Streamlined order placement for BermudaSands' B2B customers by creating a Magento-based B2B platform integrated with NetSuite




BermudaSands is an apparel store founded in 2009 when multiple entrepreneurs came together to create a brand. BermudaSand eliminated the need for middlemen and outsourcing, taking complete control over manufacturing. Because of the quality of the material and the stitching, BermudaSands is reaching new markets.
  • Industry Type
  • B2B
    Apparels Brand
  • Number of employees
  • 50 - 200
  • Solution
  • Magento
    Integrations & customization


Creating a B2B platform that focuses on recurring license payments was one of the issues.
Apart from that, there were some other challenges as well.

  • Product grid customization with 2D designs
  • Custom logo addition
  • Only authorized customers can access the platform
  • Display of future Inventory
  • Customer’s credit card to be collected and saved securely for future payments


Folio3 evaluated the pain points for the BermudaSands B2B needs and provided them the Magento implementation along with Netsuite Connectivity for their unique business specific needs.

Below we have compiled some of the solutions that we provided to Bermuda Sands.

  • Provided access to only authorized customers to check design, pricing, and more since it is a B2B platform
  • Created custom grid for the customers where they can view 2D designs, colors, sizes, and price
  • Developed a custom ability to add emblems/logos to suit the customer’s demands
  • Made use of NetSuite’s secure platform to store customers’ credit cards securely in a vault without storing this data anywhere on Magento or using any additional third party vault
  • Provided highly customizable features with Magento-NetSuite connector
  • Displayed future inventory against the POs from their ERP (NetSuite) against each product
  • Added a custom functionality to select a future date for shipment
  • Custom shipping structure was set up to suit customer’s needs



Folio3 was capable of understanding the needs of BermudaSands and provided them with a custom B2B platform on Magento integrated with NetSuite with Folio3’s Magento-NetSuite connector.

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