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Justyna Wilson

Senior Director – eCommerce & Marketing

Face Reality Skin Care

The team has been absolutely amazing to work with
Played a critical role in launching a lot of our initiatives
They are very solution oriented, and they have been a pleasure to work with
I would highly recommend working with Folio3 team

Omar Ali-Midani

Co-Founder & President

PureLife Dental

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Omar Ali-Midani
Co-Founder & President
PureLife Dental
We couldn’t be happier; the launch was perfect!
We are getting positive feedback from our customers and entire staff
fabulous, detail oriented, works super well
our customers are glowing with how fast, how smooth our website is
Folio3 has completely nailed it!

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Magento ERP Integration With Folio3

Real-Time Data Synchronization With A Robust System

Synchronizes sales, customers, and inventory records with your Magento site in real time...

Real-Time Data Synchronization With A Robust System

Your online and offline business operations are combined into a single database, which reduces manual entry and human error.
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Speedier Adoption With Magento ERP Integration

Magento POS incorporates all of Magento's pre-designed workflows...

Speedier Adoption With Magento ERP Integration

Magento POS incorporates all of Magento's pre-designed workflows to assist your employees in completing their tasks. Spend less time learning new processes and get up and running faster.
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Stay Competitive With Magento Integration With ERP

Magestore POS makes use of Magento's technologies, which range from PWA to GraphQL...

Stay Competitive With Magento Integration With ERP

Magestore POS makes use of Magento's technologies, which range from PWA to GraphQL. Our POS works with Magento's most recent versions, including 2.3 and 2.4.
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Better Comprehension Of Consumer Customers

Between the online and offline channels, all customer data is updated in real time...

Better Comprehension Of Consumer Customers

A 360-degree perspective of the customer provides additional information for improving operations and more personalized consultations.
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Maximize sales opportunities and order values

Our Magento ERP Integration provides all of the capabilities you’ll need to increase income and improve the customer experience in your business.

Empower your sales associates

Your salespeople will be able to consult and close better deals if they have access to the most up-to-date product, customer, and promotion information. To provide the flexibility to counsel and sell anywhere, run POS from a tablet or laptop.

Optimize checkout experience

Allow customers to pay anytime with any method. Run all loyalty programs online and in-store. Hold order for later checkout.

Understand your customers

Between the online and offline channels, all customer data is updated in real time. A 360-degree perspective of the customer provides additional information for improving operations and more personalised consultations.

Handle refund and return without hassle

For a quick and easy refund, access order details from whatever location. Return the item to inventory to ensure that all inventory data is accurate.

Engage with customers with promotion and discount

Run a variety of online and in-store discounts and promotions, ranging from a percentage discount to a deal. Once you've set up Magento catalogue and cart price rules, they'll be instantly applied to your retail POS.

Turn customers into loyal fans

Customers will be more likely to revisit the business if you offer loyalty programmes that are updated instantaneously between the POS and the website. Gift cards might help you gain new consumers. With loyalty points and credit sales, you may increase recurring business and order values.

Right Track Flow Of Product With Magento ERP integration
Track the flow of products from suppliers to your stores right in your Magento admin. Reduce costs with organized warehouse and demand-driven procurement.

Magento 2 ERP allows you to handle all of the orders in one place and ship them across many channels and locations.

Orders from a business website and retail store can be tracked in real time from your Magento backend.

Determine whether products are running low on stock and get replacements as soon as possible. In the same system, forecast future product demand and translate it into purchase orders.

Magento ERP –Agile Omnichannel Order Management
Manage all orders in one place and deliver orders across channels and locations.

Keep track of orders from both your website and offline store from your Magento backend in real time.

In only 5 easy steps, you'll be able to process and send your order. To save money on inventory, ship things from the most appropriate warehouse or employ drop shipping.

Allow customers to choose from a range of delivery options, such as store pickup or buy in-store, ship to home, to increase sales.


