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    Shopify Domain Search: How To Use Shopify Business Name Generator

    Last Updated | January 18, 2024

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    What Is A Shopify Domain Name?

    Typically, a domain name refers to a website address or URL that people visit for finding Shopify online stores. Shopify users can manage their domain settings easily by going to the Domains section in their Shopify admin panel. If a user has a wholesale channel, he will have access to Domain settings for his wholesale online store on that channel’s Domain page.

    Moreover, a primary domain is the one that customers first see when they are visiting an online store, and that domain is, by default, your myshopify domain. It appears like storename.myshopify.com. Storeowners can use this URL to log into their stores and for identifying their account when contacting Shopify Support.

    However, myshopify domain cannot be changed, but it is possible to purchase or use a custom domain you already own.

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    Why Are Shopify eCommerce Online Store Domain Names Important?

    A brand or store name offers storeowners a benefit when they are starting their e-commerce stores. Choosing the right name becomes the most strong asset of any business. It helps to differentiate a brand from others as well as allows online stores to establish their unique identity. A wrong name can be bad for a business in many ways. It can cost several hundred thousand or even millions.

    Finding the right name when performing Shopify Domain Search by any Shopify design company so it is necessary when you are launching your online e-commerce store. It not only helps your brand to stand out of the crowd but also drives speedy acceptance among customers.

    Adds Credibility To Your Small Business

    If you have a domain name that reflects your brand along with the right extensions, you are likely to appear more reliable among other online businesses. Simply see, generic URLs do not help when it comes to inspiring confidence in customers. Hence, it is a must to make the right choice for the healthy future of your business. A domain name can tell a lot about its owner. It can even tell whether or not you are willing to invest in your brand. Also, your products or services might be considered low-quality. Customers avoid such types of brands.

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    It Says Says You’re Forward-Thinking

    Having a domain name sends a message to the world that you are making your mark in the new generation. It shows that you are well informed of the requirements that your business will ask in order to establish. Your domain name can be small and simple, but it must be unique and attractive so that you can drive more traffic to your store than expected.

    It Adds Mobility To Your Internet Presence

    When you own a domain name, you are making a possibility for yourself. What we mean to say is that you can easily transfer web hosts. Also, you can switch to your in-house server. Not owning a domain will require you to have a new web address (URL) that will affect the branding you have built via your first URL.

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    The Right Domain Name Can Attract Walk-In Business

    You are lucky to find an easy-to-remember and type URL for your brand. It is important for your Shopify store for a good number of reasons. However, you might have to invest your time in coming up with a domain name that suits your brand its values, and its culture. At the same time, you also need to make sure that your customers can connect with your domain. If your brand is about makeup or toys, your domain name must give a hint to the customers. After all, you want the time you have invested to be worth it in the end. It is suggested not to use slang words or words that have several meanings as they can confuse potential customers, and you will end up losing good business.

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    Builds Your Brand

    A domain name helps you to build your brand identity and make people familiar with your business. If you create a domain name that matches the name of your company, you are making it easier for yourself and your customers to find you online easily.

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    What Is a Shopify Business Name Generator?

    Shopify Business Name Generator is a tool used for generating a keyword-based domain name. Users can easily generate names, check whether or not it is available, and reserve the name for their store. This business name generator tool is free for all Shopify store owners.

    Use Shopify’s Business Name Generator To Search For Business Names And Check Domain Availability Instantly

    Business name generator Shopify is a useful tool for generating domain names for businesses. However, in order to check the availability of a domain, you must have a Shopify account.

    The tool is user-friendly, and even if you are using it for the first time, you will know what to do and how. The tool helps to generate a wide range of generated names for you. You must keep in mind that if you use business-type categories for performing a search, you will find any change unless you change the keyword you have provided it. Shopify tools business name generator generates about a hundred domain names for free, so you have a good number of options to select from during Shopify Domain Search.

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    How To Use Shopify Domain Name Generator?

    If you already have a Shopify account, you can use the Shopify business domain name generator for free. This is good news for store owners who are looking for some good options for their domain name. This tool is helpful as it generates a hundred domain names for you. You only have to provide it the keywords you need to mention in your domain, and that is it. The name generator tool has helped so many Shopify users to come up with unique names that not only helped them to maintain a strong brand identity but also enabled their store to drive more traffic to it.

    Why There Is A Need To Use Shopify Domain Name Generator?

    Using the Domain Name Generator of Shopify has many benefits. Some of them are as follows:

    Make Your E-commerce Store

    A unique brand name adds the element of credibility to your business. It communicates the message that customers can trust you.

    Higher Search Ranking from SEO point of view

    Choosing a domain name that is connected to the industry you are a part of allows your e-commerce store to rank higher in search engine results for using keywords.

    Rule The Business Market

    The right domain enables your customers to become familiar with you in a very short time. Attractive and unique names hook people from the first time they hear them. Hence, make sure you pick the best of all.

    How Much Does A Domain Name Cost?

    Besides the Shopify web development cost, If you are buying custom Shopify domain names, you will have Shopify pricing options, i.e., they start from USD 11 for a year. The good news is, the domain name for your e-commerce store is set up automatically. Moreover, you have ownership of your domain even if you decide to leave the platform. All domains that you buy using Shopify are registered for one year. You can continue to renew your domain after a year if you wish to stay.

    How To Choose The Right Domain Extension

    When you are ready to pick a domain name for your e-commerce store, consider the following factors:

    Your Site’s Purpose

    The first and foremost thing that you must remember is the purpose of your website. When you create a store, a blog, or a website, the first question you should answer is what will be your source of income. If you are planning to run an online store, you should go for .com or .biz domain extensions. If you are an organization, then you can go for .org.

