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Custom Shopware Store Development to Deliver the Best Online Experience

Shopware is a leading Ecommerce platform available for sellers, and buyers where both of them can interact, and get valuable assets for them. Under the supervision of our Shopware store developers, you don’t have to worry about the store design and development. We use our expertise and experience to make the most out of available  Shopware store APIs and plugins. We try our best to seamlessly develop an online Shopware store that is desired for all the necessary features, and functionalities. As an industry-leading Shopware development agency, our team ensures that the platform is utilized to its full potential, empowering businesses for offering a seamless shopping experience. Our Shopware certified developers have helped millions of brands worldwide, some by offering Shopware migration services, whereas, some with Shopware integration service to restructure their online store with a third-party application.

Shopware stores are now widely in use by Ecommerce business owners, and that is why we’re offering cutting- edge Shopware Store Development Services to clients, assisting them in delivering a satisfactory consumer experience. With our expert Shopware experts, you can build your Shopware Community store – an ecosystem where you meet thousands of consumers, and interact with them. 

Custom Shopware Store Development

Seasoned Shopware Store Developers Creating Success Stories

Whether you wish to create a Shopware 6 store or Shopware 5 store from or willing to migrate your existing Ecommerce store to Shopware, our team of Shopware professionals are there for the rescue! We’ve helped businesses create numerous Shopware stores that are feature-rich, working with a future-forward strategy. Hire our experienced team of Shopware Store Development Experts, and let them build the most alluring online store experience for your consumers. 


Promocode Feature Development
Folio3 created a custom mini cart that utilizes Shopify’s cart API and promo code verification API, that helped improve customer experience on the checkout page.


Purelife dental

Magento 2 website design and development
Magento design and development and customization of website features helped Purelife dental improve customer management and customer experience on their website



B2B B2C Customization, Dynamics Integration
Magento 2 migration and ERP integration helped Flexiglass make business processes more efficient, improve data synchronization and business management.

Easilocks – Shopify

  • Shopify

  • Folio3 proposed a comprehensive solution to address Easilocks’ challenges. This solution encompassed the customization of Easilocks’ Shopify store, including features such as sign-up/approval processes, B2B catalog setup, and more.


  • Coldesi, Shopify

  • The Folio3 team built this click-on-demand app Clickwear by just getting the abstract idea of our client.
AirBag Man - Thumbnail

Airbag Man

  • App for tier pricing and managing customer discounts

  • Folio3 designed a tailored app for tier pricing, and managing customer discounts and groups.

Foster Engagement and Growth with Our Shopware Community Store Setup

We offer all kinds of Shopware store development, along with personalization that assist customers in building a valuable user experience. Whether a custom web or mobile app development required for the Ecommerce store, we’re always there to help you out!

Shopware Marketplace Development

If you’re dreaming of creating a Shopware store then, we’re here to help you out. Folio3 offers the best Shopware marketplace development services, allowing third-party sellers to list their products on the Shopware community store, and earn a living by selling it to buyers. We do offer Shopware enterprise multi-store development, for creating a great user experience for vendors and sellers both.
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Shopware Multichannel Connector

Our Shopware 6 store development professionals allow Shopware users to expand their sales channel across different markets and exchange the data like, import/export product details, order, create product listing, synchronize inventory, and manage the sales order, shipment details, and customer account details. You can easily integrate your Shopware 6 store with other marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, AliExpress and others without any loss of crucial data, and security breaches.
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Shopware Plugin Development

Shopware plugins are an extension of Symfony bundles. Such plugins and bundles can help you out by providing their own assets, controllers, services or tests. With Shopware store plugin, you we can create your Shopware Ecommerce platform with all the features that are necessary to run a successful business. in an Ecommerce store. The integration of plugins into your online store is the best way to optimize the store performance by utilizing all the available resources.transform it into Shopware. 
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Shopware Theme Development

We do offer Shopware theme development to create alluring, attractive, and fully customized and responsive themes for your Ecommerce online store. If your consumers don’t find the store attractive, they won’t come again. Your first impression is the last impression. Therefore, hire our Shopware theme development experts and let them design the most alluring, and captivating eCommerce store for retaining consumers, and captivating them to the maximum.
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Shopware Migration Services

We offer a wide range of Shopware migration services which includes Shopware 5 store to Shopware 6 store migration, Magento 2 to Shopware 6 migration, Shopify to Shopware 6 migration, WordPress to Shopware 6 migration, and other platforms depending on the desire of the business owners. Our Shopware migration experts will thoroughly audit your existing store to identify the issues, and suggest the relevant practice.
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Shopware Mobile Commerce

There are consumers who visit stores online through smartphone devices, and that’s where Folio3 identifies the need for Shopware mobile commerce. We offer Shopware mobile commerce integration on both Android and iOS to entertain consumers who’re constantly visiting the eCommerce store by their mobile phones. We install the Shopware store plugin correctly to deploy a seamless, and feature-rich Shopware store for the consumers.
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Shopware Headless Development

Folio3 excels in premier Shopware headless development, empowering store owners with a unified repository for multiple storefronts. Our expertise in decoupling the front end and back end ensures unmatched flexibility and performance. 
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Unlock the Power of E-Commerce with Folio3’s Expert Shopware Store Development!

With our experienced Shopware store development, you can enhance your online presence instantly, and get a tailor-made Shopware store solution with a seamless user experience, and stunning visuals. Our community store Shopware development is top-notch, backed with high-end features, and functionalities for captivating the visitors to the fullest.
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Comprehensive E-Commerce Solutions: Creating Shopware Stores That Captivates Visitors

With our agile-centric Shopware store development services, you can get a platform where your consumers will have an ever-lasting experience. We have a team of professional Shopware development experts, who’re trained to bring in digital solutions that are data-driven, and consumer-centric. We constantly evolve our development practices to meet the industry standards.

