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    Shopify Development Plan: What To Consider

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    A well-known and widely used e-Commerce platform, Shopify makes it simple for small and medium-sized businesses to launch and maintain an online storefront. It should be no surprise that an increasing number of companies are selecting Shopify as the platform to establish a presence online due to its extremely reliable service for a cheaper Shopify development company’s plan.

    In this blog, we will talk about various types of development plans, the preparation before buying a plan, and lastly, we will discuss the feature of the plan.

    • Shopify powers 218+ buyers on their platform in a year.
    • Shopify offers up to 26 million apps to power your stores, hence choosing your needs before the development stage is a must.
    • Only the black Friday sales in Shopify have hit the 3 Billion dollar mark.

    Shopify development -Shopify Development Plan

    What Is Shopify Development Plan All About?

    Shopify is an all-in-one e-Commerce platform hosted in the cloud and allows businesses to create and manage their own online stores. Payment processing, shipping and fulfillment, and marketing are just some of the features and tools available to businesses that want to sell products online through this platform.

    But what is the Shopify development plan exactly? It is basically a subscription model where in order to access the powerful platform of Shopify, businesses have to buy a development plan from Shopify. Shopify is free for the first 7 days, and after that, it provides 5 development subscription plans, each for a specific purpose.

    Types of Shopify Websites

    There are several types of Shopify websites that businesses can create, including:

    • Online store: An online store is the most common type of Shopify website. It allows businesses to sell products online, manage orders, and process payments.
    • Landing pages: Landing pages are single-page websites that are designed to promote a specific product or offer.
    • Blogs: Blogs are websites that allow businesses to share news and updates with their customers.

    Types of Shopify Subscriptions

    If you are wondering what is the Shopify development monthly plan is, then it is a monthly subscription to a package to host and run your business site smoothly. Shopify currently offers 5 main subscription plans for merchants to choose from:

    Shopify migration - Shopify Development Plan

    1.    Starter

    This is the most fundamental and economic plan, and this Shopify development plan price is $1 per month now because of a sale; however, usually, it’s priced around 5 dollars.

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    Small businesses or those just getting started and want to sell products online through Facebook or an existing website will benefit the most from this platform.

    Features of the Starter Plan

    Buy buttons

    You can add buy buttons to any website or blog to sell products directly to customers.


    Shopify Starter includes a secure checkout process for customers to purchase your products without any eCommerce store.

    Payment processing

    Shopify Starter integrates with multiple payment gateways, including credit cards, Shopify PayPal integration, and Apple Pay.

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    Benefits of the Starter Plan


    Shopify Starter is the most cost-effective plan that is offered by Shopify. Due to this, it is an excellent choice for companies that are just getting started or that have limited resources. This plan is intended to be user-friendly and inexpensive, making it possible for companies to sell their products and communicate with customers over the internet without breaking the bank in the process.

    Shopify Integration with other platforms

    Shopify’s starter plan is built to work with other social media platforms like Shopify Facebook integration, Shopify Instagram integration, and others to make the whole shopping process easy for your customers. Moreover, it also minifies the need for a full-fledged eCommerce store, as you can simply sell via your FB or Instagram page.

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    2.    Basic

    This plan is geared toward small businesses that are interested in establishing an online presence and costs $29 per month to subscribe to on a yearly basis. It comes with an online store that has a design that can be customized, a blog that can assist with search engine optimization and content marketing, and access to Shopify’s App Store.

    Shopify integration - Shopify Development Plan

    Features of Basic Plan

    eCommerce Website

    The Basic Shopify plan provides users with an extensive e-Commerce platform that can be used to set up and manage an online store. This plan includes features such as payment processing, inventory management, shipping management, and customer management.

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    Competitive fees

    Offer competitive market fees for every Shopify transaction in this plan with its highly secure payment integration.

    Blog Engine

    Another feature of this plan which differs from Starter is the blog. With the Basic Shopify plan, you get access to the built-in blog feature of Shopify, which allows you to publish articles and interact with your customers via comments.

    2 Staff Accounts

    This is the cheapest Shopify platform that supports staff accounts. You will get 2 staff accounts in this plan.

    SSL Certificate

    This plan also provides an SSL certificate which ensures a secure connection between your website and the visitor. It is an advanced layer of security that encrypts all the content on your website.

