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    Last Updated | April 28, 2023

    Shopify in UAE – An Overview

    Shopify needs no introduction- it is famous for being an all-in-one commerce platform, that is powering over 1,000,000 businesses globally, including the UAE. Whether you want to sell goods or opt for dropshipping, everything is possible with Shopify UAE.

    How does Shopify work in UAE?

    Shopify UAE is no different than any other country’s Shopify; the setup is the same. Your customers in the UAE would be allowed to make payments in the local currency, i.e. the Dirham. Shopify has partnered with leading international payment providers to help provide the maximum support to its users. Customers are allowed to pay in their local currency by using the payment method they prefer.

    SHOPIFY UAE - Shopify integration

    Can I sell my Products on Shopify?

    Yes, absolutely! You can sell your products on Shopify in the UAE after when you have acquired a license for your trading activity. Shopify is a reliable eCommerce platform globally, including the UAE. All you have to do is create an account, choose your preferred price plan and start accessing everything on your store’s dashboard. Selling your products requires you to acquire a trading activity license that allows you to import and export your products through Shopify. However, if you plan if you just wish to deal with products from the UAE, you would require an eCommerce activity license.

    How to create your Online Shopify store in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

    Opening up a Shopify store is very easy and user-friendly. Shopify web development  requires lesser time as compared to its competitors. Before setting up your store, you need to signup and provide Shopify with some of your details, such as your biodata, name of your store, billing information, etc. Once you have an account registered, you can start by choosing a theme for your store, setting up payment providers and gateways, shipping settings, domain, taxes, etc. You would also have to select a price plan that suits your needs the most. Once you have a skeleton laid out, you can start working on the product listings, menu, and navigation, etc. Setting up your store in Shopify UAE is the same as setting up a store in any other country. These licenses allow the processing of payments via payment gateways. Furthermore, Shopify offers a 14-day free trial for its users. Once this period is over, you start getting billed. You can add various plugins, either free or paid, from the Shopify app store to your store, to help increase its functionality.

    Best Shipping Label App for UAE Shopify Stores

    Theme Selection for your Shopify Store

    Theme selection depends on the type of goods you are selling. Shopify offers its users a selection of professional and attractive themes for their store. You can preview themes before you choose them for your store. Shopify offers a good collection comprising of free and paid themes, as well as the option of customization for your themes. Choosing a theme that goes well with your business is generally a good idea. One thing to keep in mind is that choosing a unique theme helps to attract more customers to your store, as it helps your store to stand out from the lot. Shopify UAE keeps track of all the themes you have been using in the past.

    SHOPIFY UAE - Shopify development

    Best Shopify Payment Gateway in the UAE and Customer Experience

    A payment gateway is a payment processing platform that processes payments on behalf of the store owner. Providing a smooth shopping experience to your customers is the key to get loyal customers. Seamless transactions are a must to prevent any glitches and disappointments from happening at the customer’s end. Therefore, using the best payment gateway would ensure that your customers have a smooth transaction.

    Shopify payment gateway UAE includes PayPal Express, Tap, 2Checkout, BitPay, iPayLinks, etc. Generally, the customer experience becomes a lot better if there are multiple payment gateways installed. They also have their payment gateway known as Shopify Payments that processes payments through Stripe. Using payment gateways requires you to pay a processing fee for each transaction made.

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    Shopify Customer Service Support in the UAE

    Shopify customer service is available via email, chat, and phone calls. Apart from this, discussion forums are also available where users discuss their issues and help each other through their experiences. This is the standard help provided by all Shopify stores, including the UAE.

    How much does Shopify cost in the UAE?

    Shopify offers a free 14-day trial that you can avail of before being charged for any price plan. Shopify UAE provides its users with various price plans to help fulfill users’ needs. Price plans start as low as $9.

    The price plans for Shopify are:

    —Basic Shopify Account: $29 per month

    —Standard Shopify Account: $79 per month

    —Advanced Shopify Account: $299 per month

    Shopify Plus: around $2000 per month

    Shopify UAE – Shopify Blogs and Additional Setup

    Blogs are an essential feature to help in the marketing of your brand or store. They help to increase your rank and help in engaging more customers, which, in turn, helps to increase your sales. With Shopify UAE, you get a virtual marketing assistant feature known as Kit, that helps in creating Facebook and Instagram ads and also to help send a few email templates.

    Final Thoughts

    Shopify UAE works similarly to Shopify web design platforms around the globe. However, selling without a license is not possible in the UAE. Overall, Shopify is a reliable commerce platform in the UAE and also globally.

    —Is it illegal to sell online in the UAE?

    No, it is not illegal to sell online in the UAE. The only requirement is that you must have acquired the relevant license for doing business in the UAE.

    —Do I need a license for Shopify in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

    Yes, you do need a license for Shopify in the UAE. There are two types of licenses available:

    1. E-commerce Activity License

    This license lets you sell goods that have already been registered in the UAE, i.e., local products.

    1. Trading License

    This license lets you import and export certain products from the country. This means that you have an online store through which you can sell foreign products.

    —What can I not sell on Shopify in the UAE?

    Shopify has a list of products you cannot sell on its platform. These products include the following:

    -Cannabis and related businesses

    -Tobacco, e-cigarettes, e-liquid

    -Online pharmacies, prescription-only products

    -Peptides and research chemicals

    -Gunpowders and explosives


    -Age-restricted goods and services

    -Toxic, flammable and radioactive materials

    Shopify keeps on updating this list on their website. It would be a good idea to review this list before signing up for a Shopify account.

    SHOPIFY UAE - Shopify migration

    Shopify UAE — Do I need a tax ID to sell on Shopify in the UAE?

    Yes, you do require a tax ID to sell your good on Shopify SAP integration Store. You need to submit this ID when you set up your Shopify Payments. If you happen to be a sole proprietor without a tax ID, you can even submit your Social Insurance Number (SIN) or the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN).

    How much does it cost to build a Shopify App?

    Pricing for Shopify cost varies from $150 per hour to $500+ per hour.

    The overall price of a Shopify store will vary greatly depending on various parameters including the functionality required, the software development company hired for the job, and the scope of the work.

    Generally, a reputed and experienced Shopify app development company in the USA will charge you anywhere between $150 per hour to $500+ per hour. Alternatively, you can choose a freelancer or outsource Shopify app development work to other countries to lower the development cost. However, outsourcing to other countries comes with various barriers including cultural and language challenges, and it’s best recommended to avoid the route.


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