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    How To Start An Online Shopify UAE Store (Dubai)?

    Last Updated | May 3, 2024

    Shopify in UAE – An Overview

    As of Feb 2024, there are 15,197 live Shopify stores in the United Arab Emirates, with 9,542 of them based in Dubai, 1,629 in Abu Dhabi, and 1,418 in Sharjah. So, Shopify UAE’s popularity has already reached its zenith and does not need an introduction! Whether it’s about selling physical products or opting for dropshipping, everything is possible with Shopify in UAE, especially in Dubai. 

    How Does Shopify Work in UAE?

    Shopify UAE is no different than any other country’s Shopify; the setup is the same. Your customers in the UAE would be allowed to make payments in the local currency, i.e., the Dirham. 

    Shopify has partnered with leading international payment providers to help provide the maximum support to its users. Customers can pay in their local currency by using the preferred payment method.

    Can I Sell My Products on Shopify?

    Once you have acquired the trading license, you can sell almost any product there. No matter if those are physical goods or intangible digital products.

    Despite being a diversified platform, it still imposes certain limitations. First, the platform has a list of prohibited items that you cannot sell, including weapons and illegal drugs. Second, some products, such as alcohol or tobacco, may require additional fees or permissions. But if your products are legal and allowed by the store, you can set up your shop and start selling anytime.

    Selling products on Shopify involves several steps and settings. Here’s a simplified table that outlines the key steps and actions you need to take to sell your products on Shop:

    Steps Action Description
    1 Sign Up for Shopify Create an account on Shopify’s website.
    2 Choose a Plan Select a suitable pricing plan (e.g., Basic, Advanced).
    3 Set Up Your Store Customize your store’s name, theme, and design.
    4 Add Products Enter product details, including title, price, and description.
    5 Organize Products Create collections or categories to group similar products.
    6 Set Prices and Shipping Configure shipping options and pricing rules.
    7 Set Up Payment Gateway Connect a payment processor (e.g., PayPal, Stripe).
    8 Configure Taxes Define tax rates based on your location and products.
    9 Set Up Your Domain Register a domain or connect an existing one.
    10 Customize Store Settings Configure store settings (e.g., checkout, emails).
    11 Install Apps Add apps for additional functionality (e.g., marketing).
    12 Set Up SEO and Analytics Optimize for search engines and track performance.
    13 Test Your Store Ensure all features work correctly before launch.
    14 Launch Your Store Make your store live and accessible to customers.
    15 Promote Your Store Market your store through social media and advertising.
    16 Manage Orders View and fulfill orders through the Shopify dashboard.
    17 Provide Customer Support Offer assistance and resolve customer inquiries.
    18 Analyze and Improve Monitor sales and customer behavior to refine your strategy.
    19 Scale Your Business Expand product offerings and marketing efforts.

    This table provides a structured overview of the process, but remember that each step may involve multiple sub-steps and customization based on your specific business needs.

    Mandatory Requirements To Start an Online Shopify Store in Dubai

    Mandatory requirements To start an online Shopify store in Dubai

    Steps to Set Up Shopify in the UAE

    Select A Suitable Package

    The store offers various subscription plans, each with different features and functionalities. So, the first step requires the store owner to consider their budget, product volume, and anticipated growth. 

    The Basic Plan caters to smaller businesses, while Advanced and Shopify Plus offer advanced features like custom reporting and abandoned cart recovery. Remember, you can always upgrade later if your needs change.

    Selecting A Theme

    The right theme sets the tone for your brand and customer experience. It means any issues with theme selection can be troublesome. These stores provide a diverse selection of free and paid options. All this ensures you find one that aligns with your aesthetic and functionalities. 

    Prioritize themes with responsiveness for mobile devices and ease of customization to reflect your unique brand identity.

    Managing Customer Experience and Payment Gateway

    Creating and maintaining a seamless customer experience is crucial. Therefore, presenting clear returns, shipping, and refund policies is also significant. Offer multiple payment options tailored to local preferences. 

    Although Shopify Payments isn’t available in the UAE, reputable alternatives like Telr, PayTabs, Stripe, and 2Checkout enable secure transactions. Remember to factor in transaction fees associated with each gateway.


