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We are known as the best B2B eCommerce development company because we make use of our years of experience and technology in conjunction with the latest technology to bring you complete B2B store development services. 

B2B Ecommerce Website Development

As a leading B2B eCommerce development agency in partnership with all major eCommerce development platforms, at Folio3, we help you create unforgettable experiences for your B2B customers. We leverage the most powerful B2B eCommerce platforms and ones that facilitate you in achieving the maximum number of business-to-business conversions. Our advanced and complex solutions include cutting-edge features such as ERP integrations, website customizations as well as custom extensions and plugins, that help us in building the perfect B2B websites for you and your customers. 

The B2B features we offer also include custom integrations and eCommerce functionality. We specialize in developing tailored solutions that are made to fit your requirements so that your website turns out exactly the way you want it. We can help you leverage the maximum power and potential of your eCommerce platform to grow and scale your business and develop the best possible eCommerce website for you. 

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Start Your B2B Ecommerce Journey With Folio3

Wherever you may be in your B2B eCommerce journey, we promise to take you further toward your goal. We offer our out-of-the-box imagination and years of development experience and expertise to help you with the perfect solution for your needs. Feel free to reach out to us for a detailed and more focused discussion. 

B2B Ecommerce Development Services We Offer


Front end development

We have dedicated front-end developers to develop your B2B eCommerce websites. They have more than 15 years of experience behind them and are known to develop innovative, responsive mobile and web experiences that make your viewers your customers who want to keep coming back for more.

Back end development

At Folio3, our planning is as good as our execution. We are known for building strong website architecture, whichever platform we use, ensuring that your website is able to cope with changing market dynamics and that your data is always secure. We employ the most experienced backend developers who take it upon themselves to develop your website to function exactly the way you need it to.

Website integrations

Our dedicated teams build complex custom eCommerce connectors tailored to your specifications so that you can enjoy the B2B eCommerce features and functionality you need. Our integrations ensure that your website connects seamlessly with your third-party platforms and applications enabling you to provide a memorable experience to your clients and customers.


Mobile optimization

The recent shift in market dynamics has also been true for the wholesale market as people have started to understand the convenience of getting things done with a tap on their mobile phones. We offer mobile-optimized responsive eCommerce B2B websites that are equally effective on smartphones and help you maximize your sales by giving you newer avenues with an even better user experience.


Custom Extensions & plugins

Our B2B extensions team knows exactly how to maximize the performance of your website and improve its functionality according to your requirements. We build custom plugins that integrate seamlessly with your eCommerce store and perform the required task that they are built for. Add powerful features to your B2B website with ease with the help of our development experts.

Platform migrations

Platform migrations

Our dedicated teams build complex custom eCommerce connectors tailored to your specifications so that you can enjoy the B2B eCommerce features and functionality you need. Our integrations ensure that your website connects seamlessly with your third-party platforms and applications enabling you to provide a memorable experience to your clients and customers.


Support & maintenance

We have a dedicated B2B support and maintenance team at your service 24/7 through phone, ticket, or email. We strive to help you with any and all technical issues, while also facilitating you in retaining your customers’ trust, working on your business strategy, and maximizing sales and ROI.

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Are you wondering which eCommerce platform you should go for or do you want customizations in your existing B2B e-commerce store? Get in touch with our certified experts and we’ll guide you without charging a dime. 

Check out our Projects

From small and medium-sized companies to large enterprises, Folio3 has been developing B2B eCommerce development solutions and offering B2B services for them for more than fifteen years. Check out some of our success stories!


  • B2B B2C Customization, Dynamics Integration

  • Design & implementation of a Magento 2 based web store integrated with the Dynamics AX ERP and Magento customization, helps boost sales & enhances operational efficiency

PureLife Dental

  • Magento 2 website design and development

  • Magento 2 website design for Purelife Dental helped with the seamless customer experience and increased product sales.

Maravai Life Science

  • Customization, Migration, NetSuite Integration, Website Creation

  • Magento 2 Migration from OSCommerce and Magento customization helps enhance eCommerce revenue and streamline shopping experience.

Who Are Our B2B Ecommerce Development Solutions For?



We facilitate manufacturers to optimize their online operations so that they can engage in B2C as well as B2B sales at the same time. 



We make it very easy and convenient for distributors to streamline their operations and gain from B2B eCommerce development solutions. 



With features such as custom pricing and promotions, we enable wholesalers to allow their customers to get a tailored online shopping experience. 

Core B2B Features For Your B2B Website


Dealer Specific Catalogues

We offer multiple catalogs for different B2B customers allowing you to customize your product portfolio according to the needs of your customers.


Dealer Specific Pricing

You have the flexibility and the option to offer personalized prices for each product catalog offered to your B2B customers.


