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#1 Shopify Custom Theme Development Company USA

shopify customization and development

Build Pixel-Perfect Shopify Theme for Your e-Commerce Store

If you are an e-commerce merchant and you wish to launch a new Shopify store, you will likely be doing your research about the best Shopify themes are have a high conversion rate for customers, increased mobile optimization services, and customer retention. You can develop your very own storefront if you notice that the old-theme Shopify stores are unable to compete with customized stores. To get a customized storefront that can outperform your Shopify rivals, you can Hire shopify theme development services from Folio3. Our company has an arsenal of resources that can help your business get high conversion rates, increased sales, and increased return on investment for the online business. You can make minor changes or have a complete redesign of your store. Our developers will make all your requests visible on your Shopify store. So what are you waiting for? Get in contact with our representatives and get a consultancy. We have offices in multiple economic zones, you can visit the office closest to you and get started with your project.

Our amazing Shopify Customization Services that propel sales and drive year-on-year growth for your business

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Custom Shopify

Folio3 will only hire shopify theme developers who are certified.

Shopify Storefronts

We have certified developers who understand the programming language of Shopify. Since they have a strong base, they are able to make customizations easily.
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We can collaborate with you and develop a Shopify theme that is completely based on your preference.


We will deliver this conversion-optimized service in a small time frame for your business.
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We can customize the app design and provide application development services for all sorts of businesses.


You can hire shopify theme developer to provide you with application development services from Folio3.
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We provide reliable support for the designing of the theme, and we help you with both.


You can hire Folio3 as your shopify custom theme development company USA to get the most reliable support during and after the solution development.

Custom Shopify Themes- Designs & Beyond

Folio3 provides our customers with the best theme customization services. We provide the best theme customization services to clients. Our certified designers create the best Shopify storefronts for the customers that provide the most unique services. The Shopify customizations are such that the user’s store attracts a lot of visitors and the unique storefront converts them into loyal customers by encouraging purchase. The Shopify merchants can implement what they wish and meet the customer expectations very well. We can even provide our expert’s opinion which can make sure that the storefront has everything critical for the success of the store. Our Shopify experts make sure that all of the customizations are given an added value by using the best practices for human-computer interaction.

Benefits of Shopify Theme Customization for E-commerce Development

E-commerce businesses can’t directly communicate with users. The only medium of communication is an online interface. If the interface is good, you can expect good business progress. Shopify is a platform with over 1.7 million active users. There is plenty of business opportunity for merchants. To develop your store you must hire the Top USA shopify theme development agency. Once you have a Shopify development agency on your side, you will always have technically strong support for the business. They will develop completely functional stores within a few working days and get the business up and running. Customization of Shopify will also be easy and you will be able to make complete use of Shopify.

Fully Customizable Store

A fully customizable store means that the Shopify store can provide a storefront that is completely modified as per the needs of the store owner. Attractive, interactive, and unique stores can be created to complement the products available on the store. You could use ready-to-use solutions or fully customized solutions built from scratch. Be sure to hire the Best USA shopify theme development Company to ensure the best customization for the store.

Safe and Secure Payments

The big part about customization means that the customization can also implement multiple features and functions such as new payment methods. You can use integration services of the very same Shopify theme development service provider. If you choose us as your service provider you can even get a Low cost Shopify theme development solutions in the form of a package that includes integration services as well. This will increase the value of the solution for the business. 

Multiple third-party plugins

The Shopify customization will also support multiple third-party plugins that make sure that the Shopify store can have modified features. These features can be developed from scratch by hiring a Shopify development company that can then provide integration services with a third-party plugin or extension. This will create unique features in the store and make the customer experience better. It will enable a better conversion rate as new customers will flock to the store, and the retention rate will become better as new and improved features will be integrated that keep the customer connected with updated services.

Zero maintenance cost

The theme development of Shopify will cost money. Maintenance of the theme will require no such cost as the solution is present with the client. But if they want to improve it, there will be a cost for that, however, the maintenance cost will be minimal or zero if no change is needed. The theme will be with the client and can provide service to the Shopify store with great performance.

Check out our Shopify Projects

With more than 15 years of experience in delivering top Shopify development services to small, medium, and large companies and enterprises, our reputation precedes us. Browse through these success stories and learn more about why our clients have come to love us!

The Renewal Workshop

  • Shopify Customization and integration

  • For The Renewal Workshop, Folio3 worked on Shopify connectors integrations and customization to need their custom order and inventory management needs.


  • B2B and B2C shopify integration

  • Folio3 offered Greenlane with shopify customizations and integrations to match their real time business needs
Face Reality Acne Skin Care

Face Reality

  • B2B and B2C shopify integration

  • With complex product credit app and custom Shopify integrations, Face Reality has been able to scale sales.

