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Zendesk Shopify Integration – Step by Step Guide

Last Updated | January 16, 2024

Overview: Zendesk Shopify Integration

Zendesk can be integrated with your Shopify application. Zendesk support combines your business and customer data together and displays the crucial Shopify information of all your customers to the service providers. The application provides inquiries about your Shopify store to obtain client information and orders.

Shopify integration

This gives your agents the right information to deal with your potential clients on a single interface. Thus, the agents are well informed and ready to enact decisions such as handling discounts and refunds, as well as instantaneously navigating the customers’ Shopify orders.

What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a public company that provides products of software services. It is a cloud-based work management solution that provides customized tools to develop customer service portals, an information base for customers, and online networks all in one place.

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Moreover, the solution offers a user-friendly front-end portal, live chat popups, and integration with platforms such as Google Analytics and Salesforce. Zendesk is utilized across domains, ranging from government, technology, media, and retail.

Shopify integration

How to connect the Shopify marketplace with Zendesk? Step-by-step guide

For achieving Shopify Zendesk integration, there are prerequisites. You should have an existing Zendesk account and a functioning Shopify marketplace. If you do not have a Shopify store, you should hire experts to develop your Shopify store; this allows for a good first impression and sustains the business for the longer term.

  1. Install Shopify for Zendesk from the Zendesk marketplace.
  2. Select the account that you want the integration installed on and click on install. You will be redirected to the Shopify Integration setup page in their Admin Center.
  3. On the Shopify storefront domain, enter the subdomain name of your Shopify storefront.
  4. In the Connection name, simply add a name for this connection and click on Connect.
  5. Select Install app. This will automatically install Zendesk on your Shopify storefront.

The connection between your storefront and Zendesk has been established.

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Shopify Zendesk guide pricing: How much does the Zendesk Shopify integration cost?

Shopify Zendesk pricing is as follows. Zendesk provides 4 suite programs that cater to the variable need of different clients.

  • The annual subscription for the Suite Team is priced at $49 per month and agent. The monthly subscription is priced at $59 per month and agent.
  • The annual subscription for Suite Growth is priced at $79 per month and agent. The monthly subscription is priced at $99 per month and agent.
  • The annual subscription for the Suite Professional is priced at $99 per month and agent. The monthly subscription is priced at $125 per month and agent.
  • The annual subscription for the Suite Enterprise is priced at $150 per month and agent. The monthly subscription is priced at $199 per month and agent.

One interesting extension which can be utilized in your e-commerce business is using Afterpay as a payment gateway. It will allow your customers to purchase your product on credit and pay you back when the customers have sufficient funds. This is mostly used by the people who get their salaries on a monthly or weekly basis. You can get to know more about how to add Afterpay to Shopify.

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What are the benefits of Shopify integration for Zendesk

Shopify integration with Zendesk provides several benefits, which are very crucial for ensuring the best services for your customers.

  • Zendesk’s customer portal allows the supporting staff to keep track of queries being raised and their statuses. Customers can even access existing tickets to find solutions to their queries, and if they find their answers, it will satisfy them. However, even if they are not satisfied, they can raise their queries again at the portal to get satisfactory responses.
  • Zendesk for Shopify will increase the rate of successful solutions by allowing access to customer data from Shopify. This will particularly be useful in billing, shipping, and order detail queries.
  • For taking swift action on the processing of common requests such as refunds or cancellations, simply access the support sidebar app.
  • You can also embed live chats to your Shopify platform to attract buyers, increase the average order value, and decrease cart abandonment. All thanks to better customer satisfaction levels.
  • You can navigate through additional data in Shopify by clicking on the order ID.

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How to find the expert for Zendesk Shopify App Integration?

Several companies provide integration services for e-commerce platforms. New companies have emerged globally, but we should keep in mind that new companies lack experience. It is crucial to choose an experienced and professional company for the integration process. You can select local companies as they will charge lesser but ultimately risk the long-term success of your business.

Moreover, you should hire companies such as Folio3 for the integration process. Folio3 has 15+ years of experience in the e-commerce field, experienced and certified developers, and has head offices in several countries. Folio3 provides custom Shopify integrations for ERP and CRM systems as well. They also provide Shopify integrations for all applications such as social media or other e-commerce platforms as well.

Note: If you reside in the USA and note the increasing growth of Shopify, you can contact Folio3 for Shopify app development US and enter into the growing business of e-commerce on Shopify.

Features of Zendesk Shopify Integration

Zendesk for Shopify provides you with several features which allow you to optimally operate your Shopify store with Zendesk.

  • Advanced analytics and robust reporting.
  • Mobile support on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.
  • Automated workflow and versatile ticket management.
  • Public and private forums for customers.
  • Support on multiple channels (email, web, phone, live chat, and social media).
  • Dealings are done 24/7 and around the globe. (Different time zones and languages).
  • Seamless integration into your platform as it has an open API.

