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    How Do You Get A Domain Name With Shopify?

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    If you are worried about, how do you get a domain name with Shopify? The article would be a thorough guide for you that covers simple steps of getting a domain registered, things you need to consider before getting one and some extras as well.

    Should I buy my domain through Shopify?

    You may purchase a domain through Shopify to assist you in setting up your domain and managing all of your domain settings from your Shopify admin. Shopify Domain Name Registration is a different aspect which we have already covered. If this is the first domain you add to Shopify from a Shopify integration solution, the web address that clients see is already set up to be this domain. If you already have a domain associated with your store, the new domain will automatically reroute to it, if the Shopify development services you have used have skilled developers.

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    The registration period for domains acquired through Shopify is one year; whether you have got it yourself or have sought assistance from a Shopify web design services, with the option of yearly renewal. The URL you selected when purchasing a domain cannot be changed once it has been registered with Shopify app development. You also can use Shopify Domain Search if you are struggling to name your domain but once the purchases of domains are done you can’t return them. However, you can Transfer Shopify Domain to Another Host.

    How To Terms And Conditions To Your Shopify Store

    Things To Take Under Consideration Before Buying A Domain Through Shopify

    Review the following factors before purchasing a domain through Shopify:

    1. On Shopify, email hosting services are not offered. Instead, you can link the domain managed through Shopify to an email hosting service provided by a different company.
    2. The WHOIS privacy service, which hides all the personal contact information from domain registration for public data, is available with several domain extensions. You also need to ensure that the domain extension isn’t on the WHOIS exclusions list if you desire WHOIS privacy.
    3. Specific residence or business registration criteria apply to several domain extensions. Make sure you can fulfil these conditions before registering because your information might need to be verified. Your domain may be suspended if you are unable to comply with these rules.
    4. When you purchase a domain through Shopify, a new TLS certificate, also referred to as an SSL certificate, is instantly generated. For your domain, SSL encryption is not required.
    5. For the renewal of your domain subscription each year, you must pay the registration charge. Your monthly subscription fees apply separately from domain renewals. Whichever domain extension you select will determine the precise cost.
    6. Only paid Shopify plans come with domain hosting services. You must move your domain before deactivating your store if you wish to retain using your domain but disable your store or Shopify account. Your domain can be transferred to one of the following:
    • An alternative Shopify store.
    • A different domain registrar.

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    How Do You Get A Domain Name With Shopify?

    Use Shopify’s domain name generator to evaluate the availability and cost of your domain name before you purchase a custom domain through the platform. Whichever top-level domain (TLD) extension you select will determine the actual cost of domains purchased through Shopify. TLDs’ accessibility is a moving target.

    The domain name generator shows the availability of the preferred domain name along with additional TLDs and alternate domain names that are available. You can select one of the suggested possibilities or launch a fresh search if your desired domain name or TLD is not available.

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    Why Should I Buy My Domain Through Shopify

    How to buy a domain name with Shopify

    • Step #1 – Selecting The Domain

    Go to your Shopify admin > Settings > Domains.

    Click on the Buy New Domain.

    Enter the domain name you wish to buy.

    Review the availability of the domain extensions and their cost.

    Click on the Buy button.

    • Step #2 – Reviewing The Summary

    Check the PERSONAL INFORMATION to make sure the email address and other details of the Shopify store owner are accurate.

    Check to see if this domain extension has WHOIS Privacy, which shields your private information from view in public domain registration records:

    A notification stating that the domain includes WHOIS privacy is displayed if the domain name you enter includes this feature.

    Click Cancel and choose a new domain extension that’s not on the WHOIS Exceptions list if you don’t see this notice and want WHOIS privacy for your domain.

    Read the Domain Registration Agreement and the ICANN policy.

    Click on the Buy.

    Your domain might not function for up to 48 hours. If this is the first domain that adds to Shopify, the web address that clients see is already set up to be this domain. If you already have a domain associated with the store, the new domain will automatically reroute to it.

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    • Step #3 – Verifying The Email Address

    To finish the domain registration process after purchasing a domain, you should validate your email address. You need to examine a few emails from Shopify, so check your email account. Details well about the following are contained in these emails:

    • Verifying your acquisition
    • Check your email address
    • Controlling the sharing of your data.

    If you don’t get an email asking you to confirm your email address, check your spam folder or ask your Shopify admin to send the email again. Your domain may be suspended if you fail to validate your email address.

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    FAQs About How Do You Get A Domain Name With Shopify

    What is Shopify domain email?

    Shopify domain email is a platform that enables store owners to create and manage their shop’s email addresses. It provides a simple, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to add new addresses, set up shop-specific email forwarding, and view messages from customers. Shopify domain email also offers a number of features that can help streamline customer communication, such as automated responses and order confirmation emails. Overall, Shopify domain email is an essential tool for anyone who wants to run a successful online store.


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