Our primary mission is to help as many Shopify stores to increase their performance as much as possible.

If you want your store to be first, ahead of your competition, then you are in the best place.

Our Shopify Theme Development & Customization Process

Folio3 provides our clients with the best shopify theme development services USA. We have over 15+ years of experience in developing Shopify themes. We have provided solutions to multiple sizes of business clients. We developed thousands of solutions for Fortune500 companies and small-sized enterprises. We even provide customization services to our clients for their Shopify stores to make their stores unique and attractive to customers. Our expert team makes use of advanced technologies and multi-disciplinary Shopify customizations for developing the Shopify customizations.

Why choose Folio3 as your Shopify Customization Partner?

Shopify design experts

Folio3 has verified Shopify design experts who have hands-on experience working on Shopify design solutions. Their certification makes them the most legitimate developers in the business and ensures that they are professionals. We hire experts because we deliver the best and most authentic solutions for our clients. The better the developer, the easier it is for them to make the most customized solutions for our clients as developers are able to deliver out-of-the-box designs. They understand the complexity of Shopify and can make easy customizations as they are certified in Shopify’s development language, liquid. They ensure that the design is relevant to your business need and has a touch of the experience of the domain experts. So you can come up with any idea you want for your Shopify store and our expert Shopify designers will make it available for you.

Client-centric approach

Our company follows the agile approach for solution development. One of the most important pillars of this approach is focusing on customer collaboration over contract negotiation. What this means is that our company focuses on the requirements of the customers rather than focusing on the payments schedules. This keeps our goal clear which is always providing the customer with the best services. Our employees are able to make the best and most customized services needed by customers. Our requirement engineers gather all the necessary requirements of the client and then the developers make sure to implement each and every requirement to provide the client with the best shopify theme development services USA. Our developers make the theme as per the customer needs and ensure that all of the functionalities, features, and business goals are met with this optimized and custom solution.

On time delivery

Folio3 has experienced developers, a very clearly and expertly outlined working process method, availability of all resources ranging from hardware to service providers, and following of the best practices that ensure that all of the projects are delivered on time, or well before the deadlines every single time. We have efficient project managers who manage all of the phases of the software development lifecycle. We are able to provide an Affordable shopify theme development cost, primarily by ensuring the time required for development is kept at a minimum.

Theme Customization In Non Destructive Ways

Our certified Shopify developers have hands-on experience, expertise, and all the domain knowledge related to liquid – the development language of Shopify – which makes sure that the solution development is productive instead of destructive. Our company will only hire shopify theme developers who are certified. These developers then customize the Shopify store as per the needs of the client preference and also ensure that if only theme development is needed, no feature or important functionality is disturbed. This makes the solution effective as the change can even be made by the client by themselves. This theme development is carried out so the change can be made by the customer anywhere and anytime. Our clients can update the themes by themselves and even get the developers to make these themes better and update them as per market trends. You can get this feature by hiring Folio3 shopify theme development services USA.

Experts with more than 15 years of knowledge

Folio3 has over 15+ years of experience in the field of solution development. We have been developing solutions for Fortune500 clients and small-scale business enterprises as well. Our clients are all around the globe and still use our solutions and were, are, and will always remain satisfied with our services. We have our experience and we also hire shopify theme developers with extensive experience. These developers are experienced and hands-on experience in developing customized services for clients. Our company has senior software architects, experienced project managers, insightful business analysts, expert software quality engineers, and professional domain experts. All of the teams work together to make Folio the best USA shopify theme development Company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shopify is currently one of the most popular platforms for building e-commerce stores around the world. When developing an e-commerce website on Shopify, there are two major types of costs that you can expect in the development phase. There will be recurring operational costs and upfront costs to get the website built. We recommend hiring US shopify theme development firms to build the store for you to ensure perfection. The cost will depend on the amount functions on the store you want to provide the users with. An estimate of making a Shopify store will generally cost between $3500 to $5,000. This will mostly include features such as a year of web hosting, 10 pages of content drafted professionally, a five field contact form, and a professionally designed store that can accommodate up to 25 products. Small startup companies can have a basic website on Shopify as well. The structure allows limited products, so the store needs to be focused on the design. The store must be easy to manage in the long run. So if you opt for a corporate store on Shopify which will have a higher initial investment but a great return on investment in the long run. Such a completely optimized store can cost around $6000 to $10,000. It will include features such as search engine optimization, product catalogs, advanced product filters, almost 30 to 40 pages of professionally written content, product features, customized payment gateways, cart pages, email notifications, and invoices. The recurring costs of the store will be associated with the user using the Shopify platform. It includes the plans and cost of every purchase. You can purchase the Basic plan for $29, Shopify plan for $79, and advanced Shopify for $299 per monthly charge. You can hire Folio3 to provide Low cost shopify theme development solutions.

