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    Etsy To Shopify Migration, Best Ways for Migrating From Etsy To Shopify?

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    Are you looking for a suitable replacement for your Etsy shop? How interested are you in automating and expertly growing your business? Migrating from Etsy to Shopify could be life-changing for your business.

    Before settling on a course of action, it is crucial to consider the entirety of Etsy to Shopify migration.

    So why are successful businesses hiring a Shopify Etsy migration company to switch from Etsy to Shopify?

    • Over 4.1 million online stores by hiring a Shopify development company. Although it is believed that 65 percent of Shopify stores are located in the United States, the platform is used by online merchants in more than 175 countries.
    • Shopify offers cheaper transaction costs than Etsy. Fees for using Etsy Payments range from 3-4% of the sale price. When using Shopify Payments, merchants only pay a flat rate of 2% plus 0.5% of the sale price.
    • With Shopify Plus, a profit margin of 40% is considered relatively healthy. The average gross margin for small online shops is 30%, whereas 37% for larger ones.

    Shopify development -Etsy To Shopify Migration

    How Does Shopify Migrate With Etsy?

    You can do an entire Etsy to Shopify migration or sell on both platforms. To sell your products on Shopify, you can use a migration service to move your Etsy inventory.

    If you intend to keep both channels active, an app like Etsy Marketplace Integration may synchronize the inventory, products and sales from your web store with those of your Etsy store.

    If you, as a business owner, are unsure how to do it, you can quickly contact an Etsy Shopify migration firm.

    A Step-By-Step Guide To Etsy To Shopify Migration

    How to migrate Shopify with Etsy? You can easily do Etsy Shopify migration while transferring all your products, customers, and orders.

    Step 1: Export Your Etsy Store Data

    Exporting your Etsy product, customer, and order data is the first step in Etsy and Shopify migration. Your Etsy data will be downloaded as CSV files to your computer upon completion of the export, from which you can then import it into Shopify.

    Export Product Data

    Head to your Etsy dashboard’s Settings page, select Options, and click Download Data.

    Then, select Download CSV from the “Currently for Sale” listings on the following page. At last, a CSV file containing your product information is downloaded to your computer.

    Shopify migration - Etsy To Shopify Migration

    Export Your Etsy Customers And Order Data

    Go to the Download Data option in your Etsy dashboard.

    Click the “Orders” tab and choose “Orders/ Order Items” as the CSV type to download.

    Select the CSV file format and hit the download button. A CSV file containing your client and order information is downloaded to your computer.

    Export Order Reviews Data

    Wherever you find the listing information, and you’ll get client feedback about your store. Click “Download Your Reviews” below to get a JSON file containing your ratings and comments.

    Migrate Etsy with Shopify services can help you in this regard.

    Export Order Reviews Data

    Step 2: Import Your Etsy Store Data To Shopify

    You may import your Etsy inventory, clientele, and transactions during Etsy to Shopify migration. To successfully import orders, you must also import the files containing the order items that will be imported.


    For Shopify erp integration or migration,


    1. Head to the Apps section of your Shopify admin and select Store Importer.
    2. To import your Etsy data into Shopify, visit the page and choose Etsy from the drop-down option.
    3. Select the files you want to export by clicking Add file in the Upload files section

    Import Your Etsy Store Data To Shopify


    1. Click the “Import” button to keep importing.


    1. Select the exported files under Upload files, then click the Add file button.


    1. Click Import > Continue Importing on the menu.


    1. Go to the end of the “Store Importer” page and click Select a different platform if the platform shown at the top is not the right platform for your store. Choose Etsy from the subsequent pull-down menu.

    Shopify Etsy Migration tips

    Step 3: Review And Update Your Data

    Importing reviews, however, will necessitate third-party software or the assistance of a Shopify specialist and cannot be done from within the Shopify dashboard.


    You would go to the app’s settings to import a CSV file into the Shopify review app. The JSON data must be transformed into a CSV format first.


