Shopify Promo Code and Custom Bundle Feature Development

Shopify Promo Code and Custom Bundle Feature Development
About Rose Inc


Rose Inc. is a science-based high-performance color and skincare company founded by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. It is a digital hub for individuals interested in the latest beauty trends, skincare routines, wellness practices, and lifestyle inspiration.

Rosie has partnered with Amyris on this venture. Amyris, Inc. is a biotechnology company known for its work in synthetic biology and sustainability. The core focus of Amyris is on engineering microorganisms to produce valuable compounds through fermentation processes.

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Promo code and custom bundle feature


  • Shopify’s lack of built-in bundle functionality presented our biggest challenge.
  • Shopify does not offer multiple discount options on the checkout page or promo code features on the cart page. 
  • Ensuring the website’s performance, responsiveness, and reliability was also crucial for a positive user experience.
  • Technical issues or downtime would be considered problematic.
Rose Inc - Challenges


  • We faced a significant challenge with Shopify's storefront API, which does not support the application of promo codes. Without a native mechanism to apply codes before checkout, we had to seek alternative solutions. Our approach involved creating a custom mini-cart using Shopify's cart API to collect the necessary data. Thankfully, Shopify's promo code verification API came in handy, although it required us to manually calculate the discounts. Consequently, the mini-cart reflects data consistent with Shopify's calculations, and promo codes are applied at checkout to ensure a smooth and accurate transaction process.
  • We Created "bundles" as product variants, offering different combinations of products in a single product listing for customers to choose from the desired variant.

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  • Bundles allowed customers to purchase more items, as they saw value in buying combinations of products at a discounted price, resulting in increased sales for Rose Inc.
  • The user experience was enhanced because bundles simplified the shopping process, presenting related products together.
  • Bundles created opportunities for marketing campaigns and cross-selling strategies.
  • Offering bundles helped Rose Inc. stand out and unlocked a competitive advantage over companies that didn’t offer such options.

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