    Apps Integrations

    This plan allows you to add additional features and integrations to your online store (Apps).

    Shopify Shipping Apps

    You also get access to shipping and tax calculators, the ability to manage orders and inventory, and the capability to process payments when you sign up for Basic Shopify.

    Benefits of the Basic Plan

    Ease of Entry

    Shopify’s basic plan provides users with the opportunity to build a full-fledged eCommerce business at only 29 dollars.

    Marketing Tools

    Marketing is the most expensive part of the whole eCommerce business, especially for new businesses. However, with Shopify’s basic plan, users get access to apps that also include some of the most acclaimed marketing apps like Klaviyo and Instafeed.

    Users can also integrate these powerful marketing apps within their website at again just 29 dollars which is a pretty good deal.

    3.    Shopify

    This plan has a monthly cost of $79 and is ideal for companies that are expanding their operations.

    Features of Shopify Plan

    This plan will feature all the basic features with the addition of the following:

    Staff Accounts

    As stated above, this plan is for companies that are scaling; hence this plan includes the support of up to 5 staff accounts.

    International Commerce

    This is the unique feature of this Shopify plan, as it provides businesses with a must-have tool for international selling. Such as taxation, shipping zones, international transaction, and Shopify Markets support and Shopify maintenance.

    Shopify Professional Reports

    As the plan is an upgrade, the reports have also gained quite a lot of upgrades as they now show the finance, analytical, marketing, behavior, and many more reports for you to scale your store at a rapid pace.

    Benefits of The Shopify Plan

    Customer Insight

    The reporting feature finally provides you with an insight into your customer base. You can analyze your sales, create loss/profit charts, access conversion, and plan a better strategy for retargeting.

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    4.    Shopify Advance

    This is the most all-inclusive plan, and it will cost you $299 per month to purchase it. Larger companies that deal in a high volume of goods and have stringent requirements are the ones who will benefit the most from this plan.

    Features of the Shopify Advance Plan

    The Advance plan will have all the features of the “Shopify plan with the following extra features:

    Staff Account

    Just like the previous plan, this plan also includes the staff accounts option; however, the limit is increased to 15 accounts now.

    Carrier Calculated Shipping

    This feature enables Shopify merchants to offer real-time shipping rates to their customers based on the weight, dimensions, and destination of the products they are ordering.

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    This helps merchants provide accurate shipping quotes and avoid overcharging their customers. It also integrates with popular shipping carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS to provide live shipping rates during checkout.

    Benefits of the Advance Plan

    Worldwide Approach

    This plan introduced perfect international commerce with its carrier-calculated shipping option. You can scale your business to several countries, cities, and states with each having its own shipping zone. This helps you to create a seamless experience and scale worldwide at a good pace.

    5.    Shopify Plus

    Shopify plus is the most advanced subscription plan which Shopify provides at the moment. This plan is specifically for organizations and big companies which will require more than 15 staff accounts. This Shopify plan costs around $2000/month.

    This subscription is mostly suitable for businesses that are scaling and need various inventory and functioning locations, a higher power of integration with third-party software like Zoho CRM and Shopify ERP for centralized inventory management of the business.

    Features of the Plus Plan

    Shopify Organization Admin

    This is a central dashboard that allows you to manage multiple Shopify stores within one account, making it easier for businesses with multiple stores to manage their operations.

    Specialized Apps and Channels

    Shopify Plus provides access to a range of specialized apps and channels that are designed to help high-volume businesses streamline their operations and increase their sales.

    Customizable Checkout

    Shopify Plus allows for a fully customizable checkout process, including the ability to add custom scripts, styles, and HTML.

    API resources

    Shopify Plus provides access to enhanced API resources, which allow for more advanced integrations with third-party applications and custom Shopify development.

    Launch Team Support

    Shopify Plus provides a dedicated launch team to help with the setup and launch of your store, ensuring a smooth transition to the platform.

    Merchant Success Program

    This program provides dedicated support and resources to help Shopify Plus merchants grow their businesses, including access to exclusive partner programs, education and training resources, and more.

    Unlimited Staff

    Shopify Plus allows for unlimited staff accounts, making it easier for large businesses to manage their operations and delegate tasks.

