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    How to Transfer Shopify Domain to Another Host

    Last Updated | January 17, 2024

    Overview: How to Transfer Shopify Domain

    Transferring domains is more straightforward than it sounds. You need to disconnect it from the original provider and then connect it to the new one. However, to avoid migrating the website with complications, consider acquiring a specialist’s Shopify web development services.

    This article covers the transfer process for some of the most popular web hosting services available.

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    Overview: How can I transfer my domain to another host?

    Before moving your domain to another host, first, prepare it for transfer. Most hosting providers follow a standard procedure for disconnection with a few minor variances. In a nutshell, this is what you do:

    1. Unlock the domain name from your current registrar by disconnecting it;
    2. Once the process is complete, you will receive an authorization code (also known as an EPP code or transfer key);
    3. Confirm any contact details associated with your domain name (especially if it is unique). Your current registrar may use the administrator’s contact information during the transfer process.
    4. Then follow the steps outlined by your chosen hosting provider to transfer your Shopify domain to another host.

    Note: Most service providers restrict ineligible domain transfers. You have to have been using your domain on a paid plan for at least 60 days since it was created/transferred over. Furthermore, make sure your domain has not achieved the maximum possible term, i.e. ten years for most TLDs. The transfer will not be possible until the domain becomes eligible for renewal again.

    5 Steps to Follow When Transferring Your Shopify Domain

    Transfer domain away from Shopify

    As mentioned earlier in this article, transferring your domain is a relatively straightforward process. You need to unlock the domain from the current host and authorize the transfer to the new one. The article covers the process in greater detail for some of the most common hosting services.

    However, there is an additional aspect of transferring domains most overlook. Are you going to shift your website and all associated data as well? In this case, migrating a website can lead to complications like lost data and design incompatibility. To mitigate these problems, consider hiring the services of a Shopify web development specialist like Folio3. These companies offer complete Shopify migration services, including design and after-sales support.

    Shopify development

    Transfer Shopify domain to GoDaddy?

    GoDaddy is one of the world’s largest platforms for website hosting used by entrepreneurs worldwide. With a customer base of 20 million strong and growing, GoDaddy offers a host of professional tools and designs.

    To transfer your Shopify domain to GoDaddy, do the following:

    1. After taking care of the preparatory steps, search for the desired domain on the GoDaddy website;
    2. If you were successful in unlocking your domain, a green checkmark would appear next to the words “Unlock the domain”;
    3. Then enter the authorization code you received from your current registrar and click Continue;
    4. Select the appropriate privacy options and then click Continue;
    5. Choose the suitable payment method, and then click ‘Complete Purchase’ to complete the process.

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    Transfer Shopify domain to Wix?

    Wix is an Israeli software company that offers a world-class website building and eCommerce platform. With over 180 million users across 190 countries, Wix offers a wide array of professional design and management tools to create a stunning and functional web presence. To transfer your Shopify domain to Wix, follow the steps below:

    1. First, log in to your Wix account;
    2. Navigate to the Domains section of your Wix Account Settings;
    3. Click on Start Transfer and enter the domain you want to transfer;
    4. Use the drop-down menu to select the domain’s origin and click Continue;
    5. Make sure you are logged in to your current domain hosting site and then click “I logged in” in your Wix account;
    6. Make sure you unlocked the domain from your current service provider, then click “I unlocked it”’;
    7. Enter the authorization code and click continue;
    8. Make sure you select at least a year-long extension period and then continue;
    9. Verify your contact information and select a privacy option, i.e. public or private;
    10. Then select your payment method and click ‘Submit Purchase’.

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    Transfer Shopify domain to Squarespace?

    Squarespace is a comprehensive, subscription-based Content Management System (CMS) that offers website design, hosting, eCommerce and analytics tools. Use the steps below to transfer your Shopify domain to Squarespace:

    1. As always, first, unlock the domain and get the authorization code from your current registrar;
    2. Then go to the Domains section of Settings in the ‘Home Menu’;
    3. Then from the source options, click ‘Use a domain I own’;
    4. Enter your domain name in the Domain Name field and then click Continue;
    5. Next click ‘Transfer to Squarespace’;
    6. Then enter the authorization code in the given field and click Continue;
    7. Next, make sure the CNAME points to Squarespace in the DNS settings;
    8. Review and confirm your registration details;
    9. Finally, enter your billing information and click ‘Transfer’;

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    Once the process completes, you can monitor your transfer status in the Domains section of settings. You will see a ‘Transfer Pending’ in the status field. Transfers can anywhere between 24 hours to 15 days to complete depending on the current domain provider.

    Note: Squarespace does not accept domains for transfer that have an expiry of nine years or longer. Furthermore, the service provider does not take registry premium domains transfer.

    Transfer Shopify domain to WordPress?

    WordPress is a PHP-based open-source CMS used in conjunction with a MySQL or MariaDB database. WordPress offers a simplified website design requiring minimal coding. Here’s how to transfer your Shopify domain to WordPress:

    1. First, do the needful to unlock the domain from your current registrar and get the authorisation code;
    2. Then, if you have multiple WordPress sites, make sure you log in to the correct one;
    3. Next, navigate to the Domains page by clicking ‘My Sites’, then ‘Manage’ and finally ‘Domains’;
    4. Then look for a button named ‘Add a domain to this site’ and click on it;
    5. Then select the ‘Use a domain I own” option on the subsequent screen;
    6. On the following page, select ‘transfer to wordpress.com’ to begin the process;
    7. Enter the domain name you want and then click ‘Transfer’;
    8. At this point, you will proceed to checkout if you are creating a brand new site through this transfer. Once complete, restart the process from step 3. Otherwise, continue to step 9;
    9. Make sure your domain is open, then select the ‘I’ve unlocked my domain’ button;
    10. Then, in the given field, enter your authorization code and click the ‘Check my authorization code’ button and then click ‘Continue’;
    11. Verify your contact information and other registration details before clicking ‘Continue to Checkout’ to pay for your domain transfer
    12. You will receive a message of confirmation upon successful payment. Typically, domain transfers complete in five to seven days.

