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    Shopify SSL Certificate – How does Shopify provide SSL Certificates?

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    Overview: What is Shopify SSL Certificate?

    SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a security convention that establishes a connection between a web worker and an internet browser. Simply put, an SSL certificate e helps you authenticate your website via a digital certificate, all the while enabling an encrypted connection.

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    According to our Shopify developer in the USA, SSL certificates are automatically activated in your Shopify store’s checkout as well as any product that’s hosted on your Shopify domain. Now, there is no need to install SSL Shopify anymore. The Shopify merchants are only required to activate their SSL Shopify and see what their stores lack if they get an SSL Shopify pending error.

    How does Shopify provide an SSL certificate?

    Shopify provides free SSL certificates! This is done to encourage all their users to secure their eCommerce website from cyber theft.

    The way Shopify provides its customers with SSL certificates in a straightforward way— once you type in your custom domain, it can require as long as 48 hours for another SSL endorsement to be made. The Shopify SSL custom domain helps gather new traffic to generate more sales with happy customers and merchants in setting up their business in a giffy.

    How do I enable SSL on Shopify – Top 4 Steps_


    During those 48 hours, an SSL Unavailable error maybe shows in your Shopify storefront. The most frequent cause of a Shopify certificate error is that the SSL certificate for that domain is still pending, which indicates SSL is not yet ready to be active.

    Moreover, security errors may likewise be shown in your Shopify store when you visit it. On the off chance that your store shows the after over 48 hours, then, at that point, navigate to the troubleshooting guide on SSL Unavailable errors.

    Once your SSL certification has been created, you’ll need to update your HTTP Sitemap. All that’s left to do next is check whether everything is in order by navigating through your Shopify website and checking each URL to ensure it changed from HTTP to HTTPS.

    Afterwards, you should update all of your store’s URLs suited for your Shopify https certificate format. otherwise, it can become a cause of Shopify SSL pending error.

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    Shopify development

    How to activate SSL certificates in your Shopify admin?

    Encrypting your Shopify store with the help of SSL certificates is extremely easy. Since Shopify is slowly rolling out these certificates, your website may not become eligible right away; however, once it is ready to go, you’ll receive a notice on your store’s dashboard.

    Next, all you have to do is follow these steps for your SSL certificate activation:

    • Log in to your Shopify store’s admin tool
    • Navigate to “Online Store” and then click “Domains”
    • Lastly, click on the “Activate SSL certificates” button.

    If the activation was done successfully, you’d receive a confirmation on the “Domains” page in your

    Shopify admin. Once you receive this confirmation, all your previous URLs will be converted into HTTPS automatically.

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    Why do you need an SSL certificate with Shopify?

    Since these Secure Sockets Layer certificates establish encrypted connections between an internet server and an internet browser, it is of much importance to your eCommerce store. Business organizations and corporations need to add SSL authentications to their sites to secure business transactions and keep client data hidden and secure.

    SSL certificate with Shopify

    In order words, if your eCommerce store on Shopify is asking your customers to log in by entering personal information, i.e., email address, password, credit card information, SSL certificates, keep these private. According to experts at our Shopify website design agency in the USA, perhaps the most important reason to acquire an SSL certificate is that it’s necessary for an HTTPS URL. If an HTTPS website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, most browsers warn their users of this. Thus, if you don’t work on obtaining an SSL certificate, potential customers will be discouraged from directing to your Shopify web store. Are you looking to hire someone to build a Shopify store in the USA with all the necessary SSL certifications? Folio3 may be the right choice for you.

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    How to update SSL certificate in Shopify?

    For your SSL certificates to function correctly and your website to remain secure, you need to make sure your SSL certificates are up to date. Make sure to renew your SSL certificate as soon as possible. If your certificate is nearing its end, below are some steps you can take to renew it:

    • Create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
    • Select your SSL certificate
    • Select the duration of the certificate (1-year or 2-year)
    • Enter the necessary details
    • Click on the Continue button
    • Survey your SSL certificate request
    • Make the payment
    • Establish your SSL certificate on the website server.

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    What is Shopify SSL certificate pending?

    Having an SSL certificate pending implies that SSL has been initiated for your stores. However, Shopify hasn’t confirmed your internet server and store’s products at this point to make certain it follows the encryption convention.

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    This can be fixed by going over a few simple steps. Firstly, you need to start by checking all you’re A name records. Typically, if all your DNS configurations are in order except for your records, you’ll run into an SSL certificate pending error instead of an SSL Unavailable Shopify error. Next, you can check on your CNAME records. Keep in mind that these ought to consistently highlight a domain name, never to an IP address. Lastly, you can let it propagate—give the error 48 hours to see if it clears up on its own. Most of the time, changes to your eCommerce website’s domain take about 48 hours to propagate fully.

    If you’re still running into issues despite these steps, consider hiring a Shopify website development company in the USA to help resolve these issues for you.

    What is Shopify SSL certificate price?

    When you register your online store with Shopify, the eCommerce platform incorporates a 256-bit SSL authentication to keep your clients’ data and business information secure. Shopify recognizes that SSL certificates are the industry standard in terms of security technology and thus must be provided to online businesses owners free of costs to encourage web security practices.

