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Why you should optimize your Magento Store

Optimizing the performance of your Magento web store is a vital activity that should not be overlooked. Since site performance not only impacts your store’s overall user experience (which ultimately affects traffic and revenues), it also affects your site’s ranking in search results. Studies show that 42% of consumers abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load and that faster sites typically earn more revenue. Simply put, a slow site = slower sales.

According to Kiss Metrics, if your ecommerce store is making $100,000 per day, even a one second delay in page load time, can potentially cost you $2.5M in lost sales every year!

The numbers don’t lie! Let our Magento certified expert optimize your store


As a Magento 2 Trained Solution Partner, we can help you optimize your Magento storefront for maximum performance

Magento performance optimization – what we offer

Our Magento 2 optimization services are designed to help you get the most value out of your Magento storefront. Below are some of the aspects we check for and tweak, as part of our Magento 2 optimization process.


The sitemap

To ensure security and visibility in Google search rankings.



We audit all URLs to ensure SEO friendliness


On-page SEO

Page titles, keywords, meta descriptions, etc.


Hosting environment

To ensure the hosting solution can handle the traffic load and concurrent users expected at both peak and normal hours.


Server & Caching

Compression, CDN use, browser caching, etc


Site Performance Analysis and Tuning

Auto scaling, optimal usage of Magento compiler, disabling unused Magento modules/extensions, etc.


Page Speed Testing and Code Optimization

Including JavaScript and CSS merging, JavaScript and CSS minification, cache control headers, etc.


File Size Standardization

Including content, CSS and image compression/optimization.


Database Optimization

Via query indexing and broad optimization scripts, etc.


Magento Version Maintenance

We keep your Magento store updated with the latest version


Quality Assurance

Scalability Testing, optimizing and updating your Magento store on regular basis.

Is your store optimized for peak performance?
If you are not sure, then connect with us and let us determine if your store performance is up to the mark or not

Magento optimization done the right way!

We have optimized the most complex of stores ranging from Enterprise level to small and medium sized.

Eco Products

  • Sustainable Leader Embraces Flexibility with BigCommerce

  • Eco-Products pioneers sustainability with BigCommerce, overcoming challenges like targeted visibility and state-specific restrictions.
AirBag Man - Thumbnail

Airbag Man

  • App for tier pricing and managing customer discounts

  • Folio3 designed a tailored app for tier pricing, and managing customer discounts and groups.
Zinco - Thumbnail


  • Zinco's shift to Shopify 2.0

  • Zinco's shift to Shopify 2.0 aims for higher sales and performance with Dynamics 365 integration. Folio3 partnered with ZinCo to develop a new Shopify store with several key features.


  • GenoPalate leverages Shopify’s eCommerce platform

  • By leveraging Shopify’s e-commerce platform, GenoPalate has successfully scaled its business and made personalized nutrition accessible to a broader audience.

Rose Inc.

  • Shopify Promo Code and Custom Bundle Feature Development

  • Folio3 created "bundles" as product variants, offering different combinations of products in a single product listing for customers to choose from the desired variant.

PureLife Dental

  • Magento 2 website design and development

  • Magento 2 website design for Purelife Dental helped with the seamless customer experience and increased product sales.

Want to get your Magento store optimized? Get in touch now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the best ways of optimizing Magento 1.9 speed:

  • Install the latest version
  • Design a network for your content delivery. Use CDN
  • Switch on the enabling of catalog
  • Start optimizing the images by minifying them
  • Compile into Magento platform
  • Use Cache plugin/extension 
  • Try using less modules and extensions

Magento 2 performance optimization can be done by:

  • Opting for fast hosting (Cloud-based preferably)
  • If you are using an Apache server, switch to Nginx as it is faster
  • Updating your indexes
  • Configuring the MySQL
  • Accelerating the PHP platform
  • Removing access code
  • Minifying images
  • Turning on browser Caching
  • Using CDN for images and other resources
  • Minifying JavaScript
  • Utilizing CSS more and reducing in-line code

Magento TTFB optimization is defined as the process of reducing the time that is needed for loading the first byte of a Magento-based website.

Here’s how Magento mobile speed optimization can be done:

  • Images should be optimized and minified
  • Java Scripts files should be compressed
  • Make use of page caching technique
  • Remove all irrelevant files, folders and database from your website
  • Delete all unnecessary extensions
  • Make use of fast web hosting
  • Use CDN
  • Use AMP for blog

One can perform Magento MySQL optimization in the following ways:

  • Obsolete useless database entries
  • Use flat catalogs
  • Switch on Logging to hunt useless performing queries
  • Do not forget to update the database
  • Include indexes in tables

Magento 2 speed optimization steps are given below:

  • Minimize the use of third-party JavaScript
  • Make use of php accelerator
  • Remove unnecessary logs and obsolete useless modules
  • Make use of page caching
  • Minify images and JavaScript
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