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Shopify to Netsuite integration – How does Shopify integrate with NetSuite

Last Updated | January 16, 2024

Shopify to Netsuite integration – How does Shopify integrate with NetSuite by Folio3

You’re a busy entrepreneur running your eCommerce business, and researching the best NetSuite integration apps you can use to optimize your Shopify store is time-consuming. So, we took the liberty of doing this legwork for you.

Busy running your eCommerce business and want to optimize your Shopify CBD store? Looking for some Shopify NetSuite integration solutions to sell your products across multiple channels, and want your Shopify website and backend ERP system to work together? Want your ERP to accommodate changes made to your products and inventory syncing to your web store in real time?

Shopify integration

Let Folio3 do this legwork for you. Being a Netsuite Shopify connector expert, we aim to guide you about Netsuite Shopify integration, how it works, what its benefits are, the best applications for integration, and many more. You can also hire shopify web designers folio3.

Netsuite integration with Shopify

B2B integrations significantly reduce the bottlenecks by inducing automation in the operational process. The integration between NetSuite and Shopify is made to streamline online business processes, including financial reporting, order fulfillment, pricing, and inventory count updates. The automation introduced by the NetSuite Shopify integration experts largely reduces manual labor and the time taken to complete any task. Moreover, automation also reduces the certainty of errors made by humans while entering billing amounts or typing addresses.

integrate Shopify with FedEx

Through integration, you can dedicate all the major resources of your online business to customer satisfaction. You can provide a standard to your customers by unifying various elements of your business, like live tracking of the order, on-time delivery of the package, and shipping the right product to an accurate address. Such practice enhances any brand’s image in customers’ eyes and improves their retention, and they will be back for order more.

By integrating your Shopify website to Netsuite, you can enhance the efficiency of your business by automating transactions. This can help you focus more on selling by automating the processes of delivering the package on time rather than spending time managing orders, items data, and dealing with customers.

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Reasons Why You Should Integrate Shopify and NetSuite

Integration between Shopify and NetSuite helps in managing operations and payoffs for both your customers and operations. Integration of both systems allows the flow of data and hence helps automate various processes like pricing updates, order fulfillment, etc. It enables you to save time through automation, and therefore you can spend more time on projects that matter more to you.

Integration improves your customer’s experience by smoothly running the backend processes. It enables you to deliver the order at the guaranteed time, shipping the right product, and avoid overselling and hence delivers a consistent experience to your audience. This builds a trusting relationship between your customer and your brand. You will get appreciation from your customers in the form of repeated purchases. Hence, this Shopify NetSuite integration is a win-win situation for everyone. People out there are trying and suffering while managing Shopify and NetSuite separately. Hence, this integration is an efficient way to manage business online.

6 Critical Actions to Take Before You Integrate Shopify With NetSuite

How to determine a Shopify to NetSuite Integration Approach

Shopify to NetSuite integration is basically a challenging task. Because this integration means the automation of data flow between two different systems that are not linked to each other. The mode of data usage of Shopify is different from the mode of Netsuite. Both approaches have different formats and fields for storing data. The purpose of integration is to bridge the differences between both systems following the requirements of your business.

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However, sometimes using faulty software and poorly scoped integration can result in a mere disaster. Rather than turning the solution for which the systems were integrated, it results in sheer wastage of money and time.

Integration projects may have seemed terrifying to you, but they aren’t!. If you take some time to pick the right integrative approach, you won’t encounter any problems that may harm your project.

Discussed below are some of the NetSuite Shopify integration approaches that you must consider.

  • Customizations: Do you have special integration requirements that require custom solutions? Do you have complex integration requirements that are unique to you?
  • Data Volume: How will your business’s volume, customers, products, etc., grow in the future? Would you need a solution that can handle that?
  • Customers: Is your company a business-to-consumer, business-to-business, or business-to-government vendor?
  • Supplier Integration: Is your organization involved in complex order fulfillment workflows and order splitting processes?
  • Technical Resources: Are there any technical resources on staff to help with the project, like an IT specialist or an expert in NetSuite, or can you manage it independently?
  • Budget: Based on the return on your investment, what budget can you afford?

