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Hire the Best Magento B2B Developers and Consultants in the Market

Do you need experienced Magento B2B developers for your eCommerce store? Our team of Magento experts focuses on creating an experience for your customers that leaves an everlasting impression in their minds. We use a customer-centric design thinking approach to develop striking and powerful Magento B2B eCommerce solutions that make it easier for customers to interact with your company, thereby boosting your ROI.

Powerful Magento B2B Features Customized For Your Store


Dealer specific pricing

Our dealer-specific Magento B2B pricing ensures that you are able to create and maintain shared protected catalogs that have custom pricing for each and every company you deal with. Moreover, we can provide you with API integrations for complex pricing for your back-end if the need arises.

Bulk Orders/ Quick Order

Our Magento B2B developers enable you to let your customers order in bulk while you can offer special discounted rates to them for ordering in bulk with cart price rules and a vast catalog. You also have the option to add quick order forms with faster checkout and can upload orders via CSV.

Sub Accounts/ Parent and Child Account

You can let your dealers and companies create various sub-accounts based on the role the user has in the company like Sales Rep, Manager Sales etc. with flexible permissions. With the experience of over 15 years in Magento development and Magento B2B services, we can offer you the best custom solution for your requirements.


Different Pricing within Dealers

You can also further customize your pricing with the different sub-accounts created by your dealers by adjusting your pricing and customizing your promotions according to the shoppers’ demands and customer groups.

Payment via PO and Other Payment Terms

We enable you to offer extremely flexible secure payment options to your dealers so that they have a choice. This includes paying via a Purchase Order number or a PO amongst other options such as checks, credit cards, bank transfers, and money orders. You also have an option to set your own credit limit for your customers.


Price Listing

With our price listing feature, you can create custom price rules for your customers according to the product category, the product itself, minimum price, and minimum quantity. Then the price list can easily be created targeting different customers by adding price rules from the price rule list.

Tax exemption

The Magento 2 B2B features also enable you to apply for tax-exemption for your qualifying customers, while you place an order from your Magento backend. Hence this allows those customers to check out their cart without paying tax.

Minimum order quantity

Our Magento B2B features also let you set your own minimum order quantity for your dealers, and also change the pricing for them according to different quantity presets once you mention them in the price list.


Custom catalogs

We enable you to offer all your customers a personalized touch in what they view in your catalogs. We can help you create a number of different versions of your catalogs for all your customer segments. You can also vary your product assortment and display any way you want as well as price them differently.


Multiple Payment Options

Folio3 can build any website storefront for you with whichever payment options you would like to offer your customers. We offer cutting-edge Magento B2B features that include a plethora of payment options for you to choose from and customize for your customers. You may also backdate the payments to your convenience.

Recurring Orders

We can provide your Magento B2B eCommerce storefront with features that ensure that your customers don’t need to go through the whole process again just to repeat an order they have previously made. On their account, they can reorder easily with just a few clicks.


Negotiable Quotes and Prices

The innovative Magento b2b features we offer enable you to let your customer negotiate the purchase terms and prices with you before they place an order. You can even decrease your shipping charges, or create special provisions and special discounts for bigger orders.


Flexible Shipping

We also offer you flexible shipping options so that it is possible for your customers to assign more than one or even multiple shipping addresses within the same order. This is so that it makes things easier for customers with several offices or warehouses.


B2B Storefront Management

With our Magento B2B eCommerce solutions and services, B2B storefront management becomes extremely easy for you and your team. In fact, you can manage all your B2B as well as B2C retail and wholesale operations from a single Magento instance.


Multilingual and Multidomain Store Development

Leverage our development expertise and the power of the Magento platform as we enable you to create multiple subdomains with individual stores for your product portfolio. You can create different regional stores, or segment your market according to your customers or different niches and manage them all from a single dashboard.

Start Your Magento B2B Journey With Folio3

Whether you’re new to B2B eCommerce and just recently ventured into it, or you have been unsatisfied with your current platform or business – we can assure you that our experience and our expertise with Magento B2B eCommerce can give your business the competitive edge it needs. Do you want to know more about how we can help? Connect with us to discuss in detail.

