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Best WooCommerce
Website Design Company

Exemplary WooCommerce Store Design Services

Responsive Web Design

Our WooCommerce website designs look great on any device whether it be mobile, tablet or desktop

Website Revamp

Let our WooCommerce website designers revamp your WooCommerce website by leveraging the powerful features of WooCommerce

Custom Template

Leverage our custom templates and designs developed by a dedicated team of woocommerce template designers

Custom Scripting

Our dedicated WooCommerce scriptwriters offer customized scripting for both Blueprint and Stencil themes

Turn PSD into Website

If you’ve made the effort to design and save a PSD, we enable you to effortlessly transform it into your website

Graphic Design

Our expert WooCommerce storefront designers design WooCommerce product pages with spectacular visuals that captivate your customers

Custom Categorization

Our WooCommerce store design services specialize in custom menus, categories, and catalogues

Customized Blog

Get a Custom WooCommerce Blog designed to fit your market and make your readers go wow!

Custom Landing Pages

Custom WooCommerce product page design and WooCommerce cart page design bring more conversions and increase time-on-site

Custom Email Templates and Gift Certificates

We provide customized woocommerce business card and flyer designs as well as custom content for emails, banners, and more

Optimized Conversion

We use intuitive and dynamic UI and design awe-inspiring wholesome user experiences which lead to seamless conversions

Search and Social Optimized

WooCommerce web design optimized to get you maximum visibility on Search and Social

Take The First Step With Us and Realize Your Dreams

Get in touch to know how our US based WooCommerce website design company can help in turning your dreams into reality

Folio3’s WooCommerce portfolio is extensive. Covering everything from design to integration and more

Never make an uninformed decision, check out our portfolio to learn more

See what Folio3 can do for you

Witness your idea turning into one of the best WooCommerce designs you can imagine

Why Choose Folio3 As Your WooCommerce Website Design Company

Exemplary Designs

Our award-winning designs speak for themselves with existing clients such as Brilliant Earth and Mountain Travel Sobek.

15+ Years of diverse Ecommerce experience

We have more than a decade of experience making the best WooCommerce designs.

Money Back Guarantee

Our money-back policy guarantees that you will always be satisfied with your choice.

Skilled WooCommerce Integration Expertise

Our team of experts ensures that integrations are a breeze no matter what platform you want to connect with. We are ready to deliver whatever you need.

Specialists in using WooCommerce Stencil

The WooCommerce stencil framework offers a host of capabilities and features which we know how to exploit for your WooCommerce website.

Digital Transformation Experts

Folio3 is a WooCommerce website design company focused on understanding your design, development needs. We know what works where and how to adapt it for you.

Let our expert WooCommerce designers help you experience superior design!

We are a WooCommerce design company focused on providing excellence in design, development, customisation, and integration. With wholesome experience in the eCommerce space, Folio3 has dedicated teams of WooCommerce product designers and WooCommerce theme designers who understand what it takes for your WooCommerce website and storefront to stand out from the rest of the crowd. We have facilitated numerous companies in achieving their goals quickly, efficiently and effectively. Hire WooCommerce custom product designers from us to experience design par excellénce.

Let us help you:

  • Increase sales through better conversion and engagement and an excellent Woocommerce checkout page design

  • Improve customer outreach with organic search traffic

  • Streamline order fulfillment and make the process more efficient

  • End complex shipping issues

  • Develop completely responsive websites for all devices 

  • Bring creativity to the sales process

  • Gain exposure beyond the norm in a whole range of markets 


All the WooCommerce website tools and features you need to kickstart your eCommerce store:

  • Modern, crisp, clutter-free interface
  • WordPress content integration
  • CRM/Store management
  • Add/manage products, categories and more
  • Inventory management & shipping calculations
  • Search Engine Optimized WooCommerce Website
  • Simplified discount coupons and codes system
  • Product Reviews and testimonials
  • Improved experience for store owners
  • Pre-installed payment gateways
  • Complete control of the checkout process

Check out our Projects

From small and medium-sized companies to large enterprises, Folio3 has designed WooCommerce stores for all. Check out some of our success stories!


Stock Photo Pro

  • Design, Integration

  • Online stock image gallery website selling stock images, audio and video clips


  • WooCommerce to NetSuite Integration

  • Pharmaceutical company specializing in diagnostic test kits, devices & equipment for labs, care providers and law enforcement agencies
Kickstart your store now!

We’ve delivered Solutions to Enterprises and startups with 100% Satisfaction rate. Our clients love us!

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a Woocommerce store design would depend on several factors. What kind of store do you need? What kind of features do you need your store to have? How complex are the features? 

Are you looking to hire a freelancer or a design services company? How experienced do you want your developers to be? How much time do you have? How many extensions do you need and how many integrations will you require? Are you purchasing a theme or do you want a customized theme tailored to your preferences? 

The answers to all these questions will determine what the cost of designing your website might be. Having said that, the most basic WooCommerce website with minimal plugins can cost you around $1000.

In an idealistic world, freelancers sound like the perfect deal. They promise to deliver you your product faster and they also charge much less than a design and development company.


But there are several risks here if you think about it. You can never be sure of the experience and expertise of the freelancer, or if he is as he claims. You also can’t be sure if he is trustworthy enough with your website design idea and will not steal it. 


WooCommerce design companies, such as Folio3, have notable experience in designing WooCommerce websites and can show off a portfolio with numerous reputed clients and testimonials to prove it. Such companies sign a mutual NDA with you before any confidential discussion. 


These companies also provide an entire team for the design and development of a WooCommerce website  which includes project managers, software engineers, and even Quality Assurance teams, as opposed to just a freelance developer. 


Keeping all these factors in mind, companies are a better and safer choice if you value your idea and want a website worth your money.

Yes you can. WooCommerce is highly scalable and works well with websites and applications of all sizes. It is known to be able to handle an unlimited amount of products which is proof of its scalability.

WooCommerce is a competitive and adaptable open-source development platform plugin to design and develop eCommerce websites. It is secure and a lot cheaper than other platforms. In the hands of an experienced developer, WooCommerce is an excellent choice for eCommerce stores.

The WooCommerce design plugin is an open-source plugin designed specially for WordPress websites to enter into the eCommerce space. It enables WordPress users to turn their websites into working eCommerce stores.

A WooCommerce designer plugin or a WooCommerce Product designer plugin is a plugin that helps you design and customize your products before putting them up in your eCommerce store. This means that you can design custom logos, caps, tshirts, boxes, basically all the products you can think of with the help of this plugin.

Fill out the form below and let us know how we can bring to life any WooCommerce website design you might have in mind.
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