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    Printful Shopify Integration – How Does Printful Integrate with Shopify?

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    Shopify is a platform that allows you to create and run an online store. It provides a range of features and tools to help you manage your store, including the ability to process orders and accept payments, track inventory, and analyze sales data.

    Printful Shopify Integration – Does Printful integrate with Shopify Plus?

    This is precisely what we are going to talk about in this article.

    • Printful is a company that offers print-on-demand products, such as clothing, accessories, and home decor. They handle the printing, packaging, and shipping of these products for you.
    • Printufl integrates seamlessly with Shopify via their App.
    • Printful provides inventory management and fulfillment management as well to automate your store fully.

    How Does Shopify Integrate with Printful?

    Integrating Printful with Shopify is a matter of installing the app. When you install the Printful app from the Shopify app store, it will allow you to connect your Shopify store to your Printful account. Once the integration is set up, you can sync your products from Shopify to Printful, create and fulfill orders through Printful, and track the progress of those orders in your Shopify dashboard.

    You can read the step-by-step guide below to understand how to integrate Shopify with Printful completely.

    Moreover, some complexities must be clarified, like inventory management and fulfilling orders. You can opt for a Printful Shopify integration company or hire Shopify Experts for Printful and Shopify integration service providers who can fix all these issues.

    Step-by-Step Guide

    Following is the Step by Step guide for Printful Integration Shopify:

    Step Number 1: Creating a Printful Account

    First, create a Printful account if you still need to create one. You can visit their website and click on the “Start Selling” button.

    shopify printful and integration

    Step Number 2: Add Shopify Store

    Once you have created an account, go to the “Stores” tab in your Printful dashboard and click the “Choose Platform” button.

    Add Shopify Store for printful integration

    Step Number 3: Adding Shopify (Continued)

    Select “Shopify” from the list of options, redirecting you to the Shopify App Store, where you can install the app.

    Step Number 4: Installing Printful App

    Install the Printful app from the Shopify app store.

    Installing Printful App

    Step Number 5: Connect with your Printful Store from Shopify

    Go to the Printful app in your Shopify dashboard and click the “Connect” button.

    Connect with your Printful Store from Shopify

    Step Number 6: Logging into Printful

    Follow the prompts to log in to your Printful account that we created in step 1.

    Step Number 7: Syncing the products

    Once you are logged in, you will be taken to a page where you can select which products you want to sync from your Shopify store. You can choose to sync all products or select specific products.

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    Syncing the products

    Step Number 8: Importing products

    After you have selected the products you want to sync, click the “Sync Products” button. This will import the selected products into your Printful account and create mockups for them.

    Step Number 9: Syncing Orders

    Now that your products are synced, you can start creating and fulfilling orders through Printful. To do this, go to the “Orders” tab in your Printful dashboard and click the “Create Order” button.

    Step Number 10: Fullfilment

    Select the product you want to fulfill and enter the customer’s shipping information. Then, click the “Place Order” button to complete the process.

    Step Number 11: Shipping

    Printful will now print and ship the order to your customer on your behalf. You can track the progress of the order in your Shopify dashboard.

    That’s it! You have successfully integrated Printful with your Shopify store. Now you know the answer to does Printful integrate with Shopify.

    5 Benefits of Shopify Printful Integration

    Following are the top 5 benefits of using Printful with Shopify:

    Automation Of Order Fulfillment

    Printful integration Shopify allows you to automate fulfilling orders for print-on-demand products. When a customer places an order on your Shopify store, the order is automatically sent to Printful, which handles the product’s printing, packaging, and shipping.

    Wide Range Of Products

    Printful offers a wide range of print-on-demand products, including clothing, accessories, home decor, and more. Integrating with Shopify allows you to easily offer these products to your customers without holding any inventory.

    Customization Options

    Printful allows you to customize many of their products, such as adding your designs or logos to t-shirts and other clothing items. This can be a great way to offer unique, customized products to your customers.

    Easy Product Management

    The integration allows you to manage your print-on-demand products within your Shopify store easily. This includes adding new products, updating product information and pricing, and tracking inventory levels. One of the main questions is can you integrate Printful products on Shopify? The answer is a resounding yes!

    Time And Cost Savings

    By automating the fulfillment process and not holding any inventory, you can save time and money that would otherwise be spent on tasks such as sourcing and storing products, packing and shipping orders, and managing returns and exchanges.

