Migration of Easilocks to Shopify by Folio3



Easilocks Human Hair Extensions Ltd is renowned for its diverse range of hair extension solutions, offering customers luxurious length and enviable volume. With an array of application types and award-winning Clip-In Hair Extensions, Easilocks provides customers with endless style possibilities and effortless elegance.

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Customization of Easilocks' Shopify store


Easilocks faced several challenges in their business operations, particularly concerning their B2C website and B2B integration. These challenges included the need for seamless customization of their existing Shopify store, migration of B2B customer data from BigCommerce to Shopify, synchronization of inventory, and support for multi-currency transactions. Additionally, Easilocks required enhancements in their Shopify Connector to cater to B2B transactions effectively.



Folio3 proposed a comprehensive solution to address Easilocks’ challenges. This solution encompassed the customization of Easilocks’ Shopify store, including features such as sign-up/approval processes, B2B catalog setup, customer migration, net payments setup, and VAT setup. Furthermore, Folio3 offered customizations to the Shopify Connector to facilitate seamless integration with NetSuite. These customizations included synchronizing customers and orders, syncing kit/package type items, supporting multiple currencies, exporting customer credit limits and group-specific pricing, and handling multi-location inventory and order fulfillment.



The collaboration between Easilocks and Folio3 resulted in significant improvements in Easilocks’ online presence and operational efficiency. The customized Shopify store and enhanced Shopify Connector facilitated smoother B2C and B2B transactions, leading to improved customer experience and streamlined business processes. With seamless data synchronization between Shopify and NetSuite, Easilocks could effectively manage inventory, orders, and customer information across platforms. Overall, the project’s successful implementation bolstered Easilocks’ digital capabilities and positioned them for continued growth in the competitive hair extension market.


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