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Justyna Wilson

Director E-Commerce & Digital Marketing

Face Reality Skincare

Face Reality has been working with folio3 for over 6 months now & we have been extremely satisfied with the partnership. The team has been very responsive, working all hours of the day and night, solution oriented & flexible with our requests.
They are capable of troubleshooting small bugs and fixes & has also taken on with us complex projects like building a complicated Product Credit app with a finance component in it. They have also gone beyond their expertise to solve some of our issues and played a systems integrations role. We love working with you & your team. It’s been a great partnership.

Shopify Theme Development Services By The Clients For The Results Delivered to Them!

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AirBag Man - Thumbnail

Airbag Man

  • App for tier pricing and managing customer discounts

  • Folio3 designed a tailored app for tier pricing, and managing customer discounts and groups.
Zinco - Thumbnail


  • Zinco's shift to Shopify 2.0

  • Zinco's shift to Shopify 2.0 aims for higher sales and performance with Dynamics 365 integration. Folio3 partnered with ZinCo to develop a new Shopify store with several key features.


  • GenoPalate leverages Shopify’s eCommerce platform

  • By leveraging Shopify’s e-commerce platform, GenoPalate has successfully scaled its business and made personalized nutrition accessible to a broader audience.

Our Shopify Theme Customization Services

If you’re serious about growing your business, you’ll need to hire the best Shopify theme customization designers in the US. When you work with a Shopify development firm like Folio3, you can be certain that your company will always be well-supported in terms of technology and exceptional services

Completely Customizable Store

The Shopify shop may provide a storefront that can be customized to suit the demands of the business owner. It is possible to develop shops that are visually appealing, engaging, and one-of-a-kind, regardless of the things they sell. Ready-to-use solutions or custom-built solutions may be used. Selecting a professional Shopify theme development agency is essential if you want a unique design for your online store.


Authenticated and Trusted Payments

In addition to being able to build new features and services, modifications may also be used to integrate additional payment methods. You may utilize the same Shopify theme development company's integration services. A low-cost Shopify theme creation package that includes integration services may be yours if you work with us as your service provider. For the company, this will boost the solution's value.

Several third-party plugins

There are several third-party plugins that can be used to customize the Shopify shop. This may be done by employing a Shopify development business, which can then offer integration services with a third-party plugin or extension. As a result, the shop will have more distinctive qualities, and the consumer experience will be enhanced. New consumers will flock to the business, increasing the conversion rate, and retention rate as the company.


Affordable maintenance

You can pay an affordable Shopify theme customization cost. Because the solution is already in place, there will be no additional costs for theme upkeep. As long as no changes are required, the cost of maintaining the system will be negligible, or even nil. The theme will work with the customer and deliver excellent support for their Shopify store.

Let our Shopify Theme Customization services create a Pixel-Perfect Shopify Theme

When you team up with us for Shopify theme customization services, high conversion rates, better revenue, and an improved return on investment are all within reach for your business. Our ecommerce engineers can make simple adjustments or completely re-design your shop – All at your request! Then why don’t you get started? Get in touch with one of our reps to learn more about your options.

Why Choose Folio3 as Your Shopify Theme Customization Service Provider?


Experts in Shopify Theme Customization

Shopify theme modification is no problem for our skilled Shopify theme designers. They will make any necessary changes to your Shopify theme to better suit your company. Any Shopify theme bought from the Shopify theme shop, ThemeForest, Format Beast, or any other Shopify theme developer may be customized by our Shopify specialists.

Non-Destructive Methods of Customizing Themes

Folio3's Shopify professionals have a deep understanding of how to customize themes in a manner that isn't a disaster. The Shopify theme may be customized to meet the preferences of individual customers, but the best part is that the theme's functionality remains unaffected. Updates to the theme may now be made by customers whenever the developers release new versions! Get the benefits of personalization without sacrificing the utility of the product.


Delivered on Schedule

We put a lot of effort into making sure clients can access the site when they need it. We have a well-defined process for customizing the theme that ensures that the site is delivered on schedule. Make use of our expedited delivery and full-service customization options.


Exceptional Service

Shopify shop design isn't our only area of expertise. We also provide excellent Shopify support and maintenance to keep your shop up-to-date at all times. All of our methods of communication are available to you.

Our Shopify Theme Customization Process

A partnership to help you transform!

Let us find the right digital solutions to help you accelerate, by offering our innovative, scalable, and result-driven services. When you hire us, you become a part of the community, where we reimagine e-commerce and together build ideas that have the potential to transform the world.

Pick the Right Model to Hire Shopify Developers

At Folio3, we thoroughly screen our Magento developers to ensure we only match you with talent of the highest caliber.

Fixed Cost

“Project-based pricing” refers to the practice of invoicing based on a set project cost for bigger projects with more defined needs. You may pay Shopify developers a flat charge rather than an hourly rate for the time it takes to execute these jobs. The core of this methodology is “minimum cost and highest production.” You’ll save money in the long run if you choose this option.