Our Satisfied Customers

Look Through our portfolio and discover some of the best projects we’ve delivered


  • B2B B2C Customization, Dynamics Integration

  • Design & implementation of a Magento 2 based web store integrated with the Dynamics AX ERP and Magento customization, helps boost sales & enhances operational efficiency

PureLife Dental

  • Magento 2 website design and development

  • Magento 2 website design for Purelife Dental helped with the seamless customer experience and increased product sales.

Maravai Life Science

  • Customization, Migration, NetSuite Integration, Website Creation

  • Magento 2 Migration from OSCommerce and Magento customization helps enhance eCommerce revenue and streamline shopping experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Magento Integration with ERP can be done in two ways. Despite the fact that they both rely on third-party extensions, they take slightly different approaches to achieving the same aim. First and foremost, our Improved Import & Export extension allows you to integrate your Magento 2 business with any ERP system. Alternatively, a specific connector or module that adds the needed functionality to the platform can be used to conduct ERP Magento 2 integration.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a collection of tools that work together to gather, store, manage, and evaluate data. ERP encompasses a wide range of corporate activities and aids in the real-time management of resources such as raw materials, cash, production capacity, and stockpiles. It also keeps track of payrolls, orders, and purchases. As a result, you can quickly turn your Magento 2 website into a more successful business unit by implementing a solid ERP system. 

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that is one of the most popular. Magento Web Development Company provides order management, business intelligence, and shipping services to their clients. Among the most popular Magento integration services are file ERP, finance, and payment systems. Folio3 is a Magento ERP integration expert who can help you integrate your business processes with the right eCommerce platform for a quick jump in sales and revenue.

  • ERP and Finance connections, such as NetSuite, QuickBooks, and Sage, help in seamlessly syncing orders, their fulfilment, inventory, customer, and other essential data.
  • With Lightspeed, PayPal, and Stripe, payment transaction updates and statuses are automatic and convenient.
  • Logistics services like Amazon FBA, Expeditors, and Shipwire help manage fulfilment, shipping, and inventory levels in sync.
Finding and hiring developers, in general, is quite difficult let alone looking for Magento expert developers is even harder and doesn’t come as cheap as we think. Folio3; however, empowers the marketers and merchants with efficient commerce apps solutions including the best Magento developers. As a Magento Partners, you will find the following when hiring Magento expert developers with Folio3;
  • Our teams have experience of more than two decades.
  • Our team operates with transparency and practice client secrecy very strictly and focuses on meeting the deadlines and all the NDAs.
  • Our certified Magento Developers’ flexible engagement models
  • We offer custom-made merchandising for increased traffic, customer loyalty, and increased ROIs with dynamic customer segmentation, merchandising regulations, and AI-powered recommendations.
  • With customer-centric transactions designed for any industry, you can cooperate and react rapidly, streamline the user experience, and generate profitability from anywhere.
  • Offers optimized customer search that will help improve consumer searches and increase conversions.
Let’s look at the main advantages of linking the Magento 2 website to an ERP system now that you’re familiar with ERP’s key features.
  • Increased Productivity Everyone in your organization benefits from ERPs because their primary objective is to streamline and automate fundamental business activities. With fewer resources, your employees can accomplish more.
  • Reduced Operating Costs Reduced operating costs are possible with better defined and efficient business operations.
  • In-Depth Analysis ERP combines data from across the organization, allowing you to get simple responses to mission-critical business problems. Additionally, you may streamline reporting and simply share results with the entire company.
  • Reduced Risks You can assure compliance with regulatory standards and decrease risks thanks to superior business visibility and control.
  • Removes Complexity  You may simplify the way your staff communicate and work since integrated ERP systems share a common database and are synchronized.
  • Infrastructure consistency All departments are in order and sync. In addition, all of the connected activities have the same appearance and feel. As a result, not only productivity but also user adoption rates rise.
  • Improved Agility Agility is significantly increased by efficient operations, real-time data, and other ERP features.
  • Collaboration Enhancement You may drastically improve corporate communication by implementing a single system that offers a user-friendly interface for all employees. All data may be transferred in a smooth manner, boosting the overall efficiency of the company.
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