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    Shopify Walmart Integration Guide – All You Must Know

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

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    An Overview: Selling Digital Products on Shopify

    Be it Shopify or Walmart, both have been around for years and are the market leaders in their domains. Walmart has established its name as the Go-To brick-and-mortar store chain in America, and they have revolutionized the Omni-channel strategy by creating a selling platform for third-party brands. Soon after, they branched into eCommerce to drive more opportunities and partnered with Shopify to create opportunities for other sellers. So, if you are an eCommerce seller and aren’t reaping benefits from Walmart Shopify integration, we are sharing the Shopify Walmart integration guide with you!

    Shopify integration

    Shopify Walmart Integration – How Does It Work?

    Boasting $172 billion in sales and more than one million merchants, Shopify has gained an ultimate place in the eCommerce world and is helping business owners flourish their online presence. Walmart collaborated with Shopify to eliminate entry barriers for online stores that currently don’t have a Walmart integration. With this partnership, Walmart Marketplace will be open to Shopify and its small business owners, aiming to bring over twelve-hundred Shopify development service sellers in a year.

    It’s safe to say that this partnership will enhance the brand reach by putting them at the forefront of 120 million visitors every month. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this partnership is a direct attack on Amazon, which is currently offering a platform for third-party sellers to capture over 300 million audience base. Not to forget, it also helps with customer service, returns, shipping since it has Fulfillment by Amazon. On the other hand, Walmart has been working to create their own marketplace.

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    Shopify Walmart Marketplace

    Back in the year 2018, Walmart Marketplace was launched where items could be added through a two-day yet free shipping program. In fact, these products would be eligible for the in-store product returns and this partnership was named a strategic priority. The partnership happened just in time when record online purchases were made during the pandemic. Not to forget, Walmart experienced a 74% growth of its own in the last quarter of 2020 due to pandemic-centred shopping.

    Walmart Marketplace actually gained more profits and business growth than the brick-and-mortar stores (yup, even after those first-party sales). This Shopify Walmart Marketplace will allow the Shopify sellers to show off their products on Walmart, so more customers will be captured. Walmart is focusing on the brand that meets the unique needs of shoppers, and they are also looking for SMEs with an assortment of products that complements Walmart’s products.

    The Shopify sellers can install the Walmart Marketplace app from the app store of Shopify and dropship from Walmart to Shopify. However, there are eligibility criteria to meet (we shall discuss in the article later). If a seller is approved, they are allowed to add unlimited products to the Walmart Marketplace and make changes to inventory and images. The changes are synced on Walmart as well – how convenient!

    Shopify integration

    Simple and Easy Walmart Shopify Integration Steps

    • Step One – Setting up the Shopify Store 

    It is possible to use Walmart Marketplace without having a Shopify store, but you will miss out on various features. For this reason, it is important to have a Shopify store. Setting up the Shopify store is pretty easy as it doesn’t require technical expertise, but you can hire Shopify app developer of Shopify expert services. This is a reliable platform for merchants of every size to sell their products online, which creates an online storefront and streamlines customer engagement, order fulfilment, and payments. So, step one is setting up the Shopify store. On the other hand, if you already have a Shopify store, you can directly jump to step two.

    • Step Two – Setting Up The Walmart Marketplace 

    Once you have the Shopify store sorted out, just open the Walmart website and apply on the marketplace. You will need to tap on the “request to sell application” and complete the five-step registration procedure. You will need to have some information on hand for the registration process, including the US mailing address, W9 tax ID, access to shipping service, product identifiers, and return address (international). When you add the information, tap on the “product and integration” button. Lastly, complete the shipping and operations information, and you are done. The registration approval takes around one week.

    • Step Three – Adding Walmart Marketplace As Sales Channel 

    In particular, you’ve to add it to the Shopify store. For this purpose, open your Shopify store and open the integration tab. From this tab, look for Walmart integration, add it, and add the Shopify store’s URL. Now, hit the install app option, and the configuration process will start. It will also require registration by adding client secret and ID. Then, just import your Shopify store’s products to Walmart through the import product button. With the import option, you will have the choice of;

    • All items – importing every store item from Shopify
    • Filter products – importing products based on product vendor, type, and collection
    • Published products – import the products that are only accessible at the retail side
    • Step Four – Completing The Walmart Dashboard 

    It’s extremely convenient to set up the dashboard, but it’s the most important step for fitting it into the business management process. For this purpose, you will need to fill in the form from the profiling section (it helps authorize the business). Now, open the product and order management. With the product section, you can edit the product details, add images, preview how products appear on Walmart, add bulk uploads of products, update the item status, and update the price. Moreover, it helps update the inventory and view the products.