There are no two businesses alike, so think ahead about all the unique needs you have. Rather than fixing the wrong problem later, investing the time now is always more reasonable and less expensive.

Best Shopify NetSuite Integration Apps

Searching for the best Shopify to Netsuite integration application? The following applications have been selected based on their number of reviews, subjective parameters, rating on the app store, and top features. It will help you choose the best applications for your business store.


Folio3, with its deep expertise, allows you to get the most out of the Netsuite integration, which provides end-to-end services. It is a shopify ecommerce development company offering Shopify expert services.

Rather than just implementation, deep NetSuite expertise of folio3, having experience of more than eight years in all the areas, allow the consumer to get help in case of any shopify app development requirement linked with Netsuite.

Netsuite shopify integration experts ensure the quality of their Netsuite implementation with a money-back guarantee. Their work speaks for their quality.

Netsuite implementation is a cost-effective solution. They charge only a fraction of the cost charged by the other implementation partners and even less than that charged by the professional service team of Netsuite.

ChannelApe Fulfillment

Connect to Shopify in not more than minutes with a straightforward introduction. Design your satisfaction business, administer your direction and offer stunning encounters. All commerce integrations available from ChannelApe are compatible with the newest platforms, whether Sage, Nave, NetSuite, QuickBooks, or custom. In addition to Shopify, eBay, Amazon, and other B2C and B2B integrations can be automated based on the sales rules you define. ChannelApe provides you with 24/7 assistance and allows you to serve at your best.

Sage 50 Integration

Sage 50 integration is the best solution for all business owners who want to save time by automating the order entries into their system. With the help of an expert, Sage 50 integration helps you automatically manage and transfer all your orders. This enables you to reduce errors, which can be costly. As soon as a customer places an order, it is sent to your back office. Even if you are out of service during holidays, this application is here to help you to keep your worries away.

Accounting and ERP Integration

The accounting and ERP Integration tool is a critical part of the integration between Shopify and your back office, enabling automatic data transfer between the two.

Shopify can be integrated with leading ERP packages, including SAP business one, AX Microsoft Dynamics, and others; you can store and manage your accounting data.

It can help you automate your online store processes by integrating data between the accounting system and Shopify.

Robust NetSuite Integrator

Webber eSolutions NetSuite Integrator helps you get a powerful integration between your accounting system and Shopify site without coding. Your integration app allows you to work efficiently by automating the transactions, making intelligent procurement possible, and releasing the stress of inaccurate orders. Save your money and time and focus on the really important things. Enhance your customer’s trust by quickly delivering them their orders. Inventory can be centrally stored in multiple warehouses and managed from a single system. It purely eliminates errors regarding orders, customers, inventories, and products, which is very bothersome.

Does folio3 offer NetSuite integration services in Australia?

Folio3 helps large organizations and entrepreneurs to provide unique software solutions by allowing them access to offshore application development. It specializes in web-based applications, enterprise applications, application development, etc.

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Along with many other countries around the globe, It provides Netsuite Shopify integration in Australia.

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What does the Shopify NetSuite integration cost?

Shopify NetSuite integration costs 99$ per month. It effortlessly synchronizes data between Netsuite and Shopify. It simplifies everything and makes it efficient (saves time, customers, and inventory data synced automatically), so no more worries about inaccuracies. Based on triggers entered in NetSuite, this app syncs real-time customer/order information and syncs the inventory amounts from NetSuite to Shopify based on the product SKUs.

How folio3 helps in NetSuite integration with Shopify?

NetSuite Connectors from Folio3 are designed Point-to-point to meet each business’s needs and fit how the company flows. The concept of point-to-point means that Shopify and Netsuite point towards each other to ensure data synchronization with no in-between operational platform. Hence, it is up to you to decide which system you are allowing to manage your data.

Let’s talk about the Folio, Netsuite Shopify connector’s pricing details. These point-to-point connectors are reasonably available at annual or bi-annual pricing models. Such integration provides you with an opportunity to customize either side of the integration based on your needs. The folio3 Netsuite Shopify integration resides within Netsuite ERP. Hence, you can enjoy maximum security without letting any third-party server affect the integration of your Shopify with Netsuite.

