Bigcommerce Integration and Customization helped Easilocks reduce Cart Abandonment

Easilocks Human Hair Extensions


Easilocks Human Hair Extensions

Easilocks Company has developed  a wide range of award winning ready to wear clip in hair extensions suitable for all hair types, shades and textures .

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Bigcommerce integration and customization


Their current system lacked commerce functionalities such as support for large catalogs, product options, and the ability to generate content-rich pages. In addition, they incurred high security and server infrastructure costs. Integration with their ERP was also proving to be a challenge. The client wanted to migrate their old B2B store to a more flexible platform. 
They were looking for:
  • Multi-currency store
  • Built-in support for PayPal and Stripe
  • Seamless integration with shipping provider
  • Key B2B features such as bulk ordering, multi-carts, and NET payment terms. 
  • Easy-to-use content management system for non-technical staff


Easilocks was seeking all possible customizations without requiring a middleware application, which was challenging due to the limitations of SaaS-based platforms. Key challenges included:

  • Migrating a large existing customer base,
  • Setting up taxation rules without involving a tax provider, 
  • And working around BigCommerce limitations, such as restricting a customer to a specific currency or providing automatic coupon codes (different from automatic promotions provided out of the box) and restricting coupons on a per-customer basis.

To address these challenges, Folio3 proposed using the BigCommerce Enterprise plan as their next B2B Commerce Engine. BigCommerce offers key B2B features out of the box, and as a SaaS platform, it relieves the client of the burden of security, server infrastructure, and maintenance. The Folio3 Netsuite team built an in-house connector to integrate Netsuite with BigCommerce.

The implementation included the following features:

  • A fully mobile-responsive native storefront designed with Easilocks Human Hair Extensions’ branding and styling in mind.
  • The store enables customers to shop in multiple currencies, with the ability to restrict currency on a per-customer basis.
  • Despite limited API access, a custom-built bulk ordering feature was developed to simplify the process of searching for SKUs and building carts for B2B customers.
  • Our team combined BigCommerce’s out-of-the-box coupon features with customizations to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Customizations were specifically tailored to work seamlessly with Netsuite ERP, ensuring a foolproof synchronization experience between the ERP and Commerce Engine.
  • Careful consideration was given to the migration of existing customers from the legacy system to BigCommerce, with a transparent process for customers to minimize disruptions.




Folio3 was able to resolve the major pain points faced by Easilocks Hair Extensions’ B2B team by expertly combining native BigCommerce features with our customizations. This has led to a reduction in cart abandonment and an increase in conversions for B2B customers, due to the streamlined checkout experience created by our team. In addition, the integration of BigCommerce’s flagship Optimized One-Page Checkout further enhanced the overall customer experience.


They have recently contacted us and migrated to Shopify. You may check full details here.


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