Custom presentation

Every product catalog gets a custom presentation according to the preference of your customer. This includes the navigation scheme, catalog theme as well as product organization. 


Dealer Specific Promotions

We enable you to offer tailored promotions to your B2B customers which include cross-sells, up-sells, special offers as well as bulk discounts. 


Product Views

We offer several different product ways to display your product portfolio so that you can showcase your brand however you want. This includes grid view, item details as well as thumbnails. 


Sub Accounts

We offer multiple parent and child accounts for your dealers and B2B customers so that you can offer flexible access and permissions according to the role the user plays in the company.


Payment Options

We offer flexible as well as secure payment options for the convenience of your B2B customers so that they can benefit from a range of choices. We offer a wide range of payment options so you can choose suitable ones and customize them for your customers. 


Custom Price List

We enable you to offer custom prices to your dealers by creating price lists with price rules on the basis of the product itself, minimum possible price, minimum possible quantity, and category. These rules can then be easily added to customize the pricing for any specific dealer.


Payment Terms

You may also set custom payment terms including different credit limits for each of your dealers and also backdate any of the payments made for your convenience. 


Recurring Orders

Ensure that your B2B customers do not need to go through the entire process multiple times for the same order and can simply reorder with a couple of clicks. 


Download PDFs and Price Lists

You customers can download price lists or quotes in CSV or PDF formats and can then make informed decisions on which SKUs to go for.


Negotiable Quotes and prices

We empower your B2B customer by enabling him to negotiate the purchase prices as well as terms with you before they actually place their orders. 


Flexible Shipping

Our flexible shipping feature ensures that your B2B customers are able to assign multiple shipping addresses within one order.


Storefront Management

We make storefront management easy and convenient for you and enable you to manage your B2B as well as B2B operations from a single dashboard. 


Multidomain and Multilingual

We enable you to develop multiple subdomains and individual storefronts for your products by segmenting them according to regions, languages, niches, or your B2B customers. You can also manage them all with a single dashboard. 

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What else can Folio3 provide for your Business?



We can enable you to analyze the consumer behavior, purchase history as well as other important data of existing as well as prospective dealers and customers. This helps you to personalize your interaction with your B2B customers with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Some features you can benefit from are:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Pattern-based statistical hypothesis testing
  • Tailored recommendations
  • Intelligent concierge and smart customer support using virtual assistants and chatbots. 

Logistics, Supply Chain & Warehouse

We offer B2B eCommerce development services that help you track your goods through the supply chain, enable you to select your carrier as well as route, and also manage your freight payments along with inventory and warehouse management. Some of the solutions we offer are: 

  • Route optimization solution
  • ERP
  • Inventory management solutions
  • Warehouse Maintenance and management solutions
  • Fleet management solutions

Payment Solutions

We offer custom payment solutions for your B2B eCommerce website and can also facilitate you with your existing payment solutions. The services we offer include:

  • AI-ML based anti-fraud solutions
  • Integration with payment gateways
  • Custom integrations
  • Secure customer validation process including algorithms, two-factor authorization, and 3D-Secure protocol.

End-to-end B2B Ecommerce Development Solution

From idea generation and desgin toB2B store development and marketing, we are a one-stop-shop for all your B2B eCommerce requirements and we can assure you that we never compromise on quality, response time, as well as delivery. 

Following the design-thinking approach and keeping your customers at the center, we assure you that we have your best interests in making the best possible B2B eCommerce development solution for you, exactly the way you want it. 


Our B2B Integration Services

Marketplace Percent FPL Integration
JQuery Zoom Integration
Google Font API Integration
Mercent Integration
Custom Map Integration
Express Checkout
GPS Integration
Custom Communication API
Twilio Message Sending API
Shopping Cart Integration
Print Menu Extension
Lime Light CRM API
Google Translator
Free Gift Module
Custom Video Plugin
Brightpearl Integration
Blog Engine
FishPig WordPress
Zoho CRM Integration
WordPress Integration
Perfection ERP
Microsoft Dynamics
Google AdSense Integration
Yoast SEO Integration
Google AdWords integration
Google Maps APIs
Social Media Sharing
Refer A friend
Newsletter Subscription
Google Shopping API
Google Analytics Integration
Email Sharing Integration
Custom Popup
Media Player Plugin
New Relic
LiveChat System
Multiple Payment Gateways Integration
YRC And UPS Shipping Integration
Shopify Payments Integration
Sage Pay integration
Apple Pay Integration
Yahoo Currency Converter
SKUVault Inventory & Warehouse Management System Integration
Snapfulfil WMS Integration
REX3 Fulfilment Services Integration
M.O.M. (Order Management Software) Integration
ShipStation API Integration
Sage API Integration For Shipping Calculation
Fedex Shipping Integration
USPS Shipping Integration
Autoship Subscription Module Integration

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