    Permission Settings

    Shopify Plus provides advanced permission settings, allowing you to control which staff members have access to specific parts of your store.

    Supports 9 Stores

    Shopify Plus allows you to manage up to 9 stores within one account.

    Add Up to 100 Themes

    Shopify Plus allows you to add up to 100 themes to your store, giving you more options for customizing the look and feel of your store.

    Shopify POS Pro

    This is a professional version of Shopify’s Point of Sale system, designed specifically for high-volume businesses.

    Shopify Plus Academy

    This is an educational resource centre that provides training, tutorials, and other resources to help Shopify Plus merchants grow their businesses and master the platform.

    Benefits of the Plus Plan


    Shopify Plus is designed to scale with the growth of your business, making it an ideal choice for high-volume businesses and enterprises.


    With advanced Shopify theme customization options, Shopify Plus gives you the ability to create a unique and personalized shopping experience for your customers.

    Increased Efficiency

    With features such as the Organization Admin and unlimited staff accounts, Shopify Plus helps businesses increase their efficiency and streamline their operations.

    Increased Sales

    With features such as customizable checkout and product recommendations, Shopify Plus helps businesses increase their sales and drive customer engagement.

    Access to Exclusive Partner Programs

    Shopify Plus provides access to exclusive partner programs, which can help you grow your business and connect with other Shopify merchants.

    Now you know Shopify partners what is the development monthly plan is, and it should help you to choose the best subscription for your business. These plans offer increasing levels of functionality and support, allowing merchants to choose the plan that best suits their needs and budget.

    What To Do Before Buying a Shopify Development Plan

    Following is the list of items that you should check before buying a Shopify monthly..

    Identifying The Target Audience

    To what audience are you hoping to appeal with this website? If you can identify your target audience, you will be better able to design a website that satisfies their requirements and lives up to their expectations.

    Defining The Website’s Goals And Purpose

    What do you want people to take away from visiting your website? Do you want to sell products, spread the word about your brand, or give people information about your company? Having a clear understanding of your objectives will assist you in concentrating your efforts and ensuring that your website is accomplishing what it is intended to.

    Setting A Budget

    How much of a financial investment are you willing to make in your website? Developing a spending plan and sticking to it will help you establish priorities for your money and ensure that you are maximizing the return on your investments. Also, this can guide you even better about which plan to use.

    How To Change The Shopify Development Plan

    You must be wondering how to change Shopify settings to development plan if you want to shift to another Shopify development plan monthly. Simply follow the steps below:


    Step 1: Log in to your Shopify admin: Go to your Shopify store’s admin page and log in to your account.


    Step 2: Go to the Plan and Permissions section: From the Shopify admin dashboard, click on the “Settings” tab, then “Billing” or “Change your Plan”.

    How To Change The Shopify Development Plan

    Step 3: Now simply scroll down and select the upgrade now option for the required plan.

    How and why To Change The Shopify Development Plan

    Step 4: Confirm your changes. Read through the terms and conditions, and then click on the “Change plan” button.

    Step 5: Set up billing. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to set up billing for your development store by providing your payment information.

    Steps After Buying a Shopify Development Plan

    After you have bought the best-suited Shopify Development Plan, it is time to take the Shopify development store to production and make it live. There are three things that you have to make sure of before going live.


    If you are trying to build a reputable business, then the website should work seamlessly without any bugs or errors. As it ruins the experience of the customer and also makes them think that the site is unsafe.


    Nearly 76 per cent of the sales on Shopify are through mobile phones. So, it is a must that your business website is mobile responsive and easy to use on mobile. Hence, increasing the chances of conversion.


    Testing is also one of the most important aspects of Shopify store development. This is the stage where you can check for any limitations and simply hire Shopify Developers or hire a Shopify expert to solve all the issues with your store.

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    Moreover, if you feel like the store lacks a good touch of looks and functionalities and want to go the custom route, then hiring a Shopify Theme Development Company will benefit your business.


    In conclusion, Shopify provides a variety of subscription plans designed to accommodate the requirements of any kind of online store. If you own a small business and want to open an online store or run a growing enterprise and want to scale your operations, the Shopify development plan can assist you in accomplishing your objectives and achieving success.

    So why should you wait? Get your business off the ground by opening an online store with Shopify today and watch it flourish.


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