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How to Add Quadpay to Shopify: The Step-by-Step Guide?

Last Updated | January 16, 2024

An Overview: How to Add Quadpay to Shopify

Several fintech –Financial Technology, companies provide purchase now, pay later choices at both online and brick and mortar stores to give individuals more spending options.

Shopify development -How to Add Quadpay to Shopify

Quadpay is one of the up-and-coming payment platforms in this space, alongside Klarna and Afterpay. It allows the eCommerce consumers to pay for items in four interest-free payments every two weeks at any Visa-accepting shop. This option is available including both in-store and digital purchases.

Since most Americans receive bi-weekly income, this approach has gained a lot of support. Integrating with Shopify store, Quadpay, has a lot of advantages, such as Flexible and more economical payment choices as compared to full upfront payments.

Add Quadpay to Shopify for Greater Average Order Value

Because Quadpay requires a minimum transaction size of $35, the average order value is automatically increased.

Add Quadpay to Shopify for Greater Average Order Value

  • Higher Conversion Rates

With Quadpay, your consumers are encouraged to make purchases they might otherwise avoid. Afterpay also eliminates fraud and credit risk by settling payments in advance, which is a huge benefit for small firms.

  • Reduced Cart Abandoned 

With Quadpay, your consumers are encouraged to buy stuff they might otherwise avoid. More importantly, because the credit option is appealing to any buyer, it will keep visitors from leaving your site.

Quadpay integration is a win-win option that any Shopify website design services may assist you with. Quadpay doesn’t cost you anything unless you make a sale, and there are no fixed monthly fees or setup fees, so you won’t lose money if none of your customers opts to use it. Let’s look at how to properly connect your Shopify store with Quadpay now that we know how advantageous it is. Let’s take a look at how a Shopify eCommerce development service can integrate Quadpay with Shopify to improve your consumers’ eCommerce experience.

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How Do I Link Quadpay To Shopify?


How To Set Up Quadpay On Shopify?

To begin with this, you first need to become a Shopify merchant. If you find yourself lost you can learn about it here on how to open shopify store? There is a lot of informative content regarding Shopify SEO tips as well. Or you can hire headless Shopify development services to help you out.

Otherwise, if you already have an account on Shopify let’s begin setting up your Quadpay on it.

  • The Quadpay Merchant Credentials

The following Quadpay Merchant Credentials are required to integrate Quadpay into your Shopify website;

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret

The following credentials will be provided to you when you wanted an integration.

  • Quadpay –Payment Method
  • Only the store owner account has the authority to add payment methods to Shopify.
  • Set up Quadpay on your Shopify store.
  • Click on “Install app”
  • Please enter the ‘Client ID’ and ‘Client Secret’ provided by us into the proper spaces on the Quadpay setup page, then click ‘Save’.

Now, Quadpay must be accessible during the checkout process!

  • Installation Of The Quadpay Widgets
  • Go to the Quadpay widgets app to choose which widgets you’d like to see on your theme.
  • Make sure ‘your nation’ is chosen in the setup menu, while the Merchant ID/Public Key section can be left blank.

Please keep in mind that this app may not work with the best Shopify 2.0 themes, therefore we recommend testing out features like the add to cart button and checkout after the installation is complete.

  • Quadpay Landing Page
  • Create a landing page –stable web page, to inform clients about Quadpay while also allowing them to apply for a Quadpay account in advance.
  • In the Shopify admin page, navigate to Online Store > Pages > Add Page.
  • In the ‘Title‘ field, enter:
  • Quadpay – Own it now, pay in 4
  • Click on the “<> (Show HTML)” button to access the HTML view.
    <Quadpay-information instore=”false” online=”true” faqs=”true”></Quadpay-information><script src=””></script>
  • Click ‘Save’.

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Menu Link onto Quadpay Landing Page

Add a link to the Quadpay Landing Page in the header/footer menus so customers can access the page.

  • In the Shopify admin page, navigate to Online Store > Navigation.
  • Select the menu you wish to update.
  • Click ‘Add menu item’.

In the ‘Name’ field, enter: About Quadpay

  • Click the ‘Link’ box and select ‘Pages‘, then select the Quadpay landing page that you just created.
  • Click ‘Add’.
  • Click ‘Save menu’.

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Does Shopify Support Quadpay?

QuadPay can be used on your Shopify store if you are a Shopify merchant. It’s a straightforward connection because they provide a Shopify plugin for setting it up on a Shopify store linked in their documentation. Only the Shopify Account Owner has access to add or update payment gateways. If you’re reintegrating the Quadpay payment gateway and have already set up your Merchant Portal account, go here to install the payment gateway.

Does Shopify Charge Additional Fees For Quadpay?

You may set up a different payment mechanism for your clients to use instead of a credit card to pay for their products online. For example, bitcoin is a popular payment method that eliminates the need for your clients to go via a bank or other financial institution.

If your consumers pay with a different method, you will be charged transaction fees for their transactions. You can use Shopify Payments to avoid transaction fees. Shopify, as far as we know, charges fees if your store uses payment methods other than PayPal.

How To Add Quadpay Widget To Shopify?

To add Quadpay to your Shopify store, here is a simple guide to follow:

  • Log in to your Shopify account and go to Actions > Edit Code > Edit Code.
  • Select Liquid as the theme. Press the enter key twice after navigating all the way down to HTML/.
  • Create a new tab Copy and paste into your browser.
  • Copy the code from this link and paste it into your theme.
  • Save your product page and then refresh it. You may also engage Shopify expert services to assist you with the widget.

