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Why You Need a BigCommerce App

Having a BigCommerce app for your business isn't just an advantage; it's a necessity. A dedicated BigCommerce app can significantly enhance your online store's accessibility, usability, and overall customer experience. Investing in a BigCommerce app development service is not just about having an app; it's about embracing a strategic tool that can elevate your ecommerce business in a competitive digital market.

Shiptect Partners with Folio3 to Streamline Package Insurance on BigCommerce.

Revolutionizing the way you protect your shipments, Shiptect has launched a groundbreaking package insurance solution for BigCommerce stores. Partnering with Folio3, a BigCommerce technology partner, Shiptect built a custom app that seamlessly integrates with your existing platform.

Our Top-Notch Apps available on BigCommerce Store

Optimize inventory, streamline payments, and boost marketing with our comprehensive suite of BigCommerce apps. Precision-crafted for compatibility and performance, they make your e-commerce experience smoother and more profitable.

File Manager App

Revolutionizing Webdav File Management in Bigcommerce

Shopping List Manager

Revolutionize shopping experience with bigcommerce shopping list manager

Guest Order Sync

Guest order sync - Seamlessly merge guest orders with customers

We Develop Custom BigCommerce Apps Tailored to your Requirements
If you’re looking for a custom BigCommerce App that meets your specific business needs, look no further than our team of BigCommerce custom App development specialists.

We have a wealth of experience in developing customized BigCommerce Apps that perfectly align with your requirements.

Whether you’re looking to add new features, improve your store’s user experience, or integrate with other software, our team of BigCommerce developers has the skills and expertise needed to make it happen.
Our BigCommerce App Development Services
Folio3 is a global leader in BigCommerce custom App development, with a team of experts who have built numerous BigCommerce Apps for various organizations.

Our custom App development services are designed to enable eCommerce store owners to integrate new functions and features that enhance the overall user experience. We are renowned for our technical expertise and experience, and our custom BigCommerce App development services are tailored to bring out the uniqueness of your brand and make it stand out in a crowded marketplace.

At Folio3, we take a collaborative approach to our BigCommerce App development services. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique requirements and develop a tailored solution that meets their needs.

What Folio3 as a Custom BigCommerce App Development Agency, Has To Offer?

Folio3’s expertise as a Custom BigCommerce App Development Agency spans a comprehensive range of services designed to empower your B2B store on the BigCommerce platform. Our offerings are meticulously tailored to meet the diverse needs of your business, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and effective ecommerce experience. Below, we detail our key services:

Custom BigCommerce Pricing Apps

We develop sophisticated pricing apps that provide outside pricing recommendations, enabling you to offer dynamic pricing strategies tailored to your customer base and market demands. This flexibility ensures your pricing remains competitive and adaptable to changing market conditions. View More

Custom BigCommerce App Functionalities

Our team specializes in creating BigCommerce apps with bespoke functionalities, enhancing your store's capabilities beyond the standard offerings. Whether you need advanced product customization tools, unique checkout processes, or specialized shipping options, we can build it. View More

Order & Customer Management BigCommerce Apps

Streamline your order processing and customer management with customized Bigcommerce order and customer management apps. These solutions are designed to improve operational efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and simplify the management of orders and customer interactions. View More

BigCommerce ERP Integration Apps

Integrate seamlessly with third-party ERP software through our custom-built connectors. These integrations allow for real-time data exchange, improved inventory management, and a unified view of your business operations, fostering informed decision-making. View More

Custom BigCommerce Marketing Apps

Leverage your marketing and retargeting campaigns to drive engagement and conversions by BigCommerce marketing apps. From personalized email campaigns to automated retargeting strategies, BigCommerce apps help you reach and resonate with your target audience effectively. View More

BigCommerce 3rd Party Integration Apps

Enhance your BigCommerce store's functionality with BigCommerce third-party integration apps. Connect with a wide range of services and platforms, from payment gateways and shipping carriers to customer relationship management systems, expanding your store’s capabilities. View More

Custom BigCommerce Inventory Apps

Manage your inventory more effectively with custom BigCommerce inventory apps. These solutions offer advanced features for tracking stock levels, forecasting demand, and automating reordering processes, ensuring you always meet your customers' needs without overstocking. View More

Custom BigCommerce Theme Apps

Elevate your store's design with custom theme apps that reflect your brand's identity. Our team can develop unique themes and features, ensuring your online store stands out and provides a memorable shopping experience. View More

BigCommerce Apps for API Integrations

Unlock the full potential of API integration with custom BigCommerce apps. By connecting your store with a vast array of external applications and services, we help you enhance functionality, streamline operations, and provide a superior user experience. View More

Custom BigCommerce B2B App Development

If you’re looking to add B2B features and functionality to your existing BigCommerce store or require complex customization for your B2B storefront.

Folio3 is the best BigCommerce App development company to approach. We have an exceptional track record of offering BigCommerce App development services that meet the exact requirements of our clients.