Note: You can also ensure that your Shopify store design is very welcoming and professional. For this, you can hire a Shopify design company.

How to Setting up the Shopify integration with Zendesk for chat and support?

You can set up your Zendesk integration for Shopify  for

  1. On your Zendesk account, select Admin center. Click the apps and integrations icon on the sidebar, then select integrations.
  2. Log on to Shopify, and click on view.
  3. In the storefront connection card, click on
  4. On the left sidebar, select the sidebar app.
  5. Install the sidebar apps that you require.
    • In order to install the support application, go to the sidebar app for the support card, select configure, then click on install.
    • In order to install the chat application, on the sidebar app for the chat card, select configure, then click on install.

Does folio3 offer expert Zendesk Shopify App Integration Services?

Folio3 is a California-based software development company that helps entrepreneurs and large corporations build innovative and professional software solutions by providing offshore application development and support to its customers.

Also, Folio3 provides Zendesk for Shopify services. Folio3 specializes in building custom integration systems as it has certified developers and 15+ years in the field of e-commerce solutions.

Folio3 offers solutions that enable your Shopify e-commerce stores to communicate with other third-party applications such as ERPs, CRMs, shipment providers, and many other applications. Their Shopify integration services include both off-the-shelf and custom integration solutions. Irrespective of whether your integrations are with NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, or digital marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Folio3 also provides custom migration services. If you are contemplating how to migrate Lightspeed to Shopify, you can read this article and contact Folio3 for this task.

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Why do you need Zendesk Shopify Integration?

Acts as a CRM

Zendesk is more than just an assistance desk. It moves over to CRM because it permits you to coordinate cycles, and work processes and follow client commitment. Zendesk for Shopify can transform the immense volume of information into a stash of leads, and openings for marketing insights for every single customer. Zendesk assists you with consolidating the information and utilizes them to influence a long-term relationship with your customers. This also implies that the information you gather on Zendesk can be used for additional utilization of advertising efforts.

Scalable Customer Services

Zendesk is an extensive set-up of help applications that you can scale as your business requirements develop. You can treat it as a start-to-finish arrangement, organizing around it an assistance work area, live chats, database, and the local community. On the other hand, you can begin with the principle support module and fabricate your help engineering along your financial plan line. The primary module is accompanied by add-ons such as the community portal, call centers, and an information base. You’re getting these additional items free of charge, so your helpdesk carries out dealings with customers using efficient tools. Zendesk provides tools to ensure your Shopify store has unwavering quality and versatility, which add to your income adaptability.

Engage potential customers

Live chats with computerized triggers allow your visitors, who are waiting/lingering on your store or checkout page and be offered assistance. While they’re keen on your item, the live chats connect to your customers in real-time. Studies have shown that clients are three times as likely to buy a product from an e-commerce store when given chat support on the spot. Customers who wait on the item page or the checkout page might reconsider buying your product f they are confused. Also, the live chats join you with the customers and lead them to the right agents or dealers, who eventually finalize the deal.

Reach out on your end

Your live chat caters to queries in real-time. However, a downside is that it waits for messages. It awaits to be reached out to.  To complement this feature, the agent can send a message to reach out to the customers on different applications as well. Messages on social media applications are sent to customers as soon as the customer lodges a complaint or a negative review of your product. You can quickly address the problem before it escalates.

Use artificial intelligence

Another interesting feature provided by Zendesk is a bot that makes use of artificial intelligence that can be used to guide visitors. The bot will filter the relevant content as the customers insert their queries. If you have a smart bot, it will be able to show your customer what he requires, which in turn will increase targeted sales and allow for a greater return on investment.

Self-service for the visitor

Zendesk Shopify integration provides a smart outlay of content. It allows you to build a customer portal that can easily be navigated by the visitor. Using its knowledge base and community features, the AI-powered bot can direct frequently asked questions to the relevant tickets. Moreover, this feature also takes the workload off the service agent. As a result, the agent can focus on other tickets. It makes your system efficient and ensures customer service workflow.

A robust helpdesk

The integration provides a powerful helpdesk solution. It has data on customers, a community forum for users to discuss, a live chat tool, a ticketing system, and a messaging tool. This can provide an efficient and robust helpdesk. The helpdesk can easily integrate with other platforms.

How to process Shopify Zendesk form integration?

The process for Zendesk to Shopify integration is relatively simple. You need to have an existing account on Shopify and Zendesk.

  1. Click on the install button on Zendesk’s website page.
  2. Select the Zendesk subdomain in which to install the integration.
  3. Follow the mentioned steps to connect to your Shopify storefront.
  4. Configure the sidebar apps website widgets and sunshine features from the admin panel.

How to install the Zendesk web widget on Shopify?

Website widgets can be presented on your Shopify storefront. It can be configured in the Admin Center. Remember, you can only add a default web widget for each Shopify store within the integration. If you have more than a single web widget, you will need to insert the code for the brand manually. It is preferred that you hire Shopify experts to take care of this back-end programming.

