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dealer specific pricing

Special Bulk Pricing

With Magento B2B, you can offer tempting discounts on bulk orders. Attract and encourage more customers to order in bulk, and avail these special prices, along with the robust catalog and cart price rules.

bulk orders

Place Instant Orders by Uploading CSV Documents

Help save your customers’ precious time, and allow them to place bulk orders swiftly with the option of CSV upload. Customers can easily place their orders with this Magento B2B feature.


Easy Store Management with Multiple Accounts

Vigilantly monitor the sales of your store with the help of a primary account and sub-accounts. You can easily manage your sales and other activities, along with your teammates, to ensure your store’s smooth running.


Different Prices for the Various Types of Dealers

Attract more customers by offering fair prices for different dealers. Whether your customers are wholesalers or retailers, they will only be liable to pay for their specific dealer role.


Smooth Payments via PO and Other Payment Terms

Your customers can make payments swiftly via PO and other payment terms, including the option of credit limits. Making payments via PO ensures that there are no errors made in the order, and both the parties mutually agree on the rates mentioned.


Organized Price Listings with PDFs

Provide your customers with better, clear, and organized price listings in PDF. Managing and following the price lists has never been so simple! 


Tax-Free Transactions

Attract customers with the most irresistible of the Magento B2B features – tax exemption. Allow your customers to purchase from you without having to fret about paying taxes on the goods purchased.

minimum order

Place Minimum Quantity Orders

Even if your customers are ordering in bulk and do not wish to order in large quantities, they can easily order the minimum quantity for products. All products have a minimum order quantity, making placing orders easy for customers.  

custom catalog

Get Custom Catalogs for Your Store

Customers are always looking for customization options. Satisfy your customers by providing them with a unique experience, with the possibility of creating customized catalogs for your store.


Back Date Payments and Multiple Payment Options

Your customers can easily make payments via the multiple payment options available for them. Also, they get the option to backdate any of their payments without any hassle.


Placing Recurring Orders With Your Store

Let your customers make the most of the recurring orders feature on the Magento B2B platform, and help them save on time. Spare them the hassle of ordering manually every time from your store. 


Allow Negotiations on Quotes and Prices

Provide your customers the chance of negotiations on quotes and prices for their orders. This would encourage them to order in bulk and sign up for recurring orders with your store.


Pay For What You Order With Flexible Shipping

Attract more customers to your store by allowing them to pay shipping charges according to the size of their parcel. No need to pay for standard shipping charges, allowing everybody to be charged fairly for the shipping charges.


Easy B2B Storefront Management

With the reliable Magento B2B features, manage your storefront flawlessly and smoothly, without any glitches. Make use of the features to ensure your storefront is never mismanaged.


Multilingual Functionality With Multi-domain Store Development

Enjoy the perks of having a multi-domain store with multilingual facilities. Multiple users and partners can manage the stores, in any language they want, through the backend.

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Why Magento Commerce for B2B?


Ready for Business

  • Get full access to company accounts with multiple buyers in tiered organizational structures.
  • Take the reigns in your hands by using the self-service tools to manage buyer roles and permissions.
  • Easily monitor the full orders, quotes, and track invoices for buyers across the company’s platform.
  • Save time by accepting orders with the help of the automated order approval process, based on the rules set by your company.
  • Set up your company’s account with the simple sign-up process.

Quick & Easy Checkout

  • Easy list uploads and simple order forms to save time for the buyers.
  • Easier repeat purchasing with the previously saved shopping lists.
  • Reorder much faster, with just a couple of clicks, from the previous orders.
  • Seller-assisted shopping available with sales representatives, to help troubleshoot or place orders on customers’ behalf.
  • Conduct deal negotiations with the simple and swift request-for-quote option.
  • Serve customers buying through eProcurement systems with the help of partner extensions.

Personalized Experience

  • Get customer-specific catalogs and pricing for the negotiated contracts.
  • Provide a tailored multi-site experience for various brands, audiences, channel partners, or geographies.
  • Ensure a unique and personalized experience with targeted content and promotions to help boost conversion.
  • Create out-of-the-box websites, without any technical support, with the drag-and-drop merchandising and content tools.
  • Enjoy fulfillment with flexible shipping and in-branch pickup of orders.
  • Online chat support to provide buyers with real-time suggestions while shopping.

Customization & Adoptability

  • Serve all audiences and get the best of both worlds: Magento B2B and B2C commerce features in one platform.
  • Enable field-based sales and purchases with the feature of mobile-optimized sites.
  • Sell on Amazon, the world’s largest marketplace, with the Amazon channel management.
  • Avail of flexible selling models with extensions for subscriptions and marketplaces, and built-in support for digital goods, services, and warranties.
  • Monitor your business’s growth with the best business intelligence tools and reports.
  • Make use of the most powerful APIs to share pricing, products, customer, shipping, and other data, with your existing business systems.
  • Choose from countless off-the-shelf extensions to meet any of your business requirements.
Customization Adoptability

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