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    What Are The 5 Best Shopify Walmart Integration Apps?

    • Amazon DropShipper + Walmart by PLI Negocios

    This app is designed by PLI Negocios and does a great job at store administration, which eventually results in higher conversion. This is because it helps with dropshipping of Amazon products and delivering them in three days. It allows the users to add available products to the store and set the specific quantity. It helps create marketplace lists for increasing sales. In addition, it helps manage orders and fulfil them on time. The users can add product images from reference websites, making the store appear more attractive.

    • Sellbrite

    For having higher control over the orders and inventory, Sellbrite is the right choice. With this app, you can provide your customers with incentives and make repetitive customers. It can simplify the product listing and connects it with various marketplaces, including eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, and Walmart. The store owners have the option to customize the store since there are listing templates available for seamless list management. Moreover, it can optimize inventory synchronization, and with a multi-warehouse feature, there won’t be chances of overselling. On top of everything, it can help with the management of tracking numbers and order fulfilment. For seamless integration, you can hire Shopify app development US.

    • Walmart Integration

    This app is designed by CedCommerce and is an apt app for you to join your desired marketplace. The users can enter various types of information, such as barcodes, inventory, category mapping, attribute mapping, and prices. It has real-time syncing for updating the changes, and the repricer feature helps change the prices. The users can also retire the products and add them again.

    • Walmart Importer 

    This app allows the users to transfer the products from the seller account to your Shopify store and vice versa. It eventually reduces the time for showing the products, and it helps manage different product variants. One can adjust the price and inventory for product optimization. On top of everything, it is a free app with good features, so what more could you need? However, it has a slightly difficult installation process, so you can hire a Shopify eCommerce development company.

    • Multichannel Sales Manager

    If you are trying to expand the sales channel while optimizing budget and time, MultiChannel Sales Manager is the right choice. One can make listings in bulk to keep up with the functionality. The users can sync current and new listings and product data. With the inventory control function, you will be able to streamline orders and reduce the chances of overselling. It can support tracking and shipping confirmations to ensure how many orders are actually placed. It’s a free app, but there are charges for premium features.

    What Are the Walmart Shopify Integration Features?

    The integration sure allows Shopify sellers to connect the Walmart store and move the products to the Walmart store. There are various features that you can enjoy, including;

    • Product Setup – you can select the products and upload them in bulk. In addition, you can map the product attributes and categories.
    • Real-time Syncing – it can sync the products, so they will show up in Walmart whenever you make changes in the Shopify store.
    • Product Removal & Re-addition – the users can remove products from the store if they don’t want them shown on your Walmart store. However, you can re-add the products without undergoing the review process.
    • Promotional Campaigns – the users can set the promotional pricing to offer special discounts and deals to the customers. You can set the current price, promotional price, and how much a customer will be saving.
    • Product Listings – you can optimize the product listings while complying with the Walmart guidelines. In addition, you can use image selection to add product pictures.
    • Order Management – it optimizes order management. In addition, you can accept partial products if the process is not completed by customers.
    • Shipping Exceptions – there are different shipping details that you need to consider, such as value, expedition, and freight, for easier shipping management.

    Everything You Must Know About Walmart Partners with Shopify

    Back in June 2020, Walmart partnered up with Shopify to create a third-party platform for Shopify store owners to sell the products on Walmart store. It will create an opportunity for Walmart to spread into various product offerings. Similarly, Shopify store owners will be able to sell their products. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this innovative partnership will create great benefits for the Shopify stores.

    Benefits of Walmart Shopify Partnership

    If you are running a successful Shopify store, you can opt for Walmart Shopify integration because it’s a profitable opportunity for you. In the section below, we are sharing some benefits of this integration;

    • Reaching A Broad Audience 

    According to insights, Walmart tends to reach over one hundred million customers and visitors every month. With this partnership, Shopify store owners will have to access those millions of customers. It means that you will reach a broad audience, promising higher sales count.