    Check that all fields are standard by obtaining a sample CSV file from the review app’s support team before you import. If the sample file’s CSV column names aren’t appropriate for your app’s reviews, rename them. With this, they might be loaded correctly.

    Top 5 Benefits Of Shopify Etsy Migration

    Here are some of the top benefits of Etsy to Shopify migration:

    Improved Business Features

    Sellers on Etsy have access to standard e-commerce tools, which can be expanded upon with the purchase of Etsy Plus. On the other hand, you’re looking for cutting-edge resources to help your company grow.


    Those who want to launch a physical storefront can use Shopify’s POS functionality, including features such as abandoned cart recovery, in-depth reporting, and integrations with other platforms.

    More Customization Options

    There are currently 2.5 million active merchants, and your Etsy shop is one of them. No unique Shopify design to your site sets you apart from the competition. However, Shopify provides endless options for custom Shopify plugin development of a store’s layout and adding advanced marketing tools.

    Help You Build Your Brand Reputation

    Building a name for your business requires more than just an Etsy store. When you use Shopify, you can receive a personalized Shopify domain name, which is excellent for building your company’s credibility.


    Etsy Shopify migration agency, or Shopify Theme Development Company will better guide you.

    Newsletters And Store Updates

    Shopify migration automatically adds customers to your email list and enables them to opt out of receiving emails from you at checkout. You can migrate from Etsy to Shopify and continue marketing to your clientele even if Shopify is out of business.

    How To Use Shopify Etsy Migration?

    To learn how to use Etsy with Shopify, list things you should look out for after Etsy to Shopify migration. Once you have migrated to Shopify, importing Shopify listings is next. Here’s how to add Shopify listings from Etsy.


    You should first visit the Store Manager after signing into your Etsy account. Go to Settings > Options in the Store Manager dashboard and select the Download Data tab. A button with download data will appear.

    How To Use Shopify Etsy Migration

    To save a CSV file to your hard disk, click it. This page will include all the information regarding your available listings, such as their descriptions, tags, prices, and more.


    Go to the dashboard > products to import that data into your newly created Shopify store. There is an “Import” button in the section’s upper right corner.

    Use Shopify Etsy Migration

    You’ll notice a small conversation window after clicking on it.

    import products by CSV

    Because there aren’t many alternatives available, upload your CSV file and check how well it displays. This is how it will appear using a sample file provided by Shopify.

    Review your first product


    After double-checking everything, click “Import products” to see how it appears in your Shopify store. The test import seems as follows:

    Import products shopify

    You can open the store and begin taking orders once you have verified that every order has been exported correctly.

    FAQs About The Shopify Etsy Migration

    Here are some important FAQs that you should know:

    Why I Sell On Etsy And Shopify – Pros And Cons Of Etsy Vs. Shopify?

    There are more than 96 million potential customers on Etsy, making this a sizable market. However, small-scale vendors are usually suggested for it.

    Shopify is one of the best choices for online stores. They claim a simple admin interface and a range of low-priced options suitable for businesses of varying sizes. If your company expands, Shopify can adapt.

    Etsy is less robust than its competitors and can only handle a few sales. However, Shopify is more suited to expanding enterprises with branding goals.

    How To Easily Import Shopify Products To Etsy Integration App?

    Can you migrate Etsy products on Shopify? Yes, one can facilitate a speedy and painless integration between Shopify and Etsy and quickly start selling on both platforms.

    1. Access Products > Import in your Shopify Admin.
    2. Select Etsy, and then select Start import.
    3. Connect to Etsy after you’ve entered your shop’s name.

    You can also hire Shopify experts for a seamless product import.


    It might be a terrific springboard for your previously Etsy-based company. Switching to Shopify will allow your business to flourish, but it will also need you to take on many new duties.

    If you’re still thinking about whether or not to move your business to Shopify, stick around for this in-depth read to see why so many people prefer Etsy to Shopify migration. Integrating Etsy with a Shopify services provider is the best option to get your work done.


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