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Best Shopify App Development Services


We develop Custom Shopify Apps tailored to your requirements

Our Shopify App Development specialists are experts in developing custom Shopify apps that perfectly fit your requirements. Whether you need a Shopify app to add certain features to your eCommerce store, an integration based app that helps you integrate with other third-party software, or one that can customize the user experience of your store, our Shopify custom plugin development company is the perfect choice. Simply discuss your requirements with us and get custom Shopify apps made.

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Our Shopify App Development Services

Our Shopify custom app development experts have built countless Shopify apps that have enabled different organizations to design and integrate new custom functions and features into their eCommerce stores. Our Shopify app development process is based on solid software engineering, and our apps are built using best practices and advanced Shopify plugin development services.

Since we are best known for our technical expertise and experience, we can claim to offer you the best Shopify app development services. Our Shopify App developers have mastered their skills in Php, Javascript, MySQL, Ajax, HTML, Python, Ruby on Rails, Shopify payment plugin development, and more.


Custom Pricing Apps

Shopify apps for getting outside pricing feeds.


Custom Functionalities

Custom functionality based Shopify apps.


Order & Customer Management Apps

Shopify apps for order & customer management.


ERP Connectors

Shopify ERP integration apps for Netsuite and Microsoft Dynamics.


Custom Marketing Apps

Shopify apps for marketing and re-targeting.


3rd Party integration Apps

Shopify apps for third party website integration.


Custom Inventory Apps

Shopify apps for integration with custom inventory systems.


Custom Theme Apps

Apps for custom item features & custom Shopify themes.


API Integrations

API or third party integration based Shopify apps.

Check out what Shopify Store Solutions we have delivered

With over 15 years of experience, Folio3 is well equipped to develop any Shopify App your business desires



  • Shopify to NetSuite Integration

  • Shopify based web store that specializes in paper shredders. Integrated with the NetSuite ERP via our proprietary NetSuite Shopify Connector


  • Shopify to NetSuite Integration

  • Shopify based ecommerce site that specializes in paper shredders. Integrated with the NetSuite ERP via our proprietary NetSuite Shopify Connector

FMW Fasteners

  • Shopify to NetSuite Integration

  • Shopify based ecommerce site selling premium anchor products, nuts, bolts, screws, rivets, drill bits, pins, studs and socket products. Integrated with the NetSuite ERP via our proprietary NetSuite Shopify Connector

Bluespring Wellness

  • Shopify to NetSuite Integration

  • Shopify based online retailer and distributor of natural joint and muscle pain relief products. Integrated with the NetSuite ERP via Folio3's NetSuite Shopify Connector

Turkish T

  • Shopify to NetSuite Integration

  • Shopify based web store specializing in turkish handloomed towels, bathrobes, blankets, pillows and throws. Integrated with the NetSuite ERP via our proprietary NetSuite Shopify Connector


  • Shopify to NetSuite Integration

  • NetSuite Shopify integration maximizes sales by reducing order turnaround time

Custom Shopify B2B App Development

Do you need to add B2B features and functionality in your existing Shopify store? Or perhaps you need further customization and complex features to your B2B storefront? Folio3 is also known as the best Shopify B2B app development company and that is because of the spectacular custom Shopify B2B apps we have developed, which have achieved exactly what our clients required. Moreover, custom app development means custom pricing, and we offer the best Shopify wholesale app development pricing in the market. Whatever you need, whether it is additional features or integrations, we are the Shopify wholesale app development company that can offer you a custom solution tailored to your needs.

Theme Compatibility
Wholesale Pricing/ Custom Pricing
Easy and Effortless Configuration
Custom Functionalities

Frequently Asked Questions

In simple words, a Shopify app is an application that is developed to connect outside resources and processes to your Shopify store in order to accomplish a certain desired task, such as adding features to your Shopify store or customizing it. By getting custom Shopify apps built for you, you can augment the functionality and different features of your Shopify store.

Yes, you can. There are two ways to go about doing this. You can either make a private custom app for a client or a public app, with themes or features, which you can sell in the Shopify App Store. For the custom app, you can use the Shopify API to develop a tailored app that adds features and functionality according to the clients’ requirements.

Building a Shopify mobile app means building a mobile app version of your Shopify store and basically converting the eCommerce website into a mobile app to give the users a better experience and less taps to a purchase on their mobile phones. Custom Shopify app development however consists of building applications that add value to your Shopify eCommerce website. This can be in terms of additional features and functionality, Shopify app UI development, or integration with third-party software.

It depends on the features and functionality you require in your eCommerce store. Some features may be more complex than others so they may cost more than others. A lot of US-based firms charge hourly and they would charge around $150 per hour. However, experienced top-rated software firms charge $400-500 per hour and maybe more when they are using their top resources. Despite being a US-based company. Folio3 offers the most affordable Shopify App development rates. We understand that a lot of small businesses are using Shopify for ecommerce, and therefore we want to be easy on their pockets.

Every Shopify store is not the same. So the price estimate would really depend on the features and complexity of your Shopify store and also on the level of customization you would like for your mobile app solution. It would also depend on whether you want a native app or a cross-platform app.

A lot of development companies in the US charge hourly at around $150 per hour. But experienced software agencies may charge up to $500 per hour or even more when they’re making use of their top resources. An easier option would be to look for a plug and play solution which will get you your store in an app in a matter of minutes, and also cost you a lot less than firms charging by the hour.

