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    Mindbody Shopify Integration Guide

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    Mindbody is a California-based company that provides software-as-a-service e-commerce solutions. The company was founded in 2001 and currently has about 35 million users worldwide. It is a cloud-based business management and online scheduling software providing services mainly to the wellness service industry.

    Mindbody Shopify Integration - Shopify integration

    Shopify on the other hand is an e-commerce platform based in Ottawa, Canada. This platform offers services to online retailers such as brand marketing, shipping services for the products, payment processing services, and tools that engage the customers of the store. It has about 1.6 million active websites running on the platform.

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    What is the Mindbody Shopify integration cost?

    The MINDBODY and Shopify integration cost is hugely dependent on the customer’s time constraints, the magnitude of their Shopify store, and the agency employed for MINDBODY Shopify integration. Several MINDBODY accounts can be integrated with Shopify, it will cost at least $79 per month.

     You can even ask companies for add-ons such as:

    • additional MINDBODY connection which may cost up to $49 per month.
    •  add the product range to your Shopify account. Generally, you can add 500 products for around $45-$55 per month.
    • your store makes use of customized logic programming, you can avail of these services for about $200 per month.
    • adding customized platforms for around $100 per month.
    • importing historical records of up to one year by paying a one-time fee of about $250.

    Notice how the add-ons seem extremely important to make the integration successful? It is because they are important. But if you use independent service providers, they can keep charging you for these services without packages. These result in you paying for these services separately making which will lead to a hefty bill. So, it is preferable to make use of Shopify developer support from expert companies such as Folio3 that provide affordable packages for clients.

    Mindbody Shopify Integration - Shopify development

    Step-by-step Mindbody Shopify Integration method.

    If you want to connect MINDBODY with Shopify yourself, you can follow these steps for the integration of MINDBODY and Shopify.

    There are two methods to integrate MINDBODY with Shopify.

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    Integrate using activation links.

    You can ask your developers to provide you with an activation link that automatically fills in the activation code for your MINDBODY software. To ensure that the connection is established, you must be logged onto your MINDBODY software using the owner account. Then you can auto-fill the code. If the process will be successful, the screen will ask for confirmation if you want to integrate MINDBODY with Shopify.

    Make use of activation codes.

    You can even ask your developer to provide you with an activation code. This code must be entered into your MINDBODY software manually.

    1. Log in to the MINDBODY platform using your owner account.
    2. Go to HOME > MANAGER TOOLS.
    3. Then you must select the API Integrations at the bottom right location. It will be under the MINDBODY Add-Ons. Remember if you are unable to see this integrations page, it means that you are most probably not logged in as an administrator of your account.
    4. Input the activation code provided by your developer.
    5. Click on submit.

    Mindbody Shopify Migration - Shopify migration

    If you carried out the process correctly, you will see a message shown above displaying “Activation successful!” and a new account of your developer will be listed under the “Who has access to your API section?”

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    After the integration is taken care of with your developer, you also have the option to revoke access to your data. You can revoke the access using your MINDBODY account through the same API integrations screen.

    1. Log in to the MINDBODY platform using your owner account.
    2. Go to HOME > MANAGER TOOLS.
    3. Then you must select the API Integrations at the bottom right location. It will be under the MINDBODY Add-Ons. Remember if you are unable to see this integrations page, it means that you are most probably not logged in as an administrator of your account.
    4. Click on the red colored Remove link next to the developer’s account that you no longer require.
    5. As the popup box shows, click on the Remove Access button to confirm the removal of access.

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    What are the benefits of Integration of MINDBODY and Shopify?

    Mindbody Shopify integrations are very beneficial for an e-commerce business owner.

    Increase your revenue stream.

    The COVID-19 has shifted the shopping behaviors of people. People have experienced the impacts and now want everything from the safety of their own homes. This has led to the increased demand for online businesses. With more and more customers now purchasing items from their phones, this has led to people buying all sorts of items online. They purchased everything and expect to be provided with the best services.

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    In order to make sure that you can provide the customers with the best experience from your Shopify store, you must make sure that the interface is perfect. To ensure this, you can hire Shopify design services from professional companies that design the store expertly. The design is very important. From the choice of color for the store to the placement of all the buttons, everything affects the buying behavior of the customers. Mindbody Shopify integration will help your store cater to the customers who land on your Shopify store.

    Mindbody Shopify Integration - Shopify migration

    Save your resources.

    When you are transferring your data between the platforms, it requires manual data input. This means you have to manually type information. This is a tedious task that increases error chances, inconsistent information display, and makes your store less attractive for new customers. Therefore, if you connect Mindbody and Shopify, you are able to input details such as category specifications, presentation, and product detail at once. A change at a single record will be reflected in all the entries and synchronize the change instantly. These synchronizations help the store owner in making changes to the data entries.

    Track your business progress.

    This integration of MINDBODY and Shopify will allow you to trace your business progress. This active tracking is going to help you give an idea of your revenue stream, inventory, and your marketing campaign. This is possible thanks to the advantages of the integration that help your store be transparent for the store owner and completely independent of human interaction for the store management.

