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Coldesi (onDemand) helps people discover their dream of owning a business in custom-decorated apparel. Some of the biggest brands in the world offer customized products and personalized goods.  Companies like Vera Bradley, TaylorMade, Volcom, Roller Rabbit, and local custom t-shirt, sign, and awards shops are all working with ColDesi.  They want to grow their business with whatever they need without limits.

They are providing on-demand printing services to brands to start, grow, or LAUNCH and help them expand into new markets and meet their challenges.

Their customers are some of the biggest, some of the smallest, and the most successful in the custom products industry.

Industry Type:

Machinery Manufacturing


Number of employees




Click-on-demand app Clickwear


Coldesi’s Clickwear Shopify app by Folio3 manages third-party custom product design, printing, and shipping. Allows merchants to customize the products by using Clickwear app configurator.

ClickWear is an easy-to-use printed product creator and order management application.Quickly create decorated product images using blanks from a built-in catalog of the most popular apparel and soft goods in the industry.  Upload production files and have easy access to those file when the product is purchased from your store.  View all completed orders and download the ready-for-production art files straight to your production floor.

Core objectives:

  • An app for for Coldesi team to build a product catalog for merchants, and manage merchants. Customized products by adding Art files and Text.
  • Allow the Coldesi team to have complete control of order management and have access to assets of customized products of orders created on Coldes’s merchant store.
  • An app for Shopify merchants to have options to choose the built-in catalog
  • Allow Shopify merchants to customize built-in catalog
  • Merchants have easy access to every content uploaded on their old customized products
  • Merchants should be able to view all the completed orders and download the ready-for-production art files to the production floor.


Easilocks faced several challenges in their business operations, particularly concerning their B2C website and B2B integration. These challenges included the need for seamless customization of their existing Shopify store, migration of B2B customer data from BigCommerce to Shopify, synchronization of inventory, and support for multi-currency transactions. Additionally, Easilocks required enhancements in their Shopify Connector to cater to B2B transactions effectively.

ColDesi - Challenges


The Folio3 team built this click-on-demand app Clickwear by just getting the abstract idea of our client. By understanding the core values of Coldesi business and getting an idea of what exactly they are looking for in Shopify merchants we were able to build this app within a short span of time. 

As a solution to a major challenge i.e. Configurator for product customization. Our team came up with a solution to achieve this challenge and built a generic configurator for customized product rendering on the Merchant app and Admin app by using React Fabric.

  • For product customization, we built a configurator of these product renderings where we allowed the customization of any product with provided features.
  • Set the commission functionality of individual merchants and track the orders of merchants by webhooks to maintain the usage of the app.
  • Cloudinary is used for customized product asset management and keeps track of each asset uploaded by merchants of the future and shares details of these assets when an order is created for any customized product.
  • Shopify theme extension to be used to allow merchant’s customer to customize input the label to customized product.
  • For merchants & admin order tracking we provide the complete solution for order management.


Folio3’s team efforts and solutions to convert this click-on-demand idea for Shopify merchants into an app and fulfill all the modules of on on-demand industry amazed the client. We were 100% able to achieve what our client looking for in their Shopify Merchants.

Coldesi has many Merchants on the Shopify platform that do on-demand printing but don’t have any platform to associate with Coldesi Inc. This App (Clickwear powered by Coldesi Inc) helps Coldesi’s business to onboard those Shopify merchants to connect and sell on-demand customized products on their store with the association of Coldesi Inc.

It helped Coldesi to grow its targeting of more Shopify merchants that deal in the same industry and now they are looking to build more features in this app like a complete configurator for Shopify Merchants’s customers.

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