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    Xero Shopify Integration- How Does Xero Integrate With Shopify

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    What is Xero Shopify Integration and how does it work

    Xero is one of the well-known accounting software that helps businesses manage their accounts and bookkeeping professionally. In addition to accounts and bookkeeping, Xero also lets its users manage their inventory and orders. Xero is one accounting software that caters to businesses of all sizes, including well-established ones, and is super affordable. Price plans start at $12 per month for the Early plan and go up to $65 per month for the Established price plan.

    Shopify integration

    Shopify is a multinational ecommerce platform that helps businesses grow and expand. It offers various features to store owners that help to attract many users to the platform. Shopify even offers a mobile app for the Shopify store, allowing users to have access to their store from the palms of their hands. Due to the various features being offered by Shopify, many users, from other platforms, like to migrate to Shopify. The Shopify data migration process is smooth and does not even require too much time.

    Shopify Xero Integration

    Shopify and Xero, both are powerful platforms, which when combined, can allow businesses to grow and get better store functionality. You can design your store according to your liking with the Shopify store design services and start doing business right away. However, setting up your store is just one part of the business; looking after the accounts is the other most important aspect of running a business. This is where the Shopify and Xero integration comes into play.

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    Every business, whether big or small, requires accurate and up-to-date bookkeeping. Shopify does not offer its users any comprehensive account-keeping features, therefore, store owners are expected to manage this on their own. This could mean they could either do it manually or rely on third-party apps and software. For this reason, the Xero Shopify integration is the perfect amalgamation for Shopify store owners: to help manage their accounts in an automated fashion.

    The Xero and Shopify integration can be done by using connector app development by folio3 or professional services. A connector app will help you to transfer data between the two apps and also ensure that the apps are synced in real-time. You can install the connector app on your own and sync both platforms.

    Shopify integration

    Features of The Shopify Xero Integration

    The Shopify Xero integration offers the following features:

    –Syncing of the previous day’s sales from Shopify to Xero

    –View all transactions, including payment fees, tax, and tips

    –You can choose the best sales summary views for yourself from a wide range of formats available

    –Easily sync all transaction details from Shopify into Xero

    What Is The Xero Shopify Integration Cost?

    The Xero and Shopify integration cost, on average is $20 per month. However, it can be more or less than $20, as it depends upon the connector app you use and the feature being offered by that particular company. Furthermore, it even depends on the size of your Shopify store and the data that has to be synced.

    Some companies also offer to add on features with the basic package, that you can opt for, with a certain fee. This, too, would increase the total cost of the integration process. Opting for add-on features makes the integration process expensive as these companies tend to offer higher rates for single add-on features. Opting for certified Shopify experts, such as Folio3, would be a better choice, as they offer better rates than others.

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    Step By Step Xero Shopify Integration Method Utilized by Folio3

    Before you can begin the integration process, you must have accounts on Shopify and Xero. Once that is done, then the Shopify experts at Folio3 can continue with the integration method. Folio3 is the best Shopify integration company out there.

    The following steps are usually involved in the integration process of Xero and Shopify integration:

    –Registration of the user on the Folio3 dashboard

    –Select the new integration button and select the Shopify and Xero integration option from the list

    –Follow all the instructions that you are prompted to follow

    –Complete the setup of the integration

    Once the setup is complete, the synchronization process will start and then data will be visible on both platforms.

    What Are The Benefits of Integration of Xero And Shopify By Folio3?

    Xero and Shopify are both strong platforms that allow great benefits to the user once when combined.

    If you are still contemplating whether the Xero Shopify integration is worth it, then here are a few benefits of this integration:

    –Sync import orders and customer data to Xero in real-time, making data transfer much faster and more accurate

    –No chances of human errors due to automated data entry

    –Easy monitoring of the cash flow at any time

    –Get comprehensive tax reports

    –Payments will be automatically applied to the invoices created

    –Import payment fee

    –Get multiple currency support

    How Does The Integration of Xero And Shopify Work?

    The integration of Xero and Shopify is very simple. Data from Shopify is transferred to Xero and vice versa. Xero requires all the transaction details to display the cash flow details for you in whichever format you prefer. The data can be viewed by the user in real-time, ensuring the user is up-to-date with all the cash flow data. Moreover, Xero being an accounting software also looks after all the taxes to help the user sort out their taxes at a much faster pace.