    An enhanced customer shopping experience.

    To make the customer shopping experience the best, a store owner must ensure that they present the customers with the most accurate information as the customer first researches the product they wish to buy. For them to have a complete analysis, data such as product availability, prices, variants, must be updated in real-time. The presentation of accurate information makes it easy for the shopper to make their decision.

    According to research carried out by Forrester, when the information of a product is not available on an online store, 40% of shoppers do not even bother to inquire about the product even if they want to buy it.

    Additionally, if you do not provide your customers with all the information they require to make a decision, they are going to acquire their products from your competitors. So to ensure that your customers stay loyal, provide them with quality services to provide them with an enhanced experience.

    In today’s world, the product can be marketed with the best strategies but a new factor comes into play for e-commerce. It is called online customer support. Also, if you are able to resolve queries of your customers in real-time, customers may take the decision of buying the product instead of pondering over the decision. Therefore, to provide the best customer service, you can also perform Zendesk Shopify integration to provide the best customer experience for your shoppers.

    Market products to the clients relevantly.

    The integration can help segregate your customer data. You can target relevant clusters of customers according to their behavior. You can market your products to different clients. Segment your customer base on basis of their purchasing history, demography, and their order activities. Then you can develop marketing strategies accordingly. For example, if a customer has been consistently purchasing shoes, you can send them offers when you have products that they might be interested in. Also, you can also choose to integrate Klaviyo with Shopify to automate your marketing strategies for Shopify.

    How does the Integration of MINDBODY and Shopify work?

    The integration is able to work by connecting your MINDBODY platform with your Shopify platform. This integration will connect your Shopify platform, with your MINDBODY account. The data will be shared and workflows will be established. These are commonly accomplished by making use of Application Programming interfaces, known as APIs. I do not have a Shopify store, you can migrate your store from other platforms to Shopify by making use of migration for Shopify services.

    What benefits Folio3 offers with MINDBODY Shopify integration?

    Folio3 is able to provide its customers with the most efficient e-commerce integration solutions. In fact, they have been doing so for the past 15 years and have thousands of happy customers around the globe. If you are looking for a customized Shopify integration, you can use the services of Folio3 to obtain the best Shopify integration services experience.

    Performs integrations at lower costs.

    Folio3 is able to provide Mindbody Shopify integration solutions at a lower cost as compared to the other service providers in the market. They are able to do so thanks to their certified Shopify developers. Their expert developers make use of efficient coding practices to ensure that your integration is done as quickly as possible. They also make sure to get rid of redundant code, this way they save the processing power and the memory required for the development of the solution.

    Provide the client with the best solution.

    The company has possession of skilled developers, requirements engineers, and domain experts who analyze the situation of the client and their business model to provide them with the best solutions. Moreover, Folio3 has the ability to provide clients with the most effective integration model so that even after the solution has been developed, the client can reap the benefits of the solution that was customized as per their needs.

    Providing affordable packages to clients.

    If a person wants to develop an e-commerce store and makes use of freelancers or independent service providers for hosting, developing, testing, and maintenance, the odds of the project going over the budget will always increase. This is because the independent service providers have no understanding, no coordination, nor any credibility. Moreover, this leads to the business owner going over the budget, and not having the store developed in time.

    Even if they are lucky enough to have the finalized product, it is guaranteed that there will be prevalent bugs in the system that will continue to deteriorate the user satisfaction levels. These independent service providers abandon you after their services. Instead of managing the project in bits and pieces, it is better to make use of a Shopify development agency. Folio3 will provide you with the complete and customized solution for your business at affordable rates as the company works with coordination and skilled employees that develop quick and efficient solutions. Moreover, the packages Folio3 provides also consist of Shopify support and maintenance services. These help you maintain your store and even help you understand how to manage the platform independently.

    Timely delivery of the product.

    Since Folio3 has been developing e-commerce solutions for 15+ years, they have plenty of experience in delivering projects well before the deadlines. Their certified Shopify developers are able to develop the solutions effectively. Their requirement engineers have extensive experience and can elicit the requirements of the clients with relative ease and preciseness. The quality assurance engineers are able to uncover any loophole and get it fixed. Their experienced project managers are able to manage the project in a timely fashion.

    Due to the expertise of their employees, Folio3 has always delivered customized solutions to their clients well before the deadline. This ensures that the business owner faces no setbacks in the implementation of their solution. Therefore, you can make use of Folio3 as your Shopify implementation partners to make sure that your store is up and running as soon as possible after the integration.

    Safe and secure data transfer.

    The integration process requires an intricate process that integrated the data between the platforms. If this integration process is not managed as per protocols or is carried out incorrectly, the entire database can be lost.

    All your order records, product details, history of the business, and transaction records can be lost completely. If the process is not performed accurately, it is also possible that the data is leaked. This means that all your customer details will be compromised and they can be misused. To prevent such catastrophes, Folio3 makes sure that your data is kept safe and secure.

