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Drive growth and leverage full functionality with Magento custom extension development

Pre-built and custom Magento extensions offer all the functionalities that you and your customers require to build and enhance your store. Here’s how extensions can help


User Experience

Refine and enhance the shopping experience on your web store for an unforgettable user experience


Complex Integrations

Add complex features and integrate Magento with complex business applications for seamless usability


International Outreach

Offer global service by optimising store(s) for different geographic regions


Reporting and Analytics

Integrate complex reporting and analytics features to get live data feedback


Full Customisations

Completely customize the features, functionalities and services offered to the visitors of your web store


Custom Features

Implement tailored features like loyalty programs, gift certificates and newsletters


Social Networking

Add connectors and features to social media for a greater online presence

Our Pre-Built Plug and Play Magento Extensions enhance Magento’s functionality and simplify eCommerce operations for business owners


Restore Cancelled Orders

This extension can be used to restore orders that may have been canceled due to a mistake. Configurable options are included.


Maintenance Mode

This lets your visitors know that the site is down for maintenance mode with a message along with a countdown timer. It may allow limited access to the website.


Microsoft Dynamics Magento Connector

This extension provides automated, real-time integration between Dynamics 365, AX and NAV, and Magento.


NetSuite Connector for Magento

This enables completely automated integration to keep Magento and NetSuite in sync. It also saves time and minimizes overhead costs and data errors.


Change Payment Method

This allows customers to make their order payments against unpaid invoices by using virtually any payment method.


Bingo Elasticsearch

This extension enables you to offer a smarter, more refined search experience to your customers with lightning-fast results.

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Magento Extension Development Services Offered By Us

At Folio3, our team of experts specializes in developing custom Magento extensions (for both Magento 1 and 2), which cater to your specific requirements.


Magento Order Management

Simplified omnichannel order fulfillment using advanced order Management Extensions


Magento Product Catalogues

Save time and effort with Magento Product Catalogue extensions


Magento Payment Extensions

Payment Integration Extensions for Magento to facilitate your business growth and clients’ convenience


Magento CMS

Easily manage your store and content with custom Magento CMS


Magento Checkout

Maximize conversions and reduce ordering time with our custom Magento Checkout Extension


Magento Shipping Options

Assign shipping zones to categories, products and shipping methods according to your needs


Magento Store Locator

Add physical store locations to your website and more with our Magento Store Locator Extension


Magento Integration

Integrate 3rd Party tools and software with your Magento store

1000+ Companies using our Magento Extension

From Fortune 500 to medium sized enterprises and startups, we have served all



  • Custom B2B Magento Integration

  • Folio3 offered Magento integration with Group pricing for greater customer satisfaction for Trilink
Vector Labs

Vector Labs

  • Custom Magento migration and Integration

  • Folio3 offered custom Magento integration for Native PHP website of Vector Labs


  • Magento B2B customization and integration

  • Folio3 offered Lioher a custom categorization feature along with other B2B integrations for better customer satisfaction.
Glen Research

Glen Research

  • B2B Magento customization

  • Folio3 provided Glen Research with multiple theme based customizations along with magento integration.


  • Magento 2 B2B integration

  • For Powerpak, Folio3 provided Magento 2 integrations along with the B2B customizations for greater sales.


  • B2B Megento Integration and Customization

  • For Bermuda Sands, Folio3 offered B2B Magento based platform integrated with NetSuite

Frequently Asked Questions

A top-rated Magento agency should have qualified and experienced Magento certified developers, who have the experience of at least eight to ten years. It should be able to boast of a diverse portfolio with quality projects done for known companies and enterprise-level clients.

It should also have the industry experience relevant to you and be able to give you value for your money. Finally, the best Magento extension development company should be willing and able to go the extra mile for you, and have dedicated Magento extension developers ready to take on challenges and develop according to your needs.

Known as one of the most reputed companies, Folio 3 has more than 15 years of development experience, working for organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 giants. Our clients are also spread across all industries and across most parts of the world. Moreover, our clients only have the best things to say about us and always end up coming back to us.

The hiring process is the same as when you are hiring for any other development platform. You first have to clear your requirements. This means you should know why exactly you need an extension developer, what extensions you need, whether they are already available or if you need an extension custom made from scratch. You also need to decide whether you need a front-end developer or a backend developer.

Then if you do need a custom made extension, you can then post job openings posts on various social media channels that you are on the lookout for an experienced developer for your Magento extensions. You can then shortlist the candidates who have the relevant experience and interview them to further understand who can be the perfect fit for your requirements.

A better way would be to contact top Magento agencies, check out their portfolios to see who has the experience and projects relevant to what you need, and then start working with them on developing the extensions you need. Software development companies are always more reliable than freelance developers.

Prebuilt Magento extensions are developed after a lot of research and testing, and fit the generic needs of customers that need functionality beyond what they already have. Custom Magento extensions are tailor-made to be a perfect fit for your requirements and are made especially for you. Custom Magento extensions are not available for sale since they are developed after understanding your needs whereas prebuilt extensions are readily available for sale as a plug and play solution.

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