Folio3 provided Lioher a Magento B2B solution for a unique purchase experience with redefined categorization process to pick products for the entire kitchen in just a few clicks

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Lioher, founded in 2010, is a high-quality furniture manufacturer offering a wide range of products and furniture solutions. They were looking for a unique purchasing solution to facilitate their B2B clients with a unique purchasing experience.

Industry Type:



Number of employees

50 - 100



Magento Integrations and customization


Lioher needed us to present their different product chains (Ready to Ship and Quick Ship) as different categories and guide the kitchen designers (their B2B clients) with an order/cart flow similar to how they would go through it in a brick and mortar store. Overall the design needed by Loiher was extremely decent yet smooth that enabled a minimum number of clicks to drill down through your preferred colors and finishes and get your desired product in the dimensions and assembly that suits their kitchen design. However, to put together this design, Folio3 came across a couple of challenges.
  • Multiple sets of SKUs based of the custom hierarchy were required 
  • Creating a mechanism for products with different shipping policies 


Based on the requirements given by the client, folio3 provided them with a couple of solutions to fully cater to their needs for a unique purchasing experience for their B2B clients.
  • Added plenty of SKUs that reflect different combinations of multiple attributes based on custom hierarchy
  • Integrated custom functionality for shipping rates based on the shipping location, weight, dimensions, and whether the kitchen cabinets are to be shipped as assembled or not
  • Added customized cart and checkout pages
  • Folio3 redefined Lioher’s categorization process to allow the elite carpenter firms to select cabinetry products for the entire kitchen in minimum number of clicks
  • Store pickup option for the buyers was also added
  • Added approval based registration process and permission-based access to product categories
  • Custom ability to handle RMA (Return Merchandize) was added for a smooth order and query processing
  • Built Ability to add products to the cart in assembled or unassembled states for delivery purposes




Lioher was satisfied with the custom services provided by Folio3. Based on the requirements, we worked on custom themes and other custom functionalities as well.

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