    • There is a backup kept on the physical database. This means that even if the original database malfunctions due to any error, there is a ready-to-use backup.
    • Folio3 keeps its databases secure from cyber-attacks. They have separate database servers that ensure that the data is not accessed by anyone.
    • Database engineers of Folio3 also ensure that the databases are monitored in real-time. They actively scan the databases to bolster security and detect suspicious activity.
    • The company has to follow international standards so it also ensures that the databases are encrypted.

    If you pay special attention to the security and management of data, it would be an extremely wise choice to perform Shopify Oracle integration to keep your database safe, secure, and manageable.

    The professionalism of Folio3 has allowed them to be the leading solution provider for e-commerce businesses.

    What are the MINDBODY and Shopify integration features?

    The MINDBODY Shopify integration provides several advantages.

    Keep all your products and services synchronized.

    You created and modified services and products in MINDBODY will be automatically created and updated in Shopify. You can synchronize these by entering the MINDBODY pricing option ID in the SKU field on your Shopify platform. Also, any modification will be updated on both platforms, saving you hours in data entry.

    Keep aware of the sales tax and shipping.

    This feature calculates the sales tax in Shopify and then matches it accordingly to the MINDBODY platform. If sales occur internationally or out of state, the sales tax is adjusted accordingly. This ensures that the payment made by the customer is matched on both platforms.

    Synchronize your customers in both directions.

    Your Shopify customers will be updated in MINDBODY as new clients. The MINDBODY clients you select will automatically be added as customers in Shopify with email invitations. You can also tag the customers in Shopify based on their membership status.

    Synchronize your inventories.

    When sales are carried out on Shopify, inventory is updated in MINDBODY. Similarly, as sales are placed in MINDBODY, the inventory is deducted in Shopify.

    Sales on Shopify are automatically added onto MINDBODY.

    If you sell any product on Shopify, the client’s MINDBODY tab will also reflect the same sale. This enhances customer satisfaction levels by providing a smooth experience and an accurate representation of data.

    Search engine optimization:

    SEO is a pillar in e-commerce platforms for the modern world. Shopify provides these SEO solutions as well. SEO features include the generation of URLs that are SEO friendly, sorting them, and then displaying the searches. These results can be segmented based upon compatibility with customized search engines, popularity-based and most searched items, and even sorting to cater to customers with personalized attributes.

    Best MINDBODY and Shopify Integrations that you must know of.

    These are some useful integration you can use in the integration of MINDBODY and Shopify to make your operations more organized and.

    • Shopify and Google sheets. You can add every single Shopify order as a new row on the Google sheets spreadsheet.
    • You can add advertisements for your Shopify store on Facebook as well. Some triggers provided are new customers, new paid orders, and new blog entries.

    If you wish you can even develop your very own Shopify application. Almost 80% of Shopify merchants own their own Shopify application to facilitate the management of their Shopify store. You can develop your custom Shopify app using the services of professional companies such as Folio3.

    What is the easiest way to Connect MINDBODY + Shopify?

    There is an easy way to connect MINDBODY and Shopify by making use of a third-party application called Appy Pie.

    • Choose MINDBODY as a trigger app and then select “Trigger ” from the triggers list.
    • Authenticate your MINDBODY account with Appy Pie connect.
    • Select Shopify as an action app.
    • For the selected trigger, pick the desired action.
    • Finally, authenticate Shopify with Appy Pie connect.


    Q) Can you connect Shopify to more than one MINDBODY locations?

    Yes, you can connect as many MINDBODY locations are per your requirements to a single Shopify account. However, this comes at a hefty price tag of about $50 for each new location added. Separate additions keep on increasing costs, so it is preferable to use the services of companies such as Folio3 and have Shopify developer support to cater to your customized requirements at affordable costs.

    Q) How to sync Shopify inventory with MINDBODY?

    The Shopify inventory can automatically be integrated with your MINDBODY account. This is only possible once you connect MINDBODY and Shopify. After this integration, the inventory of Shopify will be integrated with your MINDBODY account. Also, this will synchronize your platforms. Ensure that this process is overlooked by professional companies to make sure your integration is free of errors, safe and secure.

    Q) Where to find the best Shopify MINDBODY integration service?

    The best Mindbody Shopify integration services will be provided by the company that has extensive experience, satisfied previous clients, certified developers, timely project delivery, internationally standardized processes, and can affordable packages for clients.

    Folio3 is an e-commerce solution company based in California that possesses all these qualities. Moreover, they have main offices in several countries such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Bulgaria, the United Arab Emirates, and Mexico. You can get in touch with them and even visit their office for a session to evaluate them and then make use of their services.

    Q) Is it possible to create auto Shopify accounts for MINDBODY clients?

    Yes, it is possible to create automatic Shopify accounts for your MINDBODY clients. However, you will require the integration of the two platforms. Your Shopify customers will be updated in MINDBODY as new clients. The MINDBODY clients you select will automatically be added as customers in Shopify with email invitations. You can also tag the customers in Shopify based on their membership status.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.