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    An Overview: SEO Best Practices for Migrating to Shopify

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    There are companies such as Folio3 that provide Shopify migration services alongside Shopify optimization like other companies. What sets them apart from other companies is the fact that they follow the best principles and make sure that the software development process follows the best standards.

    A fundamental of software development is that the process must be the best to ensure the best product at the end of development. Folio3 follows ISO9001 standards and its own company policies that have reached the maximum level of business procedures which is the perfection stage. Here are some practices followed by Folio3 when migrating to Shopify.

    1. Setting up the new store. Here Folio3 sets up the new Shopify store where the data will be migrated to. Here Folio3 developers will set up the navigation structure, set up collections, set up pages after reviews, and set up the products and blogs. All of these are critical to ensure a high SEO ranking.
    2. A review of the canonical link structure is performed. This tells the search engines which pages you want to rank best. These are best utilized when you want dedicated sales for products in your marketing campaigns.
    3. Make a backup of the old store to prevent accidental data loss.
    4. Set up the old redirects to your new Shopify URL. This is critical for success in SEO migration to Shopify. All pages, collections, and products will require an adequate redirect setup. It is time-consuming but experts can optimize the operations.
    5. They perform the migration out of the peak period so that the store faces lesser losses. This migration will mean that the time period selected will be such that you face small losses. For example, if you are going to perform your migration jest before the launch of Black Friday, it can be guaranteed that you will miss out on potential revenue.
    6. The content is migrated to the new store. This is performed by using adequate APIs or third-party plugins which depend upon budget and time constraints.
    7. The linking structure is then updated to take the users to new URLs. The new store is now up and functional. 

    This well-thought-out practice and process make sure that the end product is the best and up to international standards. It must also be mentioned that it is not necessary to migrate one store from another if you want multiple online platforms. For instance, you can perform Shopify Amazon integration and operate both stores from a single interface by using adequate APIs that can manage the store by automating workflows.

    What to look for when hiring a Folio3 expert for Shopify SEO migration services

    When you are hiring Folio3 experts for Shopify SEO migration services, it is best to do some research and assess the experts on your end so that you have complete satisfaction. You can look for multiple aspects when hiring for Shopify integration or Shopify optimization services from Folio3.

    You can inquire whether the Folio3 expert has experience in developing Shopify headless solutions, this will give you an idea of their expertise as these ensure that the store owners have creative control across all of the touch points for providing a great customer experience.

    You can ask the expert to give an overview of the SEO migration services they provided to previous clients.

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    If you feel that the services provided by the expert are what you want, you can be confident to achieve what you want from the Shopify experts. You can also ask the experts for packages that can be utilized for long-term services. These are generally more economical as compared to short-term services. 

    How to make sure the Folio3 expert you hire is qualified and experienced for Shopify SEO migration services

    As a store owner, it is your responsibility to hire an expert that is qualified and experienced for providing you with Shopify SEO migration services. You can test the experts by giving them a scenario and then taking their answers.

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    If you feel that their approach is sufficient to cater to the scenario, it is probable that they are experienced and qualified to deal with your problems. You can also read the reviews of these experts if they are experts with an online presence.

    Another method to get an idea of the experts’ performance is to ask their previous clients about the services provided. This is a great option as it will let you know what to expect from the expert.

    If you want migration services it is best to hire experts. If you are looking to migrate from Volusion to Shopify, it is best to get into contact with Folio3 as they can provide the best services. 

    Criteria of being qualified as a Shopify expert.

    The criteria to be classified as a Shopify expert are as follows.

    • The expert needs to have a Shopify Partner account.
    • They need to have experience as a Shopify developer with 5+ active client stores for their applications and themes.

    Becoming an expert on Shopify is a quite challenging task. It requires working and growing in the website development industry and having sufficient knowledge about website design. Also, another overlooked but highly important aspect is to connect with the Shopify network and build a great relationship with the Shopify community.

    How to get started with the Shopify migration process?

    The Shopify migration process can be started by store owners themselves or by their Shopify web development services.

    The migration ensures safe and secure data transfer from one platform to another. For instance, if I want to migrate all my data from light speed to Shopify, all the data on my lightspeed platform will be transferred to Shopify. You can learn how to migrate lightspeed to Shopify.

    To get started with the migration process, these steps can be followed.

    • First of all, the basic administrative settings need to be configured.
    • Import the content of the store and the data to the Shopify store.
    • Organize the new imported products after the migration process.
    • Ensure that the store looks presentable. It is advised to hire Shopify website design services that can ensure that the store attracts visitors.
    • Set up the domain for the store.
    • Set up shipping for the store.
    • Configure the taxes for the store.
    • Set up successful payment providers and also place some test orders.
    • Invite the customers to create new accounts on the site.
    • Set up URL redirects.

    If all of these processes are carried out, the migration process has been completed. If you are looking for Shopify customization Folio3 can also help you with that.

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    How much does it cost to migrate to Shopify?

    The cost to migrate to Shopify will be including the cost of migration and the initial costs. Shopify provides 14-day free trial periods which allow you to use Shopify without any setup fees. You can set up the store while also deciding the pricing plans that will best fit your needs. The Shopify setup options are:

    • The Basic Shopify plan is preferable when starting new businesses. It costs $29 per month.
    • The Shopify plan is best for growing businesses. It costs $79 per month.
    • The Advanced Shopify plan is best when the business is being scaled. It costs $299 per month.

    These Shopify plans will come up with various options and variable levels of services for the business. All of these stores come with an online store, 24/7 customer support, sales channels, the Shopify POS application, unlimited products, and several other features.

    But the better the plan, the better the features for the store. An example is, the Basic plan includes 2 Staff accounts whereas the Advanced Shopify and Shopify plans include 15 and 5 staff accounts respectively.

    Additionally, Advanced Shopify also has features such as Advanced Report Builders and the calculated shipping rates as third parties. However Shopify Plus offers more as compared to others.

    It is best to have Shopify App development companies that can create your Shopify application. Companies provide automated calculations which can show the expected prices for the migration of the data. Migration plans start from $49 and up to $119 for all-in-one packages.


    List The benefits of working with an expert for Shopify SEO migration services?

    It is critical for the success of the Shopify store to have Shopify SEO migration services. The experts can provide various benefits to store owners. These experts provide short-term and long-term benefits such as:

    • Extension of the basic Shopify functions. The basic plugins and themes can be changed. The experts can provide Shopify customizations for the store and add different functions required by the store owner.
    • They give the store shoppers a great user experience. Since almost 88% of online shoppers are less probable to return to your Shopify store once they have a bad experience with your store.
    • They can provide Shopify optimization services that can increase the loading time of the store. This helps the store rank better on Google Search results.
    • The developers can provide ongoing support and help services even after the task of migration or SEO is done. They continuously provide ongoing support.
    • Improvement in SEO can be received. According to research, 75% of search engine users don’t go beyond the first page. This means that some potential customers will never even see your store even if you have the product they are looking for.
    • You will be able to focus on the business prospect of the store. This can be achieved as all the store’s technical details can be managed by the expert while you focus on the business side.

    Questions to ask before hiring an SEO migration expert?

    There are several questions that you can ask an SEO migration expert before hiring their services permanently for the store. You can ask them these questions:

    • How long have you provided SEO migration services?
    • What are some of the techniques sfor increasing the website ranking of the store?
    • What are some projects that you worked on?
    • What were some problems in migration you faced and then how did you tackle those problems?
    • What is your work experience in the field of Shopify services?


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