Dedicated Hiring

When companies use this technique to recruit developers, the developers only work for those companies. Hire dedicated Shopify experts on an hourly, monthly, or set fee basis, depending on your requirements. This recruiting approach has the potential to grow with these three financing alternatives. When you go with this strategy, you’re committing to creating the shop of your dreams. Pay the affordable cost to hire a Shopify expert now!

Build Your Team

Building a team by outsourcing Shopify developers is a cost-effective development approach as it saves up to 20% to 70% of your budget. You can choose the team of your choice. The expertise of the team provides high-end designing and features. By choosing this model, you can relatively save on costs comparison to hiring the developers locally in the USA, Australia, and the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

After selecting a theme that will serve as the foundation for the overall look and feel of your online business, you will have the ability to modify the appearance of the theme to reflect your unique persona. From inside the Shopify administrator, you can use the theme editorial manager to make modifications to the appearance and functionality of your theme.
There is a wide choice of pricing possibilities available to you if you work with a Shopify arrangement expert. A Shopify theme setup may cost as little as $99 while having an office tweak a layout to make it more in line with your brand’s aesthetic can cost as much as $5,000. If you decide to proceed with the third and final course of action, we would suggest going with a custom theme.
  • The following is a list of all the items in
  • Tap the Store option in the Shopify app.
  • Tap the Online Store option in the Sales channels section.
  • Themes may be managed by clicking the “Manage themes” button.
  • Tap the Customize button next to Supply to make changes.
  • Tap the Edit button.

It’s possible to customize Shopify using Folio3. Our company’s Shopify theme customization prices are affordable for our customers at our company. Several services are included in our bespoke work.

  • For customers, we create unique Shopify stores. We will only work with verified Shopify theme developers. Conversion rates rise and brand awareness rises thanks to these personalized themes. Shopify’s programming language is second nature to our trained developers. They are able to simply customize the shops of their clients. Visitors to your Shopify store who use one of our themes are more likely to become repeat buyers. Folio3 also provides domain specialists that can give insightful advice to make your shop relevant to a certain domain. Folio3 is known as the top Shopify theme customization service provider because of its attention to detail and subject expertise in creating bespoke Shopify stores.
  • Shopify theme creation services are also offered by Folio3. Custom themes are developed by us. If you’re unhappy with the store’s limitations, you’ll need help setting up a new one. Contacting us is the best course of action for you. You may visit us in person or get in touch with us over the internet. We can work with you to create a Shopify theme that is entirely tailored to your needs. In a short time, we will provide your company with this conversion-optimized theme creation solution. To meet your deadline, our teams will collaborate to create a unique theme. As part of our service, we ensure that your business’s solution is optimal for attracting new consumers.

At Folio3, we take pride in offering the highest level of personalization to each of our clients. Our expert designers construct the finest Shopify storefronts for our clients that provide the most distinctive services. Customizations in Shopify allow the user to attract visitors to their site, which in turn encourages them to become repeat customers by enticing them to make a purchase. It’s easy for Shopify merchants to implement exactly what they want, and they do it extremely successfully.

Personalizing your Shopify theme involves customizing the design, layout, fonts, colors, and other visual elements to make your store stand out and reflect your brand. Now you must be wondering whether can you customize Shopify themes? The answer is yes You can. Following are the steps to personalize your Shopify theme:
  1. Go to your Shopify admin and select “Online Store” from the left-hand menu.
  2. Click on “Themes” and then click on “Customize” on the Shopify theme for personalization.
  3. From here, you can start customizing various elements like the layout, colors, fonts, images, and more. The available options will vary depending on your theme.
  4. Use the “Sections” tab to add or remove sections from your homepage and rearrange existing ones. You can also edit the content and images within each section.
  5. Customize your theme’s header and footer by going to the “Header” and “Footer” sections respectively. You can change the logo, navigation menu, social media links, and more.
  6. Use the “Theme Settings” tab to edit various global settings for your themes, such as typography, colors, and spacing.
  7. Preview your changes by clicking the “Preview” button at the top of the screen. This will give you an idea of how your store will look to customers once you publish it.
  8. Once you’re happy with your changes, click “Save” and then “Publish” to make your updates live on your store.
In step number 6, you have to insert the code for which you have to hire a Shopify developer. Hence, we are also going to talk about the custom Shopify theme cost. Shopify custom theme cost can vary for each developer and region. However, if you go with a good developer from an Asian country, then it can cost you around 200 to 800 dollars while this rate goes up to 500 to 2000 dollars if the developer is from the European or American region.

Moreover, if you trying to find the best Shopify theme for customization, then we suggest that you stick with the development-free theme that Shopify provides, as it is the most basic and easy-to-customize theme.
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