    • Trust Development 

    When you start selling on Walmart by connecting it with Shopify, you will already have customer trust. This is because the customers don’t spend money on new stores. So, when you are connecting with Walmart, you will have brand trust and confidence in your store.

    • Allows Participation Of Different Ships 

    Walmart is known to offer a wide range of products, which means various Shopify stores can connect to Walmart. This means that Shopify store owners will have more arenas.

    • Zero Additional Charges 

    There are no additional charges associated with Walmart and Shopify migration and integration. This is because as long as you are meeting the criteria, you can connect your Shopify store to Walmart without any additional charges (yup, there are no upkeep and subscription charges).

    Can Folio3 Offer Dropshipping From Walmart To Shopify Integration Service In US, UK, And Canada?

    Yes, Folio3 offers dropshipping services and integration services in the US, UK, and Canada. In fact, they are a well-known Shopify web design agency and have created thousands of Shopify CMS integration solutions. They have offices in all three countries, so it’s easy to set up an in-person meeting.

    How Has The Walmart-Marketplace-Integration With Shopify Impacted The Sales?

    Walmart had the stores open even during the pandemic and recorded over 74% growth. Not to forget, they have over 100 million customers on a monthly basis. So, when Shopify integrates with Walmart Marketplace, your products will be available to those millions of people. This is a profitable opportunity, and according to research, the Shopify store owners can witness 60% higher sales even at the initial phase of the program launch. So, in the future, the growth will only increase!

    Walmart-Marketplace-Integration With Shopify: Methods Of Product Import

    For importing the products to Walmart Marketplace from Shopify, you only need to download and install the sales channel from the Walmart app store. Then, fill in the application to become a seller. Once you are approved, you can add essential product details to start selling the products. In simpler words, you need to download the sales channel.

    What Are The Requirements To Sell On Shopify Walmart Marketplace?

    • You need to be based in the US or at least have a Tax ID
    • The products need to have a GTIN code or UPC code
    • You must be eligible for the store (the eligibility criteria is available Walmart website)
    • Make sure that your business meets the customer support, shipping, and performance standards

    Why Should You Sell On Walmart Marketplace From Shopify?

    • Have Access To Free Two-Day Shipping 

    This integration offers two-day shipping, particularly through Walmart. With this feature, the store owner can promise fast shipping and capture the customers. Other benefits of free two-day shipping will improve the search ranking and increase the prominence of stores.

    • Walmart Fulfillment Services

    Commonly known as WFS, this is an excellent program for merchants to ensure seamless order fulfilment. The merchants also send the inventory information to the fulfilment centres of Walmart and secure shipping and storage. The best thing about WFS is that there are no hidden charges, and it has one-time pricing.

    • Leverage A Well-Built Platform 

    When you are launching an eCommerce store for the first time, it will take time to create a loyal customer base and brand recognition. So, when your Shopify store is connected to Walmart, you will have a trusted brand associated with you, increasing the chances of quick business pickup. That being said, it helps enhance reach, develop prestige, and create a credible image.


    How To Hire An Expert For Shopify Walmart Integration?

    For hiring the experts for Shopify Walmart integration, you need to find someone with extensive knowledge and understanding of Shopify integration. In addition to Walmart integration, you can check their expertise in Shopify integration with StripeShopify integration with AmazonShopify to NetSuite integration, and Shopify integration with QuickBooks. This is because if they know about these platforms, they probably have the expertise to handle this integration. Secondly, you need to check their portfolio and reviews.

    Can You Upload Products From Shopify To Walmart?

    Yes, you can upload products from Shopify to Walmart by using the sales channel.

    What Is Folio3’s Shopify Integration with Walmart Integration Cost in Canada?

    Folio3 offers highly competitive pricing for Shopify integration, development, and Shopify Walmart integration services. However, the fixed costs aren’t available on the website, but you can get in touch the customer support team to get a quote.

    How To Dropship From Walmart To Shopify?

    For dropshipping from Walmart to Shopify, you can use the apps mentioned above. Some of these apps include Amazon DropShipper + Walmart by Pli Negocios, Sellbrite, Walmart Importer, and MultiChannel Sales Manager.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.