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Reasons to Avoid Using an App for Magento to Shopware Migration:


Apps execute automated migrations which often overlook any customizations you've made.


Both platforms utilize distinct extensions, making them incompatible with a simple tap migration from Magento to Shopware.

Theme Migration Limitations

Apps lack the capability to migrate themes seamlessly, as each platform requires specifically tailored designs

Loss of Data

Automated migrations through apps pose a heightened risk of data loss, lacking the testing and quality assurance necessary for a smooth transition


App-driven migrations further amplify the risk of data loss due to the absence of rigorous testing and quality assurance protocols

The Process to Migrate Your Magento Store to Shopware

Folio3 offers a seamless Magento to Shopware migration service that helps businesses import all of their important data and store entities in no time. Moreover, this process will be completed without any security breaches. Here’s a quick overview of the simple steps leading to a smooth Shopware migration:

Initial Assessment of The Store

Our Shopware migration experts first conduct a comprehensive analysis of the existing Magento store's database structure, providing compatibility with Shopware’s data model.
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Quick Extraction of Data

We then extract and transform data such as product details, inventory, customer profiles, orders, reviews, and associated metadata into a format suitable for migration.
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Data Mapping & Transformation

Our Shopware migration service includes the mapping of data from the current source platform to the corresponding fields in Shopware, providing accurate data transfer.
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Custom Functionalities Evaluation

Our Shopware experts then identify the custom functionalities, extensions, and plugins in the Magento source store and determine their compatibility with the Shopware interface.
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Assessment of Design Structure

We then assess the design structure of the existing Magento store and plan for the adaptation or recreation of templates, styles, and layout in Shopware.
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Data Migration Implementation

Our Shopware migration experts then use the specialized migration tools, scripts, Shopware plugins, and APIs to facilitate the quick transfer of structured data, unstructured content, and relational data.
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Quality Assurance Check

Our QA experts then rigorously test data accuracy, functionalities, and design consistency across various environments, including development, staging, and production.
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Deployment and Go Live

Folio3's Shopware migration service includes the planning of a controlled deployment to minimize downtime and disruption within the deployment activity. Our Shopware migration experts switch to DNS to direct traffic to the new Shopware instance, providing a seamless transition for users.
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Post Migration Support

We offer post-migration support to serve users adapt to the new interface and functionalities of Shopware.
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Data that can be moved during Magento to Shopware Migration


Product Categories






Multi Store


What Additional Services Do We Offer?

Clear All Demo Data On Target Store Prior To Migration

Before actual migration, delete any current data on your target store like products, orders, images, customers, etc. Test your data after clearing all demo data.
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Generate 301 Redirects To Your Target Store

Enables you to automatically redirect all your previous source store category and product URLs to your new target store.
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Build Product Variants Based Upon Available Combinations Of Options

Allows you to create different product variants which will be configurable after migration has taken place.
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Strip HTML Tags From Product & Category Names

Strip all HTML tags from every product, category, and description, so that they are properly displayed on your target store.
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Migrate Feature Images From Products, Descriptions & Categories

Migrate all your images from your source store to your target store including product and category images as well as images in descriptions and blogs.
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Modify Product Quantity On Your Target Store

Modify your product quantity that is currently out of stock to make it show as available in stock on your target store.
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Migrate All Additional Images

Transfer all your additional images other than feature and thumbnail images to your target store.
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Migrate All Descriptions

Transfer your short and complete descriptions to your target store into the same field.
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Migrate SKUs

Transfer your product SKUs to your target store.
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Setup Your Shopware Store

Migrate from Magento to Shopware after building your new Shopware store from scratch.
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Skyrocket your sales performance with latest Shopware Platform. Let us take care of it with our Shopware Upgrade Services that includes auditing & upgrading to every new release by Shopware!

Why Choose Folio3 for Magento to Shopware Migration Services?

Magento to Shopware Migration Service

Folio3 offers the best-in-class Magento to Shopware migration service to businesses of all kinds. You can easily upgrade your online store to Shopware interface with the assistance of Shopware developers.
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24/7 Customer Support

A dedicated support team will always stay active with you via live chat, email address, and number to resolve your queries related to the Magento to Shopware migration instantly.
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Tech-Savvy Team of Experts

Folio3 has a team of tech-savvy Shopware developers who not only understand your business dynamics but deliver a memorable customer experience. From the initial planning to the final migration, and deployment, our team takes care of everything leaving no loophole behind.
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No Loss of Crucial Data

With our experienced Magento to Shopware Migration experts, you don't have to worry about the loss of data like customer's crucial private information, product and categorical data, or anything crucial.
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Shopware 6 Platinum Partners

As a certified Shopware Platinum Partner, we bring unparalleled experience to the table. With a proven track record in crafting B2B and B2C online stores and e-commerce projects, we offer a comprehensive development service tailored to your Shopware needs.
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Make Your Magento to Shopware Migration Effortless with Our Customized Services

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Popular Questions About Magento to Shopware Migration

Shopware offers advanced features, scalability, and improved performance compared to Magento. Plus, it provides a more user-friendly interface and better support for modern e-commerce requirements.

A professional migration service ensures that your SEO ranking is preserved by implementing proper redirects and ensuring that URL structures are maintained.

The duration of the migration process depends on factors such as the size of your store, complexity of data, and customizations needed. However, a reputable migration service provider can give you a tailored estimate based on your specific requirements.

Professional migration services ensure that all customer data, order history, product information, and other essential data are securely transferred to the new Shopware platform without any loss.

While some customization may be required to ensure compatibility, experienced migration service providers can help evaluate and adapt custom extensions and themes to work seamlessly with Shopware.

Since passwords are a form of encrypted data, it is difficult to migrate them to another platform such as Shopware 6.

No, there won’t be any disruptions throughout the migration. Our Magento to Shopware migration professional team will ensure that your store remains accessible throughout the transfer process. Visitors will always find your business open and working normally.

Yes, this migration process is applicable to both self-hosted Shopware 6 as well as Shopware 6 cloud.

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