    This integration allows the user to monitor the accounts of their business, thanks to the real-time synchronization between both platforms. However, one thing you must keep in mind is that you must have accounts on both these platforms to be able to integrate both platforms. If the users are facing any issues during the integration, they can reach out to Xero or Shopify’s support team for help.

    Does Xero Integrate With Shopify?

    Yes, Xero integrates with Shopify! Being an accounting software, Xero integrates with numerous ecommerce platforms, including Shopify. The whole process is simple as you just need a connector app to integrate both platforms. There are many Shopify development partners, such as Folio3, that can help users with the integration of both these platforms. The Xero Shopify integration is extremely beneficial for Shopify business owners, especially those stores that earn six figures, as it helps in the automation of accounting and a few other tasks too. Xero is one company that offers affordable price plans and caters to businesses of all sizes.

    What Are The Xero And Shopify Integration Features Which Are Implemented By Folio3?

    Folio3 is a California-based software company that provides its users with the best solutions for their Shopify needs, including the Xero and Shopify integration. Hire shopify developers at Folio3 to get the best services.

    The features implemented by Folio3 for the Xero and Shopify integration are the following:

    –Quick data transfer between Xero and Shopify

    –Data is encrypted to ensure data is transferred securely

    –Synchronization takes place in real-time

    –It is ensured that data is synchronized completely and no data is left out

    Best Xero And Shopify Integrations That You Know Of When You Start Work With Folio3

    Folio3 is a well-known and reliable shopify optimization company that is trusted by many users globally. They offer their professional services to users not just regarding Shopify, but regarding other platforms too. Their professional services are not just limited to Shopify website development and Shopify’s integration with Xero; they offer solutions for everything related to your ecommerce business.

    Furthermore, Folio3’s team of professionals is always eager and willing to help their customers with whatever issues they might be facing while using Folio3’s services. It is always a sigh of relief when you know that the experts are always available to help you.

    Another reason why Folio3 is one of the best software companies out there is that it does not overcharge its customers. They provide economical packages for their customers, and can even work around their customer’s budgets.

    What Is The Easiest Way To Connect Xero And Shopify?

    Connector apps and services are the best way to connect Xero and Shopify. You can have professionals do this job for you or you can do it on your own. However, if you have a lot of data to be synced, we suggest you opt for professional services to ensure the process is carried out as smoothly as possible.

    How Do I Import Sales From Shopify To Xero?

    Once the integration takes place between Xero and Shopify, all the data is transferred from Shopify to Xero. The import of sales from Shopify to Xero is important as it allows Xero to present all the sales data to the user, manage the cash flow, and also calculate the taxes accordingly.

    When you are setting up the process of integration, you would be prompted to select all the features you want to set up for this integration. In that list, you can tick the option that lets you import sales data from Shopify to Xero.

    How Do I Export From Shopify To Xero?

    Just like you set up the import of data from Shopify to Xero by selecting the features you would like to add to the integration, you do the same for the export of Shopify to Xero. Once you select the options, data is synced between the two platforms.

    Final Thoughts on Xero Shopify Integration

    The Shopify and Xero integration can very beneficial for your business as it will help you manage your bookkeeping more professionally and will make it easier. Furthermore, accessing your cash flow also becomes much simpler and easier. Overall, this integration will help you keep a better check and balance of your business than managing it manually.

    FAQ About Xero Shopify Integration

    Is Xero good for eCommerce?

    Yes, Xero is good accounting software for managing the accounts of different ecommerce platforms. It offers affordable price plans for businesses of all sizes, making it the most desirable accounting software for ecommerce platforms.

    How does Folio3 offer the best Shopify Xero connection services at affordable prices in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and UAE?

    Folio3 is a software company that offers the most viable Shopify solutions for business owners at affordable rates. Whether it is Xero Shopify UK, USA, or Canada integration, Folio3 offers their services at affordable rates since they do not ask their customers to purchase add-on features separately, instead work around the client’s budget.

    How is Xero Shopify inventory management done?

    Shopify and Xero both have inventory management options available. Whichever inventory management option you choose, both platforms will be synced. This ensures that your inventory is always updated and there are no glitches in running your store.


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