child Account

You can enable your dealers to create different user-based sub-accounts for different roles in the company with flexible permissions, along with a main parent account for the top management.

Different Pricing within Dealers

Further customize the pricing within your dealers according to the sub-accounts created for the different users among your different client companies. You may customize your pricing/promotions according to your different customer groups. 

Payment via PO and Other Payment Terms

Offer secure and flexible payment options with the help of Folio3 to your clients and ensure that they have a choice. This includes payment options such as bank transfers, cards, checks, money orders, and even purchase orders or PO. You may also set credit limits for your clients.

Price Listing

Create your price list by developing customized price rules according to product, the category it falls in, its minimum price, and minimum quantity, and then using those rules to create price lists for different customers. 

Tax Exemption

Apply for the exemption of tax for your customers that qualify by placing their order from your backend panel. Allow these customers to then check out their shopping cart without paying the exempted tax.

Minimum Order Quantity

Set custom minimum order quantity for each of your dealers and also set pricing for them according to the quantity they purchase according to rules you have created in the price list.

Custom Catalogs

Folio3 can facilitate you in creating custom catalogs for all your different customer segments. This ensures that you can vary the way you arrange your products and your display whichever way you want according to the customer and also set the prices accordingly. 

Multiple Payment Options

Let your customers choose from a wide range of payment options that we can make available for you to include in your website storefront. You also have the option to backdate your customers’ payments at your convenience. 

Recurring Orders

Let your customers reorder their recurring orders easily with a few quick clicks as opposed to them going through the entire ordering process each and every time. 

Negotiable Quotes and Prices

Enable your customers to negotiate with you on product prices and even purchase terms before they order. Moreover, you can make special provisions and offer special discounts for big orders or reduce shipping charges.

Flexible Shipping

Make it convenient for your customers who have several warehouses or offices by offering them flexible shipping options so that they can assign various shipping addresses within a single order. 

B2B Storefront Management

Leverage our user-friendly dashboard and powerful Magento B2B solution to make your B2B storefront management extremely easy for your managers and relevant team. Moreover, manage both your B2C and your B2B operations easily from one Magento instance. 

Multilingual and Multidomain Store Development

Develop multilingual stores and create multiple subdomains for your vast product portfolio by segmenting your market according to region, and different niches, and assigning individual stores to them. Easily manage all your stores from one dashboard. 

Start Your Magento B2B Development Journey With Folio3

Whether you are new to B2B eCommerce and recently ventured into it or are unsatisfied with your current platform, we have the tools you need to achieve success. We can assure you that our experience and expertise with Magento B2B eCommerce can give your business the competitive edge it needs. Do you want to know more about how we can help? Connect with us to discuss this in detail.

If You’re Still Not Convinced, Let's Talk!

Let’s see if these facts and figures can convince you.
  • According to Statista, a survey of worldwide B2B decision-makers taken in March 2020 revealed that 11 percent of manufacturers in the B2B industry generated 81-100 percent of their total revenues through B2B eCommerce.
  • By the year 2023, B2B eCommerce sales are estimated to be 17 percent in the US alone.
  • According to Neilson, Americans alone are spending 215% more time than they spent last year researching and reading online.
If you study and analyze our Magento B2B demo, you will realize the minute details we go into and take care of. This is why our B2B portal does more than half the hard work for you and makes life easier and more convenient for your management and your customers. Moreover, it lets you taps into an “online” market boosting your ROI instantly.

Want to get your Magento b2b store developed or customized? Get in touch now!

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