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    Buy a domain from Shopify or GoDaddy: which one is best?

    GoDaddy and Shopify are two large platforms that many people decide to create their online businesses on. Both offer their clients great scalability options as well as key features and extensions that will help grow their businesses.


    Shopify is one of the greatest web-based business stages around. It has over 1.2 million enlisted clients, and it presently controls more than 600,000 online stores: great numbers for an accomplished eCommerce platform. Similarly, GoDaddy also assembles incredible web-based business stores. Utilizing an ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), you can establish an online store surprisingly fast, just by addressing a couple of straightforward inquiries regarding your online business’s requirements.

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    If your business is concerned about withholding a lot of inventory and needs a complex online store, Shopify is your best option. However, GoDaddy is for clients who need to establish a web-based business store quickly and wouldn’t fret winding up with an easier platform. While this can have a few merits, it also means your business will see limited growth as you won’t have many tools to help boost its performance.

    For these purposes, we highly recommend sticking to arguably the most popular and powerful eCommerce platform— Shopify. Folio3 is one of the foremost Shopify store development companies in the world. It offers a multitude of services, including Shopify Migration services in USA, Shopify integration services in USA as well as help with Shopify dropshipping in UAE.

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    How can a merchant enable SSL on a domain connected to their Shopify account?

    Enabling SSL certificates on your Shopify account is pretty simple and straightforward— log in to your Shopify admin and navigate to Online Store, then find Domains and click it. All that’s left to do now is, in the SSL certificates sections, click Activate SSL Certificates. And if the activation process came to a halt on SSL pending, we,ve got you covered for what is SSL pending on Shopify.

    What is Shopify SSL unavailable?

    If your SSL certificate is inaccessible on Shopify, it implies that the certificate currently doesn’t guarantee a safe connection between a web server and a potential client’s browser. It is absolutely crucial that you fix this SSL unavailable Shopify error to ensure the security of your online store. If you’re considering creating an app for your store, you may require aid from a Shopify App development company in USA. Check out one of the leading Shopify app development agencies in the world—Folio3.

    What to do when Shopify SSL certificate expired?

    Find the steps to renew your expired SSL certificate:

    • Pick the right SSL certificate for your site
    • Select for how long valid the certificate will remain (1-year or 2-year)
    • Select the “Renew Now” Button
    • Make sure to fill in all the required details
    • Click on the Continue button
    • Go over your SSL request to make sure everything is in order
    • Make the payment
    • Enroll your SSL Certificate
    • Lastly, employ your SSL certificate on your website’s server.

    With these simples steps a Shopify certificate expired can be easily restored. Follow these steps make your website resistant to malicious cyber-attacks.

    Are Shopify EV certificates worth it?

    Extended Validation SSL certifications, or EV SSL certifications, are absolutely amazing on the grounds that it’s equivalent to the most significant level of trust an organization or corporation can motivate in its site guests.

    How to deal when Namecheap Shopify SSL pending?

    Namecheap Shopify SSL is pending or in progress typically means that the SSL is being activated. This usually takes no more than 24– 48 hours. If you find that your Namecheap Shopify SSL is taking longer than that, we highly recommend you hire our Shopify experts in USA to see where the issue lies.

    Should I add Shopify SSL certificate badge?

    Adding a Shopify SSL certificate badge may be a good idea since you can indicate to your website is a safe one to browse and conduct online transactions on. If you see an SSL pending, you don’t have to worry. SSL pending Shopify meaning that your certificate isn’t ready yet.

    What is Shopify third-party domain SSL unavailable?

    At the point when you roll out any improvement to your domain, it can require as long as 24 hours to finish. It is ordinarily a lot less time-consuming than that. On the off chance that 24 hours have passed by and it’s actually saying SSL inaccessible, we recommend you get in touch with our experts at Folio3 so we can take a look at your store.

    How to get SSL Certificate Shopify?

    Shopify has announced that all of its online merchants will soon receive free SSL certificates Shopify. Shopify’s move here is very groundbreaking and establishes a global standard for website owners. Additionally, Shopify Plus retailers will have access to Extended Validation SSL certificates.

    To activate your SSL certificate Shopify:

    • Log in to your Shopify admin panel
    • Click Online Store and then Domains
    • Click Activate SSL certificates

    What does SSL pending mean on Shopify?

    Shopify displays an SSL pending meaning when your certificate is not yet ready. This rating demonstrates that although internet hackers are not now able to access your website, it is not protected from them either.

    Your application for a Shopify SSL pending domain certificate is indicated by the SSL pending status, but Shopify has not yet confirmed that your server and content fully adhere to the encryption standard. You will only be able to access your website domain using the HTTP:// version during this waiting period and not the Shopify certificates.

    What is SSL pending Shopify?

    It is an error message that can appear during the time of SSL certificate activation. An SSL pending Shopify domain appears when either something goes wrong while encrypting the certificate, or the store trying to activate it isn’t ready for it which is why your store is notified of the Shopify domain SSL pending.

    For an SSL pending Shopify how long does it take to process?

    If you are confused about what means SSL pending Shopify, then don’t, it is just a time duration for an SSL certificate for your Shopify store to get activated. It generally takes about two days for https to process the SSL pending Shopify.


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