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    Transfer Domain From Wix To Shopify – How To Transfer Domain From Wix To Shopify?

    Last Updated | April 16, 2023

    An Overview: Transfer Domain From Wix To Shopify

    Business owners are perplexed by the overwhelming variety of choices accessible to host to manage their Shopify ERP integration services store for online sales. Their decisions are frequently influenced by recommendations or internet reviews.

    Transfer Domain From Wix To Shopify

    Some solutions and services are more appropriate for small businesses, while others are built to accommodate large corporations for your development hire Folio3 Shopify developers in the USA. The decision to select the best Headless Shopify solution can have a long-lasting effect on how your business operates day to day and can set the stage for future growth.

    Shopify integration

    The two most well-known website builders that offer reliable eCommerce systems are Wix and Shopify development services in the USA. Our article is going to discuss multiple things regarding switching Wix to Shopify.

    • Reasons to Switch
    • Transferring Domain Name
    • Benefits
    • Potential Transferring Risks

    Folio3 Shopify integration helps businesses of all sizes and shapes with the best Shopify optimization solutions. Folio3 Shopify Support will provide the quickest support system to your business as you choose to Migrate to Shopify by Folio3. If you are worried about losing your SEO juice after the transfer, do not worry, you can read about our Shopify SEO migration in greater detail.

    Benefits to Integrate wix with Shopify For eCommerce store

    Why Would You Want To Transfer It From Wix To Shopify?

    Folio3 Shopify Customization Services is the best option whether you’re a small business owner or a brand-conscious entrepreneur seeking a quick and economical solution to launch an appealing online store.

    Shopify website design company is the best option if:

    • You are considering launching and growing an internet business for your brand
    • You don’t know much about coding and would want a simple setup process.
    • You want to be able to create an attractive website without incurring additional expenses.
    • You want to be able to use more tools and features for marketing, inventory control, and other purposes.
    • You desire a top-notch integrated analytics tool.
    • You desire a wider selection of payment gateways.

    Shopify integration

    How Do You Go About Transferring Your Domain Name From Wix To Shopify?

    The following steps will show you how to move your domain between Wix to Shopify:

    • Your Wix Domain Name To Shopify Transfer

    Below are detailed steps on how to transfer your Wix domain name to Shopify without sacrificing your search engine results.

    1. Login with Wix
    2. Go to My Domains
    3. Choose the domain and click on Advanced
    4. Then click on Transfer away from Wix button
    5. Send yourself the ERP code via Email

    Keep in mind that if you bought your domain name less than 60 days ago, you won’t be able to move it from Wix to Shopify.

    1. Choose the Shopify domain transfer route

    Within seven days of sending the query, the transfer will be completed.

    Before actually commencing to sale via your Shopify store, make the necessary adjustments. These parameters may well be reviewed in the Shopify dashboard and pertain to payments, shipping, and tax options.

       2. Your Domain Name To Shopify Transfer

    If you purchased your domain name independently of Wix, you have two options for transferring it: either to Shopify or to your new account.

    One could transfer their domain to Shopify by following these steps:

    Check your domain name provider’s transfer policy before beginning the transfer procedure.

    1. Log in to your domain name provider account
    2. Unlock the domain name to transfer from the settings section.
    3. You’ll get an authorization code to transfer the domain.
    4. Open the Shopify admin panel
    5. Go to Online Stores and click on the Domains button
    6. Click on Connect existing domain and then on Transfer in your domain
    7. Click on the Transfer Domain button, enter the domain you want to move
    8. Then click Next and then click the Verify Domain button.

    Once you see the notification Domain unlocked, your domain name is prepared for transfer.

       3. Press “Next” to finish the process.

    Finally, check your email to confirm the transfer.

    1. Enter the EPP authorization code given by your domain name provider
    2. Click Next and Bu and Transfer options.

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    To verify the transfer once more, check your email. A successful transfer will take about 20 days to complete. Shopify will notify you with a message after it is finished.

