Flexiglass’ migration to
Magento 2 paved way for growth

and improved customer experience

About Flexiglass​

Flexiglass is an Australian based brand that has been leading the charge in manufacturing ute canopies, trays, and accessories since 1949. The company prides itself in being one of the few firms across the globe who have perfected the art of creating canopies out of fiberglass. The company has multiple branches throughout Australia which help them cater to the growing demand for lightweight yet sturdy fiberglass canopies and accessories.




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Magento Migration & Customization

The Challenge

The online store is one the bedrocks behind the success of Flexiglass. The website was built on an ASP.net based platform named Business Catalyst. The store had a lot of bugs, and was in dire need of performance optimization.

Flexiglass was looking for a platform which provides the below-mentioned functionalities which weren’t present in their former platform:

B2B and B2C users log-in using the same login form

Group based discounts determining the user group at the time of login

Store credit (purchases on the credit)

Bundled products with addition to configurable options

Another daunting challenge that Flexiglass had to deal with was that their old platform, Business Catalyst, was ending support in March 2020. So they had just 3-4 months to migrate their entire website to the new platform.

Fliexiglass also wanted their store to be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP so that they can sync products, inventory, customer info etc between their store and the ERP.

Our Solution

We recommended Flexiglass to use Magento 2 as their ecommerce platform because the features they wanted were provided by Magento out of the box with less custom development. As a result, Flexiglass will be able to save a lot of time, effort and money.

So, apart from migrating the entire website from Business Catalyst to Magento 2, Folio3 also created some custom features. Some of the custom features Folio3 developed are given below:

  • B2B and B2C audience can log in via same login page having different customer groups which can be set from admin panel
  • Store credit functionality (limit can be set via admin panel)
  • Bundled products with the ability to configure its child products
  • Customer group based prices on every combination of product
  • Multi-warehouse implementation for managing inventory on different warehouses
  • Store locator with the ability to deduct inventory from the nearest location of the customer
  • Related products feature
  • Layered Navigation (using categories as filters)
  • Quick order feature (instantly adding products by entering SKU or via CSV import)
  • PxPay integration

Microsoft Dynamics ERP integration

Apart from fixing the website, Folio3 also integrated Flexiglass’ Magento store with Dynamics AX using its state-of-the-art ComAX connector. This helped Flexiglass in syncing the data between the ERP and the store, and reducing the human effort needed for manual data entry.

The Result

Requirements were successfully catered, and all the functionalities were deployed. Flexiglass’ website is now stable and bug-free. Due to the customizations provided by Folio3, Flexiglass was able to scale their business and make its business processes more efficient.


Flexiglass appreciated our solution and choice of platform, and provided feedback in the following words:

“Thank you for coping up with our rapid changes. Great help and service overall. All scope document requests were completed quickly, and any additional features were no trouble at all. Mobile layout is looking really good. Very happy with it. Slider is looking great on home page. I like it being full page width and scales down nicely. Thank you for executing the project with such perfection from start till end. This site is looking great!”
Trent Whayman’s
Marketing Coordinator

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