New customers have a clear idea of the success of Folio3. They are really intrigued to know if it is a specific business we cater to or a single industry that we cater to when providing Shopify customization services. The answer to this question is that we cater to all sorts of businesses. We provide services to small-scale enterprises and go up to Fortune500 companies. These clients are around the globe and quite satisfied with our services. The industries we serve to are again almost all. We provide customization services to automobile industries, agricultural technology industries, and especially online e-commerce business industries. To get our services, you can hire Folio3 as our clients say we are the Top USA shopify theme development agency and that we always deliver better services than what they expect, every time in terms of return on investment and quality services.

It is always preferable to hire shopify theme developer for your Shopify projects. There are multiple reasons to hire a Shopify theme developer and also be sure to the Best USA shopify theme development Company:

  1. Even if you have a physical brick-and-mortar store, it is best to sell on Shopify. This will be able to provide the customers with an Omnichannel experience to your customers. The company can set up the store within two weeks. This will diversify your sales channels and increase the source of income, sales, exposure, and provide your business with an online presence.
  2. When you hire a Shopify theme developer, they will design the store expertly. Their expertise will make sure that the store will follow the best practices. Their solutions will make use of the most efficient design, masterful architecture, and smooth workflows which will ensure that the business prospects will attract the customers and turn visitors into customers.
  3. The company will provide complete and Low cost shopify theme development solutions. These solutions will make use of multiple integrations such as third-party applications, payment processing, and the best suppliers that will get the store up and running in less time. 
  4. The Shopify experts will make sure that the e-commerce platform is not a simple website like other stores. It will be highly interactive, visually appealing, and flexible. These make sure that the visitors are converted into loyal customers.
  5. The experts ensure very little downtime, they will get the store developed and working perfectly within weeks. The store can then be easily maintained, the store will be maintainable because when designing the store, these expert developers make a strong basis to ensure that there is no need for downtime.
  6. The expert corporations stay relevant to the business trend of the e-commerce domain. The customers benefit from the insight of the experts which ensures that their business can stay up to date. The experience of the experts makes sure that the business keeps on performing better.
  7. The experience of the developers and their domain knowledge ensures that the customers can be provided with great customer experiences.

These experts are knowledgeable when considering the knowledge of payment gateways, inventory management systems, customer management systems, enterprise resource planning, and other necessary applications that make them valuable business assets when launching Shopify stores. 

Folio3 provides Shopify customization services. We provide Affordable shopify theme development cost packages for our clients. Our customization services include multiple services.


  • We provide customized Shopify storefronts for clients. We will only hire shopify theme developers who are certified. These customized themes increase your conversion rates and increase brand exposure by providing unique experiences. Our certified developers understand the programming language of Shopify. They are able to make customizations easily for client storefronts. Our customized Shopify themes are able to convert visitors into loyal customers. Folio3 has domain experts as well who can provide insightful guidelines to make your store relevant to a particular domain. For example, stores for kids have visual appeal by using different colors, stores for older customers have minimalist designs and jewelry stores have an appealing and flashy storefront. These small details make our customized Shopify storefronts best for customers and such fine-detail and domain knowledge are a trademark of Folio3 as the best shopify theme development service provider
  • Folio3 is also a shopify theme development service provider. We develop custom themes. If you feel that the store is very rigid and restrictive, you need services to deploy a new and unique store. The best option for you would be to get in contact with us. You can pay us a visit, or get in contact with our representatives online. We can collaborate with you and develop a Shopify theme that is completely based on your preference. We will deliver this conversion-optimized theme development service in a small time frame for your business. Our teams will work together to produce a customized theme in a small amount of time. We also make sure that the solution is conversion-optimized for your business to bring in new customers.
  • We also have application developers for Shopify. We can provide services to develop your very own application for Shopify. Our application developers are Shopify professionals. As a result, we can provide services as an application designer as well. You can develop your very own customized application that will serve your business needs. We can customize the app design and provide application development services for all sorts of businesses. You can hire shopify theme developer to provide you with application development services from Folio3.

Folio3 provides our customers with the best customization services. Our certified designers create the best Shopify storefronts for the customers that provide the most unique services. The Shopify customizations are such that the user’s store attracts visitors and the unique storefront converts them into loyal customers by encouraging purchase. The Shopify merchants can implement what they wish and meet the customer expectations very well. 

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