Our Magento Integration Solutions

Marketplace Percent FPL Integration
JQuery Zoom Integration
Google Font API Integration
Mercent Integration
Custom Map Integration
Express Checkout
GPS Integration
Custom Communication API
Twilio Message Sending API
Shopping Cart Integration
Print Menu Extension
Lime Light CRM API
Google Translator
Free Gift Module
Custom Video Plugin
Brightpearl Integration
Blog Engine
FishPig WordPress
Zoho CRM Integration
WordPress Integration
Perfection ERP
Microsoft Dynamics
Google AdSense Integration
Yoast SEO Integration
Google AdWords integration
Google Maps APIs
Social Media Sharing
Refer A friend
Newsletter Subscription
Google Shopping API
Google Analytics Integration
Email Sharing Integration
Custom Popup
Media Player Plugin
New Relic
LiveChat System
Multiple Payment Gateways Integration
YRC And UPS Shipping Integration
Shopify Payments Integration
Sage Pay integration
Apple Pay Integration
Yahoo Currency Converter
SKUVault Inventory & Warehouse Management System Integration
Snapfulfil WMS Integration
REX3 Fulfilment Services Integration
M.O.M. (Order Management Software) Integration
ShipStation API Integration
Sage API Integration For Shipping Calculation
Fedex Shipping Integration
USPS Shipping Integration
Autoship Subscription Module Integration

Check out our Magento B2B Projects

With more than 15 years of offering top-notch Magento B2B services, Folio3 has proven to be one of the best development companies in the US and has the portfolio to prove it. Our clients range from beginners and startups to Fortune 500 enterprises and they all have only good things to say about us.



  • B2B B2C Customization, Dynamics Integration

  • Design & implementation of a Magento 2 based web store integrated with the Dynamics AX ERP and Magento customization, helps boost sales & enhances operational efficiency

Maravai Life Science

  • Customization, Migration, NetSuite Integration, Website Creation

  • Magento 2 Migration from OSCommerce and Magento customization helps enhance eCommerce revenue and streamline shopping experience.


  • B2B B2C Customization, Dynamics Integration

  • Flexiglass’ migration to Magento2 and Dynamics AX integration paved way for growth for the Australia-based company

Why Choose Folio3 as your B2B Magento Development Partner?


15+ Years of Experience

We are proud to have put in more than 500,000 manhours of hard work to have more than 15 years of experience in design and development.


Professional Support

Our dedicated support teams offer some of the best technical support for all your Magento needs. We can be reached via phone, email, and ticket. 


Certified Experts

Our dedicated Magento designers and developers are Magento certified and their years of experience in the field has helped them stand out as experts. 

What Magento B2B Services do we provide?


Magento Design

Magento open source B2B unlocks an abundance of possibilities for design and development. We use a design-thinking approach to help you design stunning responsive storefronts that are made keeping your B2B customers in mind. 


Magento Development

As an experienced Magento 1 and Magento 2 B2B as well as B2C development company, our certified developers have the expertise to understand your exact requirements and provide you with world-class Magento development services.


Magento Integration Solutions

Our Magento open source B2B integration solutions enable an automated seamless synchronization of the data between your ERP, CRM, and any other third-party platforms and your Magento B2B eCommerce store, saving you time and money. 


Custom Magento Development

Having some of the best certified Magento developers with us in-house, we offer endless possibilities in customizing your Magento B2B storefront to ensure that it turns out exactly like you envision it and accommodates all the functionality and features you need. 


Magento Extensions & Modules

We have a dedicated team of Magento custom extension developers who specialize in extensions and Magento modules. They ensure that you have no trouble in extending the functionality of your eCommerce store by developing exactly the extensions you need. 


Magento Migration & Magento 2 Upgrade

Our team of Magento migration experts ensure that your migration to Magento from any third-party platform is effortless and entirely loss-free for you. We also provide an error-free ultra-quick upgrade to Magento 2 from Magento 1.x.


Magento Performance Optimization Services

We have advanced performance optimization services available that are specially designed for you so that you can gain the maximum possible value out of your Magento B2B eCommerce store, and leverage the maximum potential of the Magento platform. 


Magento support & maintenance

Our dedicated maintenance and support team has experienced Magento professionals who are experts in their field. We offer the best technical support and advice at just a moment’s notice and we offer it round-the-clock. 

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