Can you integrate Netsuite Shopify using celigo?

Celigo provides the best Shopify – NetSuite connector owing to the decade of experience helping thousands of customers. Shopify can import your orders into NetSuite and then export cancellations, refunds, and fulfillment details to Shopify and allow you to have real-time communication with your customers. It automatically updates the inventory and does not sell out-of-stock products.

It maintains consistent listing and updates any change in products pricing etc., on the inventory. For streamlining the cash flow, Celigo downloads payout reports.

Netsuite Shopify connector Review

Celigo provides an opportunity to its technical consumers and business owners to quickly implement the integration of data. It helps you connect the whole system by using standard integrations in a matter of a few minutes. This allows the business owners to quickly and easily grasp the customer by implementing data integration. It provides awesome support to the customers and business owners as it helps solve the issue as soon as possible. Your business developers would surely love to work with Celigo integrator because of its easy and powerful features.

If you don’t have the technical capability to manage your business store efficiently, don’t worry, as Celigo is the best hand-down the best option right there. Want credit-card deposit reconciliation? You need to buy an extra add-on. The mappings have to be customized a bit, such as Payment Methods or Shipping Methods, for every NS customer.

Is Netsuite Shopify Integration Farapp Possible?

Netsuite integration with Shopify through farApp is possible. It provides a dynamic system with many great innovative solutions for your eCommerce integration. Data mapping configurations can be created for each channel, and FarApp automates data transfer between your various systems. It offers customizable and high-quality technology that completely interacts with your eCommerce system and automates it. FarApp provides a unique proposition in terms of cost-benefit.

Is folio3 the best Netsuite integration with Shopify service provider in the US?

Folio3 offers the most comprehensive customer service and can help you with whatever integration you need, so Shopify integration service by Folio3 is a good choice with us. It offers impeccable turn-key solutions for maximized consumer experience. However, if these solutions don’t work for you, it provides a customized integration service. Hence, we can say that Folio3 Shopify NetSuite integration solutions in the US are the ones that stand out for introducing integration in the eCommerce market. You can also set up an online shop UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Can NetSuite handle two or more payment methods from Shopify?

Netsuite offers its consumers payment from their customers through digital payment options like ACH and credit cards. It also supports Express checkout, Paypal payment, and other external payment options whether your business accepts online payments by way of Netsuite Web store, allowing an outstanding invoice having a one-time payment option, or offering the customers an opportunity to transact bills on a recurrent basis.

This provides a better user experience to your customer and hence improves the cash flow by causing an increase in sales. However, sometimes it becomes challenging for the accounting, order, and sales management staff to deal with multiple payment processing systems. An integrated NetSuite suite payments component lets you update your customer records, payments, inventories, and accounts in real-time.

2.     How does the Folio3 connector integrate NetSuite with Shopify?

The folio3 Netsuite Shopify integration resides within Netsuite ERP. Hence, you can enjoy maximum security without letting any third-party server affect the integration of your Shopify with Netsuite.

There are three approaches to connecting Netsuite with Shopify

  • Point-to-point connectors
  • Middleware based integration solutions
  • A custom-developed integration

Folio3 works through the first approach by the point-to-point connection between Netsuite and Shopify for data flow.

3.     Can you integrate multiple Shopify sites with Netsuite?

Yes, you can integrate multiple Shopify sites to the same Netsuite. However, this will cost you an extra fee. Hence, by paying a little more, you can manage more than one Shopify store through the same Netsuite integration.

4.     How to hire Follio3’s Shopify plus NetSuite integration experts team in Canada?

Want to hire someone to manage your Netsuite-Shopify integration from the Netsuitsuite integration expert team for your business in Canada? Hire shopify experts los angeles for better help and guidance. It is not a hard nut to crack to get this done. You just need to choose the technical experts of Netsuite for your integration project. There you will get access to more than 15 experts with amazing knowledge and experience. They have gained extensive experience through more than 2500 integration projects. So, Netsuite experts can provide you with the most powerful and targeted solutions to make sure that your data synchronizes between your Shopify and Netsuite without any problem.


Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.