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Justyna Wilson

Senior Director – eCommerce & Marketing

Face Reality Skin Care

The team has been absolutely amazing to work with
Played a critical role in launching a lot of our initiatives
They are very solution oriented, and they have been a pleasure to work with
I would highly recommend working with Folio3 team

Omar Ali-Midani

Co-Founder & President

PureLife Dental

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Omar Ali-Midani
Co-Founder & President
PureLife Dental
We couldn’t be happier; the launch was perfect!
We are getting positive feedback from our customers and entire staff
fabulous, detail oriented, works super well
our customers are glowing with how fast, how smooth our website is
Folio3 has completely nailed it!

Our Satisfied Customers

Look Through our portfolio and discover some of the best projects we’ve delivered

Eco Products

  • Sustainable Leader Embraces Flexibility with BigCommerce

  • Eco-Products pioneers sustainability with BigCommerce, overcoming challenges like targeted visibility and state-specific restrictions.
Metro Shoes

MetroShoes Warehouse

  • Headless Bigcommerce Integration

  • With headless BigCommerce Integration, inventory management and order processing for MetroShoes Warehouse was made easy


  • Bigcommerce Integration and Customization

  • Folio3 implemented Bigcommerce Enterprise plan and offered uniqie customizations helping Easilocks to improve business management and customer experience
Migrating Shopify To BigCommerce Helps Business To Grow

Our designers and developers can go right into the rewarding work thanks to BigCommerce's customizable templates for your business to grow quickly.

BigCommerce manages your hosting for you, with a 99.99 % server uptime guarantee and automatically updates the software following new releases.

BigCommerce APIs are the strongest, an API on BigCommerce's Pro Plan permits 60,000 API calls/hr, and a 50,000 SKU product catalogue that would sync to an external source within 50 minutes.

How To Migrate From Shopify To BigCommerce

Set up Your Shopify For Export

Enter the URL for your Shopify store. You can manually install the Connection Bridge file or have a third-party app handle it for you.

Set up Your BigCommerce For Import

Provide all the API credentials and new store URLs that are required to connect to your BigCommerce store.

Choose The Data You Want To Migrate

Select the categories like products, product categories, customers, orders, and more, that you wish to move during Shopify to BigCommerce migration.

Start Your Shopify To BigCommerce Migration

The transition from Shopify to BigCommerce can now begin.

What Data Does Shopify to BigCommerce Migration Allow?

  • Name, SKU, Complete Description, Statuses, Manufacturers.
  • Prices, Special Prices.
  • Meta Title, Meta Description.
  • Weight.
  • Variants: (SKU, Weight, Price Special Price, Name).
  • Additional Pictures.
  • Quantity.
Product Categories
  • Name, Description, Status.
  • Pictures, URL, Meta-Data (Title, Keywords, and Description).
  • Name
  • First and last name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, City, State and Country name, Zip Code, Telephone, and Email addresses.
  • First and last name, Company, Order Dates, Statuses, Products (with their Name, SKU, Option), Product Price, Quantity, Total Price, Shipping Price, and Discounted Price, Tax Price, Additional Order Comments
  • Shipping and payment Addresses: First and last name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, City, State and Country name, Zip Code, Telephone, and Email addresses.
  • Coupon Name, Code, Date, and Expiries.
  • Ratings, Dates, Status, Customer Name, Item, and the Comment.
  • URLs, SEO, Titles, and Complete Description.

What Additional Services do we offer?

Clear All Demo Data On BigCommerce Store Prior To Migration

Present data on the BigCommerce store, such as products, orders, photos, customers, etc., is cleared prior to migration. Test the data after all the demo data has been removed.

Preserve Previous Order IDs On The BigCommerce Store

You get to choose to use the same customer and order IDs in your new BigCommerce store after completing the migration.

Generate 301 Redirects To Your BigCommerce Store

Enables you to seamlessly reroute all of the category and product URLs from your old source store to your new BigCommerce store.

Build Product Variants Based Upon Available Combinations Of Options

Allows you to develop customizable product variants after completing the migration.

Strip HTML Tags From Product & Category Names

For each product, category, and description to appear as intended on your BigCommerce store, strips all HTML tags from each entity.

