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Outstanding Shopify Migration Services


Shopify Migration Done Right

Developing and setting up a brand new Shopify storefront is relatively straightforward. Migrating from a legacy or proprietary eCommerce system to Shopify is where the complexity comes in. Whether you want a WordPress to Shopify migration, a WooCommerce to Shopify migration, or you want a Shopify migration from Magento, you need to make sure the migration is perfect the first time. The more seamless and error-free the migration will be, the less effect the migration process will have on your up and running store and its current SEO rank.

Bad Shopify Migration Costs You More Than You Think. Why Take The Risk?

Only trust the best Shopify migration services who can offer you flawless migration with minimal risks so that you can get your online store up and running in no time. Migrate without Risk!

Shopify Migration Services We Offer

The migration of your entire eCommerce website and its data, including content, products, images, customer data, and order data can be a huge hassle, especially when handled by inexperienced developers. At Folio3, we have a dedicated and certified team of Shopify migration experts who can guarantee you a seamless Shopify migration.

Our designers and developers are part of an award-winning team that has years of development experience, and have facilitated many businesses in shifting their eCommerce website and operations to Shopify. We offer Magento to Shopify Migration, OpenCart to Shopify migration, Volusion to Shopify migration, BigCommerce to Shopify migration, and migration from many other platforms including WooCommerce and WordPress. 


Top-of-the-line Shopify migration services

Folio3 promises to take care of it all for you. So you don’t have to worry, and can guide your focus on things that are more important, like taking your eCommerce business to another level after we migrate your store and launch your Shopify website for you.



Product Titles, Images, Description, Custom Fields, Inventory, Pricing, Tax, Etc.


Product Attributes

Includes all conceivable attribute types such as size, unit of measurement, dimensions etc.


Product Variants

Includes core products as well as sub categories


Custom Fields

Sometimes the usual just doesn’t fit your unique products


Downloadable Products

Includes all known, popular file formats


Pricing/Inventory Rules

No need to forego automation in price rules when you migrate


Strip Html Styling

No excess baggage with html script brought over


SEO Settings

SEO settings will remain the same after the migration process


Content Pages

Pages and all relevant content


Other Images

Images in whatever format and style



Reviews are difficult to gather the first time, why do it again? All reviews are migrated



Retain old order records and any open orders as well



Tax history as well as calculations


Coupon Codes

Active discount and coupon codes


Item Category Images

For easy identification of each item category



Entire customer database along with associated data


Customer Groups

Personalized groups and clusters of your customers



Entire manufacturer database along with associated details


Manufacturer Images

For easy identification of each manufacturer

See what Folio3 can do for you

Let us focus on your migration details while you focus on your business

Our Shopify Migration Process is fairly simple



  • Objective
  • Business Assessment
  • Key Requirements
  • Bottle Necks
  • Operational Processes

Strategy Planning

  • Data Information
  • User Experience
  • Desktop vs Mobile
  • Integrations
  • New Features

Migration & Development

  • Legacy Data, Media & Content Elements
  • Refactoring Code Third-Party Extensions
  • Theming and Device Compatibility
  • Re-architecting Integrations

QA and Go Live

  • UAT Plan and end-to-end System Testing
  • Final data rollout
  • Technology Stack and Infrastructure
  • Deployment Testing
  • Staging and Production Cutover
Providing Shopify Solutions to enterprises around the world

From Shopify design and development to Shopify migration and support, we have certified Shopify experts to cater to your business needs



  • Shopify to NetSuite Integration

  • Shopify based web store that specializes in paper shredders. Integrated with the NetSuite ERP via our proprietary NetSuite Shopify Connector


  • Shopify to NetSuite Integration

  • Shopify based ecommerce site that specializes in paper shredders. Integrated with the NetSuite ERP via our proprietary NetSuite Shopify Connector

FMW Fasteners

  • Shopify to NetSuite Integration

  • Shopify based ecommerce site selling premium anchor products, nuts, bolts, screws, rivets, drill bits, pins, studs and socket products. Integrated with the NetSuite ERP via our proprietary NetSuite Shopify Connector

Bluespring Wellness

  • Shopify to NetSuite Integration

  • Shopify based online retailer and distributor of natural joint and muscle pain relief products. Integrated with the NetSuite ERP via Folio3's NetSuite Shopify Connector

Turkish T

  • Shopify to NetSuite Integration

  • Shopify based web store specializing in turkish handloomed towels, bathrobes, blankets, pillows and throws. Integrated with the NetSuite ERP via our proprietary NetSuite Shopify Connector


  • Shopify to NetSuite Integration

  • NetSuite Shopify integration maximizes sales by reducing order turnaround time

Frequently Asked Questions

You can migrate your Magento store to the Shopify platform in a few easy steps.

  1. Keep your Magento store running. Until your migration is complete, you should keep your Magento store running and minimize downtime.
  2. Decide on how much you wish to migrate. There may be outdated or obsolete data that you might not want to migrate to your new store. 
  3. Register on Shopify. You will have to make an account on the Shopify platform in order to migrate.
  4. Back up your current Magento store. This way you will not lose any data and have everything intact. 
  5. Migrate the data. There are a few options available on how to migrate your data and it’s best if you hire experienced developers to do this for you.
  6. Perform testing. Run some tests to make sure your new website store is working all the way from searching for a product to check out. 
  7. Restyle and launch. You can restyle your new website if you like with available or custom Shopify themes before launching it.

If you are looking for a Shopify to Magento migration, the steps will still be similar except you will have to register on Magento.

Folio3 has more than fifteen years of development experience and has an excellent portfolio and loyal clients who only have good things to say. We have worked with every industry there is, and with organizations of all sizes from eager startups that went on to be acquired by industry giants, to Fortune 500 companies.

We have a team of expert developers dedicated to Shopify migration services who provide you with nothing less than the best. If you want a flawless migration that is worth your time and money, Folio3 is your best bet.

Yes, there are a number of plugins available that you can use for WordPress to Shopify migration or even Shopify to WooCommerce migration, but it would be best to hire migration experts and let them do it for you so that you don’t experience any data loss and have a smooth transition without worries. Having said that you can use plugins like Woo importer and extensions like Cart2Cart.

The entire store database can be migrated. The checklist includes but is not limited to:

Product categories: This includes the category name, URL, and images.
Product: This includes the product name, description, images, SKU, manufacturer name, and product status. It also includes price and any promotional price, product tags, weight, URL, variants, and quantity.
Orders: This includes order ID, date,  status, status for custom orders, order product SKU and name, product quantity, price, tax applied, shipping rate, total price, and comments. It also includes the customer name, email address, billing address and details, shipping address and details.
Coupons: This includes coupon name, code, type, and discount percent and amount.
Blogs: This includes blog title, SEO URL, description, content, images, blog IDs, tags, and comments.
Reviews: This includes date of review, rating, name of reviewer, comment, and concerned product.

Whether you are migrating from BigCommerce to Shopify or thinking of Shopify to BigCommerce migration, it largely depends on the size and complexity of your eCommerce store. 

A simple migration will cost much less than a more complex one and the more customization you require, the more your cost will go up. It also depends on the development company you hire for the migration and the experience its developers have. A seamless migration with no issues and no data loss is worth the price.

Do you have a Shopify Migration requirement you want to discuss? Or do you simply want to know more about our exemplary Shopify Migration services?
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