Shopify developer tools can be classified into app development tools, storefront API tools, and theme development tools. The best developer tools that most developers prefer using include Chrome, Slate, Trello, GitHub, Sublime Text, Power Tools Suite, Shopify FD, Spotify, Slack, Sketch, and many more.

The best company for Shopify app development would be one that has an impressive portfolio and one that has years of experience which has made them better than others. The company best for you would be one that understands your requirements and has experience in the industry you are looking into.

Folio3 has fifteen years of experience with a highly impressive multi-industry portfolio of software solutions and apps and has happy customers to prove it. It is one of the best development companies you can find. 

Php is a programming language. You have to know the language in order to develop it. First you have to make a developers account by visiting developers.shopify.com and creating an account. Assuming you have a Shopify developer account already, you have to sign in and click on “Apps” in the navigation menu on the left.

Then you have to click on “Create App” and fill out the forms. After you are done with the forms, you finish again with “Create App” and you have created your Shopify app. Now you have to create a new file with .env in the name which contains these API credentials and server hostname and port.

Then, after making sure your Php version is greater than 7.0, you have to install necessary project dependencies with the composer. After this you have to run your application and install it into your Shopify store.

Yes, if you have a Shopify web store, it would be very wise to develop a mobile app for it. This will help you double your eCommerce revenue by tapping into the market of mobile commerce.

There are two ways to go about turning your Shopify store into a Shopify mobile app. The first one is that you get the app developed from scratch. This will give you more control over the app’s interface and functionality. However, you will have to make a lot more decisions about technicalities that you may or may not know about, and pay a lot more than the other option.

The other option is a Plug and Play app solution that will do the same thing for you at a lower cost. Once you purchase the solution, it will synchronize with your Shopify store and your app will be ready within a matter of minutes. If you need any customizations, even those can be handled by the company you purchase the solution from.

Folio3 is a software solutions provider that provides Shopify app development services. Shopify is an eCommerce platform that can be used by developers to easily develop eCommerce stores and its mobile applications.

We, at Folio3, develop solutions using these platforms and we have dedicated teams for every eCommerce software platform that we provide services for. Hence, Folio3 can assign its team of specialized Shopify developers to create a mobile app or a Shopify app to customize a Shopify website, using the Shopify platform. 

With online shoppers preferring to deal with brands that are able to offer them personalized shopping experiences, mobile apps are the need of the hour today.

If you are also looking to maximize your revenue from the Shopify store, you probably need to convert it into a Shopify app.

At Folio3, we have had successfully developed hundreds of Shopify apps to help store owners maximize their store’s revenue by attracting and retaining more customers. Our experienced custom Shopify app developers are fully equipped with the latest tools and resources to create integrated and customized Shopify apps with solid software engineering and following best industry practices.

We can help to turn your Shopify website to app in all major languages including PHP, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, MySQL, Python, Ajax, HTML, and more.

Get in touch with our Shopify app experts today and let us help you transform your Online Business into a Brand!

Shopify enables store owners to add multiple types of apps to their stores including public apps, private apps, and custom apps. Shopify apps are meant to improve the features and functionalities of the Shopify stores. This can be achieved in multiple ways including;

– Adding new features to the existing Shopify Admin or POS

– Making the information display of Shopify store more interactive for customers

Public Apps:

Shopify public apps are developed by developers. As can be taken by name, developers at Shopify create public apps to offer them to multiple merchants/stores. The Shopify public apps can be installed on various Shopify stores. However, such apps must go through Shopify’s approval prior to usage. These apps can be sold by the developers in the Shopify app store.

Private Apps

Shopify private app developers create such customized apps for certain merchants/stores. These apps are developed to cater to specific requirements of merchants, which aren’t met by custom apps. These are mostly developed either for one single store or a very small specific group of clients. Unlike public apps, private apps don’t have to go through Shopify’s approval process. However, developers aren’t allowed to sell these apps in the Shopify store.

At Folio3, we bring is streamlined and completely personalized Shopify store app development process for customers. Our Shopify app development experts come with strong experience and expertise in creating customized, high-performance, and aesthetically pleasing apps that meet your Shopify app requirements. With hundreds of successful projects completed, we bring in the experience, resources, and expertise you need to develop a winning Shopify app.

So, whether you need a Shopify app developed from scratch, or you are looking to add some advanced features/functionalities into your existing Shopify app store; Folio3’s specialized Shopify app development services are the right choice for you.

With an HTTP based API, developers can use any language to create Shopify apps. PHP Shopify app development, Shopify plugin development language, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Ajax, Python, Node, and many more are some of the popular languages to build Shopify apps.

The United States has a huge market for mobile shopping app development and has plenty of Shopify eCommerce app builders and development companies offering different packages. This ensures you have a big price range for your online shopping app development cost in USA and that you can choose your price. You need to look for a company that is capable of making an app that fits your requirements and does exactly what you need it for. Folio3 is a certified Shopify app development company with over fifteen years of development experience. The best part about it is that is known for understanding your requirements and making your custom Shopify app exactly the way you want at one of the lowest costs. 

Have a Shopify App Development requirement you would like to discuss? Want to know more about our Shopify App Development services?

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