Transfer Feature Images From Products, Descriptions & Categories

Transfer all of your photos, including those for products, categories, descriptions, and blogs, from your source store to your BigCommerce store.

Modify Product Quantity On Your BigCommerce Store

Alter the present quantity of the out-of-stock product for the BigCommerce store to show as in-stock.

Transfer All Additional Images

Transfer all of your additional images—aside from feature and thumbnail photos—to the BigCommerce store.

Transfer All Descriptions

Transfer your succinct and comprehensive store descriptions to the BigCommerce store in the same field.

Transfer SKUs

Send the product SKUs to the BigCommerce store.

Setup Your BigCommerce Store

Migrate from Shopify to BigCommerce after building your new BigCommerce store from scratch.

Why You Should Choose Folio3 as Your BigCommerce Migration Company

Below are the simple steps we follow when you decide to hire our dedicated BigCommerce migration expert who is adept at delivering dynamic, custom, and scalable solutions.

Zero Downtime​

No matter what platform it was on, your existing store will continue to function as it always has. Because we don't want you to lose any

Technical Support

We are proud to provide technical assistance and services over the phone, live chat, email, or ticket systems. To get your problem

Certified Experts

We have specialized trained teams working for each platform separately, and they have over fifteen years of successful migration expertise.

Domain Knowledge

Our BigCommerce experts are well-versed with all aspects of Shopify architecture

Secure Lossless Migration

With the use of 128-bit SSL encryption and the HTTPS protocol, our team of experts guarantees the most secure, without any data loss, and error-free migrations, assuring the protection of all the data being moved.

Guaranteed results.

Enjoy driving crucial needs with market-leading BigCommerce services and partners.

Comparative Analysis : In-House, Freelancers Or Folio3

We offer a team of highly skilled Bigcommerce developers accompanied by a testing professional for a quality audit, a project manager for streamlined execution, and a variety of in-house experts to provide guidance. This entire onboarding event is done through a quick, easy and transparent hiring process.


  • Time to get right developers
  • Time to start a project
  • Recurring cost of training & benefits
  • Time to scale size of the team
  • Pricing (weekly average)
  • Project failure risk
  • Developers backed by a delivery team
  • Dedicated resources
  • Quality guarantee
  • Tools and professional environment
  • Agile Development Methodology
  • Impact Due To Turnover
  • Structured Training Programs
  • Communications
  • Termination Costs
  • Assured Work Rigor


  • 1 day - 2 weeks
  • 1 day - 2 weeks
  • 0
  • 48 hours - 1 week
  • 1.5 X
  • Extremely low, we have a 98% success ratio
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • None
  • Yes
  • Seamless
  • None
  • 40 hrs/week

In - House

  • 4 - 12 weeks
  • 2 - 10 weeks
  • $10,000 -$30,000
  • 4 - 16 weeks
  • 2X
  • Low
  • Some
  • 0
  • High
  • High
  • Some
  • High
  • Some
  • Seamless
  • High
  • 40 hrs/week


  • 1 - 12 weeks
  • 1 - 10 weeks
  • 0
  • 1 - 12 weeks
  • 1X
  • Very High
  • No
  • Some
  • High
  • Uncertain
  • No
  • High
  • No
  • Uncertain
  • None
  • 40 hrs/week

A partnership to help you transform!

Let us find the right digital solutions to help you accelerate, by offering our innovative, scalable, and result-driven services. When you hire bigcommerce developers from Folio3, you become a part of the community, where we reimagine e-commerce and together build ideas that have the potential to transform the world.

Pick the Right Model to Hire Bigcommerce Developers

Our Bigcommerce developers are extensively vetted by Folio3 to guarantee that only the best are matched with our clients’ needs.


Fixed Cost

The billing is done according to a fixed project cost for larger projects with definitive requirements. If you have all the development needs figured out then this model can be the best option for your business. You can hire Bigcommerce developers for the time required to complete those tasks. “Minimum cost and maximum output” is the essence of this model. By opting for this, you can save and control the overall costs.