    Best Shipping Label App for UAE Shopify Stores


    Shopify Blogs and Additional Setup

    Shopify Blogs and Additional Setup

    Blogs are an essential feature to help market your brand or store. They help increase your rank and engage more customers, which, in turn, helps increase your sales. 

    With Shopify UAE, you get a virtual marketing assistant feature, Kit, that helps create Facebook and Instagram ads and send a few email templates. Explore Shopify’s blog for UAE-specific advice and use apps to enhance your store (marketing, loyalty, etc.)

    Do You Need a License for Shopify in the UAE?

    Do You Need a License for Shopify in the UAE

    You might need a trading license depending on your business activity and product sources. After all, obtaining the correct license is crucial for legal compliance. 

    The specific license required also depends on your business activity and where you source your products. If you only sell products sourced within the UAE, you might need an eCommerce activity license. 

    However, a trading license is mandatory if you import or export goods. Consult the Department of Economic Development (DED) in your emirate for detailed guidance and application procedures.

    Look Up to Shopify Customer Service Support in UAE

    Shopify Customer Service Support in the UAE

    If you’re considering starting an online business, Shopify is a great option. In case of any query, confusion, or lack of understanding, approach their customer service support. 

    It is available via email, chat, and phone calls. Discussion forums are also available where users discuss their issues and help each other through their experiences. You can avail of the exclusive services from this from all Shopify stores, including the UAE.

    SHOPIFY UAE - Shopify integration

    Final Thoughts

    If you want to transform your entrepreneurial vision into a dropshipping reality, this guide will get you to your final destination. Initiating any business requires dedication and research. The same goes for the Shopify UAE store. 

    Follow the step-by-step process and fulfill the license requirements to set up your Shopify store for local and global audiences.

    Shopify UAE FAQs

    Is Shopify available in the UAE?

    Yes, Shopify is available in the UAE, allowing businesses to create online stores and sell products globally. This e-commerce platform provides all the necessary tools and resources to start, run, and grow an online business.

    Is Shopify Allowed in UAE?

    Yes, Shopify is allowed in the UAE. However, there are certain limitations and guidelines for selling products on the platform. 

    Is Shopify Successful in UAE?

    Yes, Shopify has been successful in the UAE, and a growing number of local businesses are using the platform to sell their products. 

    What are the best-selling products in the UAE?

    In the UAE, luxury items, electronics, beauty products, and fashion are the best-selling products. High-end gadgets and smartphones particularly dominate, reflecting the region’s tech-savvy and style-conscious consumer

    How to start an online business in UAE

    Starting an online business in the UAE involves several steps. First, choose your business activity and legal structure. Next, register your business name and apply for a trade license through the Department of Economic Development. Finally, set up a corporate bank account.

    What is an online selling license in the UAE?

    Online selling licenses in the UAE authorize businesses to sell goods or services via the Internet. This legal requirement ensures compliance with local laws, enabling companies to operate digitally while adhering to regulatory standards.

    How to hire a Shopify developer in Dubai

    To hire a Shopify developer in Dubai, consider contacting agencies like Folio3. They offer expert Shopify solutions tailored to your business needs, ensuring efficient and effective e-commerce store development.

    Can I open a Shopify store in Dubai?

    Yes, you can open a Shopify store in Dubai. The city is well-known for its robust e-commerce sector, and Shopify provides an accessible platform for starting your online business there. You’ll need to ensure you comply with local business regulations, including obtaining the necessary trade licenses.

    Can I open an online store in Dubai?

    Absolutely, Dubai offers a thriving marketplace for online businesses. To open an online store, you need to apply for an e-trader license from the Department of Economic Development. This license is specifically designed for home-based businesses and online retailers.

    Which dropshipping app is best for Shopify in UAE?

    Oberlo is one of the best dropshipping apps for Shopify users in the UAE. It offers an extensive catalog of products and integrates seamlessly with Shopify, making it easier for you to import products directly to your store. Oberlo’s user-friendly interface and efficient tracking of orders also make it a favorite among e-commerce entrepreneurs.


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