FAQ About How to Add Quadpay to Shopify:

 Is Shop Pay the same as Quadpay on Shopify?

In recent years, payment plans such as Quadpay have become increasingly popular.

Many payment gateways have suddenly appeared all over the place. As a result, you may be asking if there is any justification for the popularity. The answer is yes, Both Shop Pay and Quadpay rely on Shopify and third-party providers to process the transactions.

These services usually charge fees and have restrictions on what you can sell utilising their platform. The issuer, acquirer, and credit card business all charge a small fee to use their services for credit card transactions.

Both the services offer instalment payments to the customers, which eventually increases the traffic to your store, retain it, increases your conversion rate, increases the order placement on average, and helps your business stabilise.

How does Quadpay make money on Shopify?

Merchant fees, convenience fees, late payment costs, and interchange fees are how Quadpay gets the money.

Let’s take a look at the income streams to discover how this business makes money.

  • Merchant Fees

The majority of Quadpay’s revenue comes from merchant fees assessed on transactions completed through its consumer network. Quadpay gets a part of the sale every time a customer takes out a loan. Quadpay’s fundamental business model, as a result, depends around attracting more clients to its network.

Quadpay, unfortunately, does not make its transaction fees public. We presume they are comparable to industry alternatives, which range from 2% to 4% of each transaction. A fixed, flat-rate transaction fee on each sale is also an option, which is normally $0.30 with other lenders.

Why would a business sign up to accept Quadpay as a payment method? By entering the Quadpay market, the company has demonstrated that using its payment method may improve a retailer’s monthly orders by up to 20%.

  • Convenience Fees 

On their loans, customers pay convenience fees, with a maximum of $1 per instalment. As a result, if you pay in four instalments, you will be charged $1, for a total of $4. Quadpay levies these fees to cover operating expenses such as employees and office rent.

  • Late Payment Fees

Late payments account for a large portion of Quadpay’s revenue. Quadpay and other BNPLs are unethical, according to certain best practises boards, because they provide predatory loan services.

New investigations reveal that this is not the case, as Quadpay now makes the majority of its money from merchant fees rather than late payment costs. Customers who skip a payment, however, will be assessed a $7 late fee on their account.

Quadpay does not report to credit bureaus, therefore late payments will have no impact on your credit score. However, it does not disclose positive payment habits, providing you with no incentive to pay on time other than to avoid the delinquent fee.

  • Interchange Fees

In late 2019, Quadpay launched a Visa-backed debit card for its customers. Every time users swipe their cards to make a purchase, the corporation gets an interchange charge. The shopper does not pay this fee, and the charges are passed on to the retailer.

Interchange fees are typically less than 1%, and Quadpay divides transaction costs with Visa. There is no information on the percentage of the fee that Quadpay receives.

I would like to create a CBD website on Shopify

If you’re a US merchant looking to learn how to set up your Shopify store to sell CBD; hemp and hemp-derived products that contain cannabidiol or CBD, this page will provide you with information about specific laws that may apply to your business.

Because the laws around CBD in the United States are changing, you should seek legal advice before selling these items on Shopify. Shopify cannot give you legal guidance on what you can sell or where you can sell it as Shopify CBD Website development.

Review and monitor federal, state, and local legislation before selling hemp or hemp-derived items on Shopify. You should also keep an eye on the Food and Drug Administration’s changes or FDA.

  • Creating a CBD website on Shopify 
  1. Access your Shopify account.
  2. Sign up for a trial store if you haven’t already done so.
  3. Read the Attestation for the Sale of CBD and its products carefully before submitting it.

*Be Advised. To complete this form, you must be logged in to your Shopify account as the store owner. This link will automatically transfer you to the Shopify admin if you are not the store owner or your store address is not in the United States. Make sure you understand and complete the attestation form before selling any CBD products. The attestation process is automatic after you submit the form; you do not need to wait for a response from Shopify regarding the attestation form. Please see the Requirements section for further information on this form.

  1. Choose a third-party payment gateway and apply for it. At this moment, Shopify Payments does not support hemp or CBD items. Shopify, on the other hand, has worked with third-party payment gateways to allow the sale of hemp and/or hemp-derived CBD goods. Each gateway’s approval requirements may differ.
  2. Set up email-only order and shipping notifications for customers. You can only send email notifications about CBD items and retailers. Messages sent by SMS are not supported. Disable your client’s SMS notifications for instructions on how to implement email-only customer notifications.

This list is not exhaustive and is subject to change.

Why should I add Quadpay to Shopify?

Customers now have a lot of choices because there are so many companies offering similar products and prices. Wouldn’t it make sense to provide clients with as many options as possible through your business, making it difficult for them to leave? One way to keep consumers is to offer them a range of payment methods.

Customers expect to have a choice in terms of payment choices, which are now faster and safer than ever before. Customers who do not have a variety of payment choices may experience lower sales and your firm’s reputation will suffer — your company will appear redundant, stiff, and reluctant to satisfy customer demands.

Offering a variety of payment alternatives to clients makes good business sense since it reduces wait times, eliminates trouble, and makes your organisation more appealing to customers. And this is the reason why you should add other payment gateways to your develop Shopify app or store like Quadpay. If you find it difficult or you aren’t a tech-savvy person to do it by yourself, you can find Shopify developers who can help you out with it.


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