Comprehensive E-Commerce Solutions

Why Choose Folio3 for Shopware Store Development?

Folio3 is a leading Shopware development company that strives to meet the requirements of the customers, and help businesses achieve their goals. However, here are some of the reasons why you should hire us for your Shopware development:

A Team of Shopware Experts

Folio3 has a team of experienced Shopware experts who have worked on numerous projects, and know pretty well how to transform an ordinary Ecommerce store into Shopware without any loss of data. This certain ability of their team has made Folio3 a reliable Shopware store development expert in the industry. You can even have a Shopware demo store to check all the features are working perfectly fine, without any bugs.
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Seamless Shopware Integration

Regardless of the third-party platform you want to integrate within your Shopware store, Folio3 has the team to do it all for you. Whether it’s a payment gateway integration, CRM integration, CMS integration, Marketing automation tool integration or anything else, we own the expertise to integrate your Ecommerce store with it. Hence, streamline your existing store process with our Shopware store development, and give your business growth a potential boost!
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Competitive Pricing Strategy

Folio3 offers a competitive pricing package that doesn’t burden the pockets of the customers, who’re planning to switch from an ordinary Ecommerce store to Shopware platform.
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Shopware Maintenance Support

Folio3 offers Shopware maintenance service which includes the quick check of the store, and fix the issues if any. It will help you ensure the seamless behavior of the ecommerce store, and keep the date up-to-dated and running without any issues.
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Customer Satisfactory 

Folio3 has always helped their customers with their specific needs, whether it’s regarding design, development, maintenance, integration or anything else — we know the best way to make it happen. You will always have a reliable experience with Folio3, and would love to connect with them further for Shopware store development.
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Agile Development Methodology

With our experienced Shopware Migration experts, you don't have to worry about the loss of data like customer's crucial private information, product and categorical data, or anything crucial.
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The Process to Develop a Reliable Shopware Store

You can develop a great Shopware store only if you identify the right product niche, and know the further process that yields successful results. Here’s an overview of Shopware store development process;

Finding The Right Product Niche

The first step for Shopware store development is to identify the niche of the products that you’re going to market on the platform. You should do a bit of research to learn about the market dynamics, and then proceed with the product listing, and store development – once done, you should stick to your vision, and think of a compelling presentation of the Shopware store.
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Setup Online Store with Shopware

Next, you’re good to go with the installation of Shopware store with Shopware plugin. This is where Folio3 plays it role, you can simply contact our expert and we will get all these done for you. The process involved signing up for a Shopware account, installing Shopware 6 sore, and making yourself familiar with the platform and its features.
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Strategizing, & Designing the Shopware Store Interface

The next step forward will be the planning of the Shopware store, and working on the designing of the wireframes of your Ecommerce store. The planning stage will allow your designers to visualize how your the store will look like when live, and build a captivating layout that enriches the audience to stick to the store.
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Third-Party Plugin Integration

In this step you integrate different plugins with the Shopware store to extend the features and performance of the online store. Mostly used plugins include Marketing plugin integration, email marketing integration, Mailchimp to Shopware 6, or cookies acceptance plugin for further use.
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Shopware Integration with Payment Gateways

Next, we can work on the quick and seamless integration of payment gateway integration that is really important for any Shopware ecommerce store. Shopware 6 stores require a payment system because the customers will pay online, and a secure payment option is really important.
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Development & Implementation

In this phase, our Shopware development experts will work on the actual coding, and implementation of the Shopware store with all the necessary features, and attributes because it’s made live.
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Testing & Optimization of Shopware Store

Lastly, our Shopware testing expert will work on the testing of the store to ensure it’s working perfectly, and doesn’t miss out on anything important – features, attributes, and security measures. Whereas, Folio3 also offer optimization of the Shopware store, ensuring that it’s working perfectly from top to the bottom.
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Hire Our Shopware Developers to Give Your Business a Boost

Our team specializes in providing innovative, scalable, and results-oriented IT solutions that can help write the growth story of your business. If you have an idea with the potential to create a positive impact on the world, don’t hesitate to share it with our experts. We are committed to helping you achieve your vision.
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Justyna Wilson

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Face Reality Skin Care

The team has been absolutely amazing to work with
Played a critical role in launching a lot of our initiatives
They are very solution oriented, and they have been a pleasure to work with
I would highly recommend working with Folio3 team

Omar Ali-Midani

Co-Founder & President

PureLife Dental

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Omar Ali-Midani
Co-Founder & President
PureLife Dental
We couldn’t be happier; the launch was perfect!
We are getting positive feedback from our customers and entire staff
fabulous, detail oriented, works super well
our customers are glowing with how fast, how smooth our website is
Folio3 has completely nailed it!
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, only the Shopware community store edition is free, however it comes with three options:

  • Starter edition.
  • Professional edition.
  • Enterprise edition.
Shopware 6 is a modern Ecommerce platform connecting sellers and buyers together with a reliable ecommerce platform. Shopware 6 store is fully customizable, and expanded with additional features, and plugins, only if the Shopware developer is expert in doing it.
You can choose a Shopware development company after looking closely at certain factors like, years of experience, company reputation in the certain domain, and the pricing they’re offering you.
Folio3 offers a wide range of benefits for the clients who’re signing up for Shopware store development, like transparency, integrity, and a reliable team of Shopware experts who have a proven track record of developing amazing stores for businesses worldwide.
Yes, Folio3 can help you migrate from Shopware to different third-party applications without any hassle. Whether it’s Magento 2 to Shopware, Wix to Shopware 6, Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 and others seamlessly
We will help you implement your eCommerce project on time and in budget