  1. Open the Admin center on your Zendesk account, click on the Apps and Integrations icon in the sidebar, then proceed to select Integrations.
  2. Log into your Shopify account and click view.
  3. On the storefront collection card, select
  4. Then, on the left sidebar, select Web Widget.
  5. Finally, select the Enable web widget

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A visual confirmation message will appear confirming that your web widget is enabled on your Shopify storefront.

Common Challenges and Solutions in Zendesk-Shopify Integration:

This table provides a clear overview of the common challenges and their corresponding solutions or workarounds when integrating Zendesk with Shopify.

Challenge Solution/Workaround
Data Syncing Issues – Verify API keys and permissions.
– Consider third-party integration tools.
Ticket Routing and Assignment – Use Zendesk’s automation rules and triggers.
– Train agents on routing criteria.
Managing Multiple Shopify Stores – Create separate brands and support portals.
Data Privacy and Compliance – Implement strict data access controls.
– Maintain records of consent.
Custom Data Integration – Use Zendesk custom fields and tags.
– Consider custom scripting or apps for complex data.
Inventory and Order Status Updates – Implement automated notifications.
– Provide self-service options for customers.
Integration Downtime and Errors – Monitor integration for errors and performance.
– Set up alerts for prompt notifications.
Training and User Adoption – Invest in comprehensive agent training.
– Create user-friendly documentation.
Scaling for Growth – Continuously evaluate and optimize the integration.
– Consider upgrading to enterprise-level plans.


FAQs About Zendesk Shopify Integration

How much does Folio3 expert Zendesk Shopify integration service cost in the US?

One of the most notable e-commerce solution companies that provide Shopify integration with Zendesk is Folio3. With its extensive experience of 15+ years, Folio3 is one of the top companies providing valuable e-commerce website design services such as Shopify integration services alongside Shopify support services on digital marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon and e-commerce platforms like Shopify.

They are also a Shopify website development agency which makes them ideal for e-commerce business solutions. Folio3 also provides custom packages for your projects which will help budget your project according to your needs in an efficient manner. This is due to efficient coding, experienced Shopify experts, and cutting additional costs. This will ensure that your stores are professionally integrated, as Folio3-certified Shopify developers provide you with expert integration services.

Can you integrate Shopify with the Zendesk app?

Yes, Zendesk provides support SDKs (support development kits) for IOS and Android applications which will allow you to embed the support options provided by the Zendesk support options on mobile applications. This will allow customers to get help directly from the application.

Also, support SDK provides several features to users. The users can search and browse your center for help, via a knowledge base, from within the application without redirecting users to the web browser. It also allows them to create tickets from within the application. Furthermore, users can also view and comment on the existing tickets on the application without requiring the users to switch to email marketing.

How to use the Shopify Zendesk inventory management marketplace?

Zendesk provides users with inventory management for their marketplaces right in the tickets. Some applications provide automation, complete configuration, and integration with Zendesk. These allow you to manage your inventory from anywhere and on any device. You can manage the fields that you deem important by using drag-and-drop facilities. The applications in Zendesk will also provide help instantaneously to the current customer by fetching their details from the application inventory. Some of the most notable applications on Zendesk that allow inventory management marketplace are Zoho Inventory and EZOfficeInventory.

How to install these applications?

Zoho Inventory

  1. Log into your Zendesk account.
  2. Click on the Admin icon on the sidebar.
  3. Select Apps and Marketplace.
  4. Search for the Zoho inventory application and select it.
  5. In the application’s interface, select the install app enter the name, and select your location accordingly.
  6. Refresh the page, and your Zoho inventory application is ready to use.


  1. Go to the website of EZOfficeInventory.
  2. Sign up for free for a trial version of 15 days.
  3. Once your account is created, sign in to your Zendesk portal.
  4. Sign in to your EZZOfficeInventory account.
  5. In the app, go to settings, add-ons, and then Zendesk integrations.
  6. Select the Get app on the Zendesk button.
  7. Provide your Zendesk subdomain.

Final Thoughts

The ever-expanding world of e-commerce means that everyone is entering this field. However, only some succeed. This is because only some make long-term businesses while others shut down before 5 years. In order to remain in the competition, you should make use of the best solution providers present in the market as they have dedicated tasks that ensure task completion for you while you manage the economic aspects of your Shopify business.

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Expert companies such as Folio3 provide e-commerce solutions for all your problems related to e-commerce. They handle them expertly and ensure that your business is up to international standards. Moreover, one should also try to make their stores customer-friendly and provide them with the best services as they are the drivers of this business. If the customer is satisfied, the business will be successful. So they should make use of helpdesks such as Zendesk. This will make service providing easier for the support agents, and as for the customer, they will not face any difficulty. Customers will get the service rapidly and be dealt with respectively as all their information will be displayed to the support agent.


Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.