    Transfer domain from Weebly to Shopify?

    Weebly is a hosting web service headquartered in San Francisco. Weebly’s free website builder enables quick and easy website creation, blogging and eCommerce with customisable templates and domains. However, Weebly loses out in terms of scalability. The platform cannot compare to other website design giants like Shopify and Magento for growing a business and reaching new markets.

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    Whatever your reasoning, here’s how to transfer your domain from Weebly to Shopify:

    1. Log in to Weebly and navigate to the home page;
    2. Go to settings and click on ‘Domains’;
    3. Scroll (if needed) and find the domain you want to shift;
    4. Then uncheck the ‘Lock Domain’ option and copy the transfer key that you subsequently receive.

    Now we shift focus to Shopify. Complete the transfer process by doing the following:

    1. Log in to your Shopify account or sign up if you don’t have one already;
    2. From the admin panel, click ‘Online Store’ and then ‘Domains’;
    3. Then click ‘Connect existing domain’ then, on the following page, click ‘Transfer in your domain’;
    4. In the appropriate field, enter the domain you want to transfer to Shopify. Make sure to exclude the ‘www’ in the beginning;
    5. Then click ‘Next’ and then ‘Verify domain’;
    6. Once you get the ‘DOMAIN UNLOCKED’notification, click ‘Next’ to continue;
    7. Next, to verify the domain, enter the authorization or EPP code in the dialogue box that pops up;
    8. Then click ‘Next’ and proceed to the ‘Buy and transfer’ button;
    9. Now check your email for any confirmation messages. Depending on your current domain provider, you might need to approve the domain transfer via email.

    In this case, hiring a Shopify web development company has several advantages. Not only can a company handle the entire migration process, but their Shopify web design services ensure the lack of any design or functionality loss.

    What is the concept of Shopify domain forwarding?

    Domain forwarding refers to the process of connecting a third-party domain to your Shopify store. In other words, you want to configure the domain DNS settings so that it points to your store whenever someone tries to access it. By connecting your store to a pre-existing domain, you can continue using the same hosting service you are comfortable with and avoid unnecessary hassle. Furthermore, should you require Shopify migration services, you can get in touch with a Shopify web development company.

    How long does it take to transfer the domain to Shopify?

    The speed of transfer changes from host to host, but, for the most part, it can take between 24 hours to 15 days. For more information, you can contact the Shopify support and maintenance services of a development company.

    Initiating the Domain Transfer:

    Find guides that walk you through the steps of initiating the domain transfer process with your new hosting provider. This typically involves entering the domain and authorization code.

    Step Action Instructions
    1. Choose Your New Hosting Provider Select a hosting provider and create an account.
    2. Unlock Your Domain on Shopify – Log in to Shopify. – Go to “Online Store.” – Click on “Domains.” – Find the domain to transfer and click on it. – Scroll to “Transfer Out” and unlock the domain if it’s locked.
    3. Get the Authorization Code (EPP Code) – In the “Transfer Out” section, look for “Get transfer authorization code” or a similar option. – Save the authorization code (EPP code) provided by Shopify.
    4. Initiate the Transfer with Your New Host – Log in to your new hosting provider’s account. – Find an option like “Transfer Domain” or “Domain Transfer.” – Enter the domain name you want to transfer. – Follow the prompts to initiate the transfer. – Provide the Shopify authorization code when requested.
    5. Confirm the Transfer Details – Review the transfer details, including domain name and contact information. – Ensure all information is accurate before proceeding.
    6. Pay for the Transfer (if applicable) – Complete the payment process if your new hosting provider charges a fee for domain transfers.
    7. Check Your Email for Confirmation – Keep an eye on your email for a confirmation message from your new hosting provider.
    8. Approve the Transfer Request – In the confirmation email, follow the instructions to approve the transfer request or click the provided link.
    9. Monitor the Transfer Progress – Continuously check your email for updates on the transfer status.
    10. Complete the Transfer – Once the transfer is finalized, you’ll receive a final confirmation email. – Note that this process may take a few days, depending on registrar policies and your new hosting provider.

    This table provides a clear, step-by-step breakdown of the process for initiating a domain transfer from Shopify to a new hosting provider. Make sure to follow each step carefully to ensure a smooth transition.


    Changing domain hosting providers is a big decision and should not be taken lightly. Therefore, whether you want to move to or away from Shopify, consider hiring a Shopify web development company’s services. In doing so, you get access to Shopify migration services, Shopify web design services, and Shopify support.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Should I buy my domain through Shopify?

    Buying a domain through Shopify has its advantages and disadvantages; however, these are mostly situational. In other words, if you are happy and comfortable with your current hosting service, then only connect to the Shopify store. If you do not own one, buying through Shopify will significantly expedite the process. However, consult a Shopify web development company for a more thorough plan of action.

    What will happen to my domain if I close my Shopify store?

    If you purchased a standard domain name through Shopify, the domain would shut down along with the store. On the other hand, if you procured a custom domain name, you have the option of transferring it to a new CMS (Content Management System) of your choosing.


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