Dedicated Hiring

When businesses hire developers under this model, they work for them exclusively. You can hire dedicated Bigcommerce developers as per your needs be it on hourly, monthly, or yearly requirements. This hiring model is the best choice for you if you have long-term projects. By choosing this model, you are deciding to speed up your development project.


Build Your Team

Building a team by outsourcing Bigcommerce developers is a cost-effective development approach. You can choose the team of your choice. We offer easy scale-up options as well. By choosing this model, you can get a saving in the cost by 70% in comparison to hiring developers locally in the USA, Australia, and the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few simple steps that will help you migrate to BigCommerce with the help of a third-party app;
  • Step # 1 – Make an account with a third-party importer tool.
  • Step # 2 – Review the Apps and Features
  • Step # 3 – From BigCommerce, export your data and get ready.
  • Step # 4 – Upload your product’s images and data to the third-party importer tool.
  • Step # 5 – Transfer Your Client Records
  • Step # 6 – Your Content Pages, please
  • Step # 7 – Setup Taxes, Shipping, and Payments
  • Step # 8 – Link your domain name to your redirects
However, if you don’t feel comfortable doing it by yourself you can hire a BigCommerce migration company to do it for you.

There are two ways to migrate from Shopify to BigCommerce. One by using a third-party importer app; or two, with the help of a leading BigCommerce migration service like Folio3.

With a third-party app, you get the two best choices Cart2Cart and LitExtension, you can migrate Shopify to BigCommerce data in a secure and easy step-by-step process. You can easily import your store’s products, clients, categories, and more to BigCommerce without any technical knowledge.

When you choose to hire a BigCommerce Migration services company, it is guaranteed that your data remains a 100% secured while moving from Shopify to BigCommerce. Encrypting your data both at rest and in transit is one of the most important actions you can take to ensure data security during cloud migration which our experts take a lot of measures for. When access to the internet, data is vulnerable to theft or attacks. Therefore, our teams make sure to use HTTPS or other secure transport protocols while the data transfer is active for moving your Shopify to BigCommerce.

Our Shopify to BigCommerce migration service can definitely aid in your SKU to BigCommerce migration. And also, it is possible to migrate the reviews to your BigCommerce store.

However, in cases of IDs and Currencies it is not possible, and here is why;

Unfortunately, it is not feasible to migrate currencies to BigCommerce. Regardless of the currency settings in Source Cart, the prices for all goods and order totals will be set in the default currency defined in BigCommerce.As an illustration, the price of a product that costs £95 in a BigCommerce store where the default currency is USD will be $95 following the transfer.

The procedure is constrained since our migration tool imports data to BigCommerce via an API. As a result, order IDs cannot be transferred to BigCommerce.

No, there won’t be any disruptions throughout the migration. Our Shopify to BigCommerce migration professional team will ensure that your store remains accessible throughout the transfer process. Visitors will always find your business open and working normally. Our experts can complete the full migration since there is a minimum volume of traffic to your store.

Shopify to BigCommerce migration services always has highly skilled BigCommerce developers who are knowledgeable about what they do and, without a doubt, are aware of how crucial it is to migrate the data from your online shop to BigCommerce. The result is a No. The Folio3 Shopify to BigCommerce migration experts, who take the required care to preserve all of the data, may migrate your whole store to the BigCommerce platform. Additionally, our experts will keep each entity’s relationships intact and guarantee that the underlying store is coherent. The entities will be examined by our experts to make sure they are not duplicated, mismatched, or missing altogether.

We are unable to offer a fixed pricing for the Shopify to BigCommerce migration process in terms of cost. The final cost will be a reflection of your complete business. The price will vary depending on a variety of parameters, including the amount of data, your inventory, customer information, extensions, database size, and a host of others. Until our BigCommerce migration service has examined your online store, we won’t be able to provide you with an accurate estimate

Folio3 has more than 15 years of experience in the field. Our specialists and leads have advanced degrees and professional certifications in their industries. Given the significance of the fact that we have certified specialists, you won’t have to worry about losing your game of SEO, all the data is intact and imported with 100% success without any loss, and no files get corrupted during and while the Shopify to BigCommerce migration is taking place. Additionally, you won’t experience any downtime after the migration and there is no risk of a security breach either.

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