    If you just spend some more and give this whole project to a Printful Shopify integration firm, they can easily create a remote business for you.

    This integration can provide you with all the basic needs of a Shopify Erp Integration without any extra fee for ERP functions like inventory management and order tracking.

    Best Uses of Printful Shopify Integration

    how to use Printful with Shopify integration is one of the most asked questions we have heard, and the following are the 5 best use cases of Printful Shopify integration:


    One everyday use case for integrating Shopify with Printful is to use Printful as a dropshipping provider answering the question of does Printful integrate with Shopify in the most efficient way. This means that you can create a Shopify store, add products that are printed and fulfilled by Printful, and then sell those products to your customers.

    When an order is placed on your Shopify store, the order information is automatically sent to Printful, which handles the printing and shipping of the product.

    This can be a convenient way to run an e-commerce business, as it allows you to focus on marketing and selling products rather than managing inventory and fulfillment. Moreover, you can take help from professionals to integrate Printful with Shopify integration services for simple automation.

    Personalized Products

    Another use case for integrating Shopify with Printful is to offer personalized products. For example, you could create a Shopify store that sells custom-designed t-shirts, bags, or other products printed and fulfilled by Printful. This could be a great way to offer unique and customizable products to your customers.

    On-Demand Printing

    Integrating Shopify with Printful can also be helpful for on-demand printing.

    Multiple Product Options

    Integrating Shopify with Printful can also help offer multiple product options. For example, you could create a Shopify store that sells t-shirts in various sizes, colors, and styles, all of which are printed and fulfilled by Printful. This can be a convenient way to offer your customers a wide range of products without managing multiple product listings.

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    Print-On-Demand Products

    Finally, integrating Shopify with Printful can be useful for offering print-on-demand products. This means you can create a Shopify store that sells only printed and shipped products when an order is placed. This can be a great way to offer a wide range of products without maintaining a large inventory.

    These use cases also provide an insight into how useful it is to know does Printful integrate with Shopify.

    FAQs – Printful Shopify integration

    Is Printful Good For Inventory Management With Shopify?

    Yes. Printful is a good option for your Shopify store’s inventory management as you don’t have to worry about storing, handling, or shipping products yourself. This can save you time and resources and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

    Printful also offers a range of features to help you manage your orders and inventory, including order tracking, real-time inventory updates, and automatic reordering of popular products.

    Printful is a good option for those looking to use Shopify for inventory management and fulfillment, mainly if you sell customizable products.

    However, it’s essential to remember that Printful charges a fulfillment fee for each order, so there may be more cost-effective solutions for some.

    Can I Use Printful For Shopify Dropshipping?

    Yes, you can easily use Printful for Shopify Dropshipping. Using Printful for Shopify dropshipping can be a convenient and low-risk way to start an e-commerce business, as it allows you to offer a wide range of customizable products without having to handle any of the marketing, production, or fulfillment processes yourself.

    How Does Shopify Track Inventory With Printful?

    If you are using Shopify to sell products that Printful fulfills, you can use the Shopify Printful integration to track your inventory. Here’s how it works:

    1. You will need to create a product in your Shopify store for each item you want to sell and fulfill through Printful. When you create the product, you will set the inventory to “track this product’s inventory.”
    2. You will then need to connect your Shopify store to your Printful account. This can be done through the Printful app in the Shopify App Store.
    3. Once the integration is set up, Shopify will automatically update the inventory levels for the products that Printful fulfills. When you receive an order for one of these products, Shopify will automatically adjust the inventory level to reflect the sale.
    4. If you need to restock your inventory, you can place a new order with Printful. This will update the inventory levels in your Shopify store, and the products will be available for purchase again.

    Overall, the integration between Shopify and Printful makes tracking your inventory easy and ensures that you can always fulfill customer orders.

    Conclusion – Printful Shopify integration

    In the end, you got the answer to your question of does Printful integrates with Shopify in a detailed manner. Now, we’ll leave you with one piece of advice if you want a hassle-free automated T-Shirt Store, then this integration is nothing less than a blessing.

    The complete integration of Shopify with Printful is automated except for the fulfillment filling part, which can also be automated. You can contact a Printful Shopify Integration Agency for Shopify migration to Pritnful or integration or just keep reading, as we are keen on being your informative business partner!


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