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Leading Shopify Website Designs Company offering premium services


An eye-catching Shopify design and user experience is what makes your Shopify store stand out from the crowd.


Leave an impression that lasts forever

Because at the end of the day, the only thing that really gets stuck in the visitors’ minds (besides a great bargain) is a memorable shopping experience. This is where we can help by stepping in with the best Shopify store designs, and revolutionizing the interface and presentation of your storefront, and the way it interacts with your customers. We don’t just develop eCommerce stores, we build perfect unforgettable experiences that keep your customers coming back for more.

Bespoke custom Shopify web designs

If you’re wondering what makes us one of the top Shopify designers, let us help you understand. At Folio3, we specialize in custom Shopify store design services that are tailored for your business. As a leading Shopify design and development solutions provider, we have created customized Shopify eCommerce websites for businesses worldwide. This includes both off-the-shelf Shopify design themes and custom-made Shopify/Shopify Plus designs for your Shopify storefront.


An Ingenious Shopify Website Design Company offering Innovative Shopify Design Services

We provide full-fledged Shopify custom design and development services helping businesses run their Shopify store seamlessly and boosting their revenues and profits


Custom Shopify & Shopify Plus design

Shopify designs tailor-made for you and built to be a perfect match of your imagination


Shopify theme customization

Awe-striking Shopify theme designs which are further customizable to fit your requirements


User experience & interaction design

Design centric approach based on modern concepts, with user experience as the top priority


Responsive design

Designs made to be adaptive and responsive to any device, whether it may be mobiles, tablets, or desktops


Gradual design updates

Design updates made in stages instead of a drastic website design overhaul to avoid confusion for returning visitors


Wireframing and Prototyping

From wireframes and prototypes to the final website, our transparency shows our commitment to delivering the best

Ready to get started? Hire Shopify Web Designers Now!

Having delivered countless Shopify design projects, our team of front-end and back-end Shopify designers and developers can help bring your Shopify design idea to life.


Benefits of having a well-designed Shopify web store from a top Shopify design agency

From exponential growth to long-lasting impressions, the benefits of a custom-designed Shopify store are quite a few

  • Amplify growth of your eCommerce store by 3x or more
  • Increase returning visitors to your store
  • Leave an everlasting impression on your audience
  • Design that completely fulfills the users needs
  • Can be customized easily for A/B testing
  • Responsive design for all devices

200+ Enterprise-level Clients Served!

Folio3 has 15+ years of experience in providing Ecommerce solutions to companies ranging from small and medium sized to Fortune 500



  • Shopify to NetSuite Integration

  • Shopify based web store that specializes in paper shredders. Integrated with the NetSuite ERP via our proprietary NetSuite Shopify Connector


  • Shopify to NetSuite Integration

  • Shopify based ecommerce site that specializes in paper shredders. Integrated with the NetSuite ERP via our proprietary NetSuite Shopify Connector

FMW Fasteners

  • Shopify to NetSuite Integration

  • Shopify based ecommerce site selling premium anchor products, nuts, bolts, screws, rivets, drill bits, pins, studs and socket products. Integrated with the NetSuite ERP via our proprietary NetSuite Shopify Connector

Bluespring Wellness

  • Shopify to NetSuite Integration

  • Shopify based online retailer and distributor of natural joint and muscle pain relief products. Integrated with the NetSuite ERP via Folio3's NetSuite Shopify Connector

Turkish T

  • Shopify to NetSuite Integration

  • Shopify based web store specializing in turkish handloomed towels, bathrobes, blankets, pillows and throws. Integrated with the NetSuite ERP via our proprietary NetSuite Shopify Connector


  • Shopify to NetSuite Integration

  • NetSuite Shopify integration maximizes sales by reducing order turnaround time

Frequently Asked Questions

How much designing and developing a Shopify website will cost you highly depends on the website design you have in mind, the template you like and choose, how much customization you require in designing your store, and what functionality and features you require in your website. The cost also depends on the Shopify design company you choose to hire. Different companies will have different pricing according to their experience and what they are available to offer to the customer. Most Shopify companies however will range from $1000 to $10000 for designing a custom shopify store. Projects that require extensive customization can go up to $20000 or even more.

There are several factors to consider while estimating pricing for designing a Shopify website. Firstly, it largely depends on the look and feel of your custom theme. Then it depends on how much customization you would like on the theme and the overall design of the website and if you want any additional features to be added in the design. It is difficult to estimate the pricing because different companies have different pricing strategies. Some may have adopted a fixed pricing strategy whereas some may charge you for the time they spend on designing your website. Lastly, it also depends on who you hire, because the best Shopify agency will cost a lot more than an average one.

Shopify does offer a web-based builder that gets your eCommerce website ready to be published in little to no time. Shopify makes hosting your website on their platform very easy and as hassle-free as they can. However, it is still difficult if you aren’t an experienced developer yourself. Also, the website builder has limitations, and you might not be able to incorporate all the features that you have in mind. 

Freelancers may sound like the ideal package because they will charge you much less and may claim to get you up and running in a shorter time frame. However, you never know if the freelancer is as experienced as he claims to be, and you can’t even be sure if he won’t just steal your idea and disappear. Reputed Shopify design companies, like Folio3, have years of experience designing and developing Shopify websites and have the portfolio to show it off. Such companies also can’t steal ideas or divulge your information to anyone because they sign a mutual Non-Disclosure agreement with you before anything confidential is discussed. They also provide you the whole package, because you need more than just a developer to design and build a website. You need a product manager, a project manager, back-end developers, front-end developers, software engineers, and even Quality Assurance resources to get you to the final product, something you cannot expect with a freelancer.

Shopify has several packages and plans and the pricing for each plan differs from the other. The first plan, known as the Basic Shopify plan, which is for $29 per month, takes 2.9% plus 30¢ per online transaction. Then there is the Shopify plan, which takes 2.6% as well as 30¢ per transaction, and costs $79 per month. Lastly, there is the Advanced Shopify plan for $299 per month, which takes 2.4% and 30¢ for each transaction.

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