    • Your Domain Name To Shopify Connection

    Additionally, you don’t have to transfer your domain name if you want to connect it to Shopify. You’ll be able to take control of your domain name settings, renew it, and make payments. The steps to link your domain name to Shopify are as follows:

    1. Go to the Shopify admin panel, navigate to the Online Store section and click on the Domains button.
    2. Select Connect existing domain and click Next to start.

    You will need to change certain DNS settings if you bought the domain name from a third-party seller. A record should also be modified to point to a Shopify IP address. Other settings, such as email forwarding, could be affected by this action.

    1. Log in to the domain provider’s registered account to modify your settings.
    2. Navigate to the DNS settings section.
    3. Find Domain Management and DNS configurations.
    4. Change the A record point to the required Shopify IP address ( and save the changes.
    5. Go to DNS settings, find the www. CNAME record, and change it to shops.myshopify.com.
    6. Save the CNAME record.
    7. Activate the Shopify confirmation email for verification of the domain name connection.

    Check to see if everything is operating smoothly on your new Shopify website. Never be reluctant to contact Shopify specialists if you need assistance.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Transferring Your Domain Name From Wix To Shopify?

    Without a doubt, Wix and Shopify are the best in their niche industries. Both are easy to use, have outstanding functionality, and offer several design adjustment options while having different objectives and functions.

    But let’s Look at the Benefits of Wix to Shopify transfers;

    • Ease of use
    • Design & Theme Templates
    • Enhanced Customization Features
    • Pricing
    • Multiple Payment Gateways
    • Stock inventory support
    • Shipping & Delivery
    • Enhanced Marketing Tools
    • Shopify App Store

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    What Are The Potential Risks Of Transferring Your Domain Name From Wix To Shopify?

    The Potential Risks Of Transferring Your Domain Name From Wix To Shopify often occur because of some common causes that end up in transfer failure. However, you can get the issue fixed and retry the transfer process again.

    • Potential Risks For Transferring Domain Name From Wix To Shopify
    1. Your domain can get locked
    2. You get asked to remove Whois privacy protection
    3. You end up with a dispute over the identification of the Administrative Contact or Registered Name Holder
    4. A Court order by a court of competent jurisdiction
    5. Strike as fraud

    If your transfer is unsuccessful, your domain registration fee is instantly returned. Within 20 business days, the reimbursement reflects on the credit card statement.

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    Conclusion About Transfer Domain From Wix To Shopify

    Folio3 Custom Shopify Apps services are best known for their eCommerce transfer services to businesses all size-inclusive. We cater to all the eCommerce migration/integration processes at Folio3 so whether you are thinking about Migrating From BigCommerce To Shopify or Magento Shopify Integration, our experts and certified engineers are here to help you out with everything and anything, even if you want to know How Can I Use Square With Shopify!

    FAQs About Transfer Domain From Wix To Shopify:

    How much will it cost to transfer your domain name from Wix to Shopify?

    By changing the DNS settings in Wix to link to your Shopify store, users could integrate the domain name to Shopify at whichever moment they like. Customers will now see the Shopify store rather than your Wix store when they use your URL, as a result. Once you do that, the connection ought to be established instantly and without any interruptions. When you’re prepared, you may move it from Wix to Shopify, where it could be controlled by your Shopify admin.

    While connecting your domain doesn’t require a subscription plan, changing your storefront password will require a paid membership. Customers who attempt to visit your store will see an “Opening Soon” page until you choose a plan. However, if you choose a monthly plan when you are still utilizing the free trial, you won’t get billed any subscription fees up until the conclusion of your free trial.

    With a premium plan, however, Shopify would host the domain for $14 per year. The name of the domain’s server won’t change when you transfer it. You are permitted to support domain transfers per the terms of the current domain name registrar.

    Can you transfer a subdomain from Wix to Shopify?

    In addition to your.myshopify.com domain name, you are allowed to add up to 20 additional domains or subdomains to the Shopify store. You could add around 1,000 domains or subdomains if the business is on the Shopify Plus plan. So yes, you can transfer a subdomain from Wix to Shopify with ease.