Additionally, our custom pricing model is cost-effective, ensuring that you only pay for the features you need.

We offer the best BigCommerce App development pricing in the market, making us the go-to company for any additional features or integrations you may require.

Our team will work with you to create a custom solution tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you receive an outstanding B2B storefront that exceeds your expectations.

Our Satisfied Customers

Browse our portfolio and discover some of the best projects we’ve delivered!

Eco Products

  • Sustainable Leader Embraces Flexibility with BigCommerce

  • Eco-Products pioneers sustainability with BigCommerce, overcoming challenges like targeted visibility and state-specific restrictions.
Metro Shoes

MetroShoes Warehouse

  • Headless Bigcommerce Integration

  • With headless BigCommerce Integration, inventory management and order processing for MetroShoes Warehouse was made easy


  • Bigcommerce Integration and Customization

  • Folio3 implemented Bigcommerce Enterprise plan and offered uniqie customizations helping Easilocks to improve business management and customer experience

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Justyna Wilson

Senior Director – eCommerce & Marketing

Face Reality Skin Care

The team has been absolutely amazing to work with
Played a critical role in launching a lot of our initiatives
They are very solution oriented, and they have been a pleasure to work with
I would highly recommend working with Folio3 team

Omar Ali-Midani

Co-Founder & President

PureLife Dental

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Omar Ali-Midani
Co-Founder & President
PureLife Dental
We couldn’t be happier; the launch was perfect!
We are getting positive feedback from our customers and entire staff
fabulous, detail oriented, works super well
our customers are glowing with how fast, how smooth our website is
Folio3 has completely nailed it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A BigCommerce App is a tool that can be installed on a BigCommerce online store to enhance its functionality and features. These Apps can be found in the BigCommerce App Marketplace and can help merchants with various tasks such as marketing, shipping, accounting, customer service, and more. BigCommerce Apps can be used to customize and optimize online stores, thereby improving the overall customer experience and driving business growth.

If you run an online store on the BigCommerce platform, you may need custom functionality that is not available by default. With custom App development services, you can create an App that meets your specific business needs. This can help you streamline your operations, reduce manual work, and improve your customer experience

Yes, you can create an App for BigCommerce. BigCommerce offers an open platform that allows developers to build custom Apps and integrations with the platform. To get started, you will need to sign up for a BigCommerce Developer Account and familiarize yourself with the API documentation and guidelines. You can then use your preferred programming language and development tools to build your app. 

The cost of developing a BigCommerce App will depend on the features and complexity you want. The charges could be around $150 per hour for some US firms, while top-rated companies may charge $400-$500 per hour. However, Folio3 offers affordable rates for BigCommerce App development, especially for small businesses. You can contact us for the quotation. 

When deciding which App development agency is the best, the primary factor to consider is if they understand the company’s requirements and provide tailored solutions to fit in their requirements or not. Additionally, you should look for providers who offer clear communication, transparent pricing, and a solid development process.

Considering these aspects, Folio3 counts as the best BigCommerce App development agency with years of expertise in offering ecommerce solutions. We have a team of experienced developers who can deliver high-quality and reliable solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Yes, you can turn your BigCommerce store into an App using custom App development services provided by companies like Folio3.

Folio3 can create an App with BigCommerce by utilizing its expertise in custom App development and BigCommerce developer tools like the BigCommerce API. They also have a team of BigCommerce experts that can develop an App that perfectly fits your requirements and helps you meet your business objectives.

To turn your BigCommerce store into an App by Folio3, you can discuss your requirements with their team of experts, and they will guide you through the process. They will then develop a custom App for you that meets your specific needs and provides you with the desired functionality.

Folio3 is considered the top BigCommerce web App development services company because of its extensive experience in developing custom BigCommerce Apps for businesses of all sizes. We offer a range of services, including custom BigCommerce App development, BigCommerce plugin development, and BigCommerce integration development, among others.

Additionally, we build Apps using advanced technologies and best practices, ensuring high-quality and reliable solutions. We have a proven track record of delivering successful projects to our clients, making them trusted partners for any BigCommerce development needs.

You can find the best BigCommerce App builder in the USA by researching and comparing the services and rates offered by various companies. Folio3 is a renowned BigCommerce App development company that offers cost-effective services to clients worldwide, you may entrust them with your project at cost effective rates.  Other options may include browsing through online directories or asking for referrals from other business owners in your industry.

To get started, simply discuss your requirements with us and let us know what you need from your BigCommerce app. Our team will then work with you to develop a custom solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Our development process is based on robust software engineering principles, and we use best practices and advanced BigCommerce plugin development services to deliver high-quality apps.

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can build custom BigCommerce Apps that meet your specific business needs and provide a seamless user experience for your customers. Our team of experts is committed to delivering high-quality work, and we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services. 

Have a custom Bigcommerce Development Requirement You Would Like to Discuss with Our Team of Experts? Connect with Us Now!
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