    Remember The Local TLDs

    You might have already know how important is Shopify SEO for any business’s online appearance. Hence, when choosing a domain extension, you can think about targeting a certain geographical area, or the one you are located in. There are more than 200 country code TLDs; hence you will be able to find the one you are looking for. Some common ones are .us for the United States, .ca for Canada, and .co for the United Kingdom

    Prioritize SEO

    As a business, you have to make sure you rank higher in search engine results, and that is why search engine optimization is what you need to consider. However, most information that you will find online will tell you that the .com domain extension is the best to use for your website, but the truth is that it is just because .com is the most popular among all the others.

    How to Change Shopify Store Name? 

    A unique name of the store is important in order for it to stand apart from others. It helps you to create your brand and personalize it.

    The name of the store should be short and catchy so that people can instantly relate to your brand and it becomes memorable. It is very easy to change your Shopify store name.

    Go to the settings option on your Dashboard in the left menu, select general, and you will see the option for changing the name in the store details. Don’t forget to “Save” after you have changed the name.

    Best Practices For Buying A Good Domain Name

    How To Search The Best Keywords For Your Online Store

    Think From A Customer’s Perspective

    Start with identifying your target audience. Once you are done, make sure you put yourself in their shoes. Think of all possible keywords your potential customer will use to get answers. It will help you to come up with several keywords, including long-tail keywords. Thinking from a customer’s perspective allows you to explore all possibilities to drive traffic to your website.

    Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

    To succeed and stay one step ahead of your competitors, you need to keep an eye on them. See what they are doing, and what keywords they are targeting. It will help you to gain a general idea of what customers usually and generally look for when searching online.

    Long-Tail Keywords

    Two to three words in a row make long-tail keywords or keyphrases. However, these keywords usually boast a lower volume of searches. They allow you to attract more customers as they tend to be less competitive. Additionally, long-tail keywords allow your website to rank well in search engine results.

    Keyword Research Tools

    Keyword research tools are helpful when you are looking for keywords that have higher search volumes. Some of these tools are Google Adwords, SEMRUSH, ahrefs, Raventools, etc.


    Once you are done making a list of keywords, make sure you are monitoring them and analyzing the results. You must go for the ones you see are trending and are more popular than other similar keywords.

    Make It Easy To Spell

    Most of the time, customers have no idea how to look for a thing they want. So they will type something like ‘required product/service-online-city/region.’ In order to appear in these and all other kinds of search results, you must keep your keywords simple and easy to spell. It is to make sure that even if a customer is using a mixture of two to three keywords that your website has, you appear in their results. It can only be possible if you make it easy for Google algorithms to get familiar with your site and recommend it to searchers for relevant results.

    Pick Something That Sounds Nice

    Your domain name is important, but at the same time, you need to make sure you are using the right keyword in it. One that not only does the job for you but also sounds nice. You do not want your domain name to be irrelevant while trying to make it unique.

    Don’t Make It Too Long

    Let’s be honest; no one likes a website address that is too long and has multiple characters or symbols. A short and simple website domain works best for every online store. Moreover, customers tend to remember shorter URLs.

    Make It Easy To Say

    Just like we articulated in the above point, longer URLs will not do the job. This is why it is necessary to create easy-to-say domain names for your online store.

    Don’t Use Numbers Or Hyphens At Shopify Domain Name

    Avoid using numbers and hyphens in your domain name as it can confuse your customers. They can easily forget your domain or web address if you make it more complicated by using such characters.

    Don’t Abbreviate Words

    Avoid using abbreviations. Indeed, you need a unique and simple domain name, but that does not mean abbreviations can make that happen.

    Do I get a domain name with Shopify?

    Shopify enables you to create and register a unique domain name for your online e-commerce store. It is possible to purchase a new domain via Shopify, use your existing one, or use the one that you got for free through Shopify.

    Should I buy a domain through Shopify or GoDaddy?

    Shopify appears to be a fine platform in the market. It is because Shopify is suitable for online stores of all sizes. It offers a range of features and tools that is required by an e-commerce store in order to run with complete functionality.

    On the other hand, GoDaddy is suitable for those who want to quickly build their store without having to deal with complicated sales tools.

    Does Shopify give you a website development?

    Shopify allows you to create your website as well as use its shopping cart solution for selling, shipping, and managing all your products and services. Store owners can utilize Shopify’s service to get access to a simple and user-friendly admin panel where users can add their products, orders and data of their store.

    Do you get a free domain with Shopify?

    Creating and registering a domain name is easy with Shopify. However, you can buy a new domain if you need, use a domain that you already own or use the free one.

    What Is the Difference Between a Domain Name and Web Hosting?

    A domain name is like your home’s address, while web hosting is the space you have in your home where you place your stuff or furniture.

    How to change the domain name on Shopify?

    Here are the steps you need to follow when you need to change your Shopify store domain name:

    • Log into your Shopify account
    • Go to the Sales Channel
    • Click Online Store.
    • Go to Domains.
    • Select Change Primary Domain Link.
    • Choose your new domain from the list
    • Click Save.

    How can you create an app with Shopify?

    There are two distinct approaches that you can follow to make apps for Shopify stores. Firstly, you can develop a custom app for a Shopify store; this can be achieved by using Shopify API to develop an app that adds to the functionality and features of the store. Secondly, you can develop a public app for Shopify App Store and earn revenue by selling it to clients. You will get 80% of all the app purchases for your app.


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