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    Top Shopify Payment Gateways by Country in 2024

    Last Updated | July 5, 2024

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    What is Shopify Payment Gateway?

    Making payments is a way that customers pay for what they have bought to Shopify, which can be through the Shopify Payment Gateways or any other third party payment gateway service that Shopify easily can integrate with. A payment gateway is the medium, the middle party that holds any amount of money that a person has received once a sale is complete. A mix of both can prove to be great, since it is a way of ensuring the complete sale cycle, that whatever people have put into their carts, they buy at the checkout point, and the customers get a variety of ways to pay in, making the payment process much easier.

    Some advantages of the Shopify Payment Gateways include:

    • Real time tracking of the money or payment through visible dashboards, where the whole payment schedule is present, so that it is not lost or forgotten.
    • Using any of the Shopify pricing plans, if you use the Shopify Payment Gateway, no extra transaction fees will be charged, so money is saved.
    • Chargeback recovery and process is made simple, because Shopify Payments dashboard displays all information, and also sends the same relevant evidence to all concerned parties automatically, making the chargeback dispute easy to resolve.
    • Shopify instantly approves the usage of the Shopify Payment Gateway as opposed to waiting for approval for weeks in case of the other payment gateway options.

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    • Shopify US payment gateways

    For the US citizens, it is much easier to access payment gateways through Shopify because it is the first region (along with Canada) where the Shopify Payment Gateway option was introduced this year. Shopify is known to have partnered with big names in the payment provider market internationally, and each customer has been given the leverage to make purchases in their own currency, and use the payment method they prefer the most.

    Shopify Payments itself is one of the biggest gateways that US residents can take advantage of in their region, because by using Shopify’s own payment gateway, you can save up on transaction costs, along with multiple other benefits already mentioned earlier in this article.

    Moreover, multiple other gateways are present for Shopify users, with whom Shopify has partnered over time and brought ease of payment to its customers. Some of these gateways include:

    • EBANX is a famous gateway for nine countries across Latin America, giving more than a hundred payment method options, including the use of credit or debit cards.
    • North America is catered mostly through the Afterpay North America gateway.
    • Amazon Pay, which is one of the more widely used gateways and payment methods across the US.
    • PayPal gives multiple methods of payments too, for example, PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Payflow Pro, etc. and is another widely used gateway.
    • dLocal, which helps accepting different local cards, cash payments of sorts and also bank transfers.
    • iPayLinks
    • Alipay Global
    • FirstData US
    • Sage Payment Solutions
    • com

    These are just to name a few, many other gateways are present for US customers, making the payment methods much easier for them than before.

    Shopify development

    How to Add Payment Gateway to Shopify?

    Having multiple payment gateways on your online store helps your customers to pay with ease.

    For example, Shopify India has provided 15+ payment gateways so that customers can benefit from multiple options. Adding a payment gateway is very easy in Shopify.

    From your Dashboard select payment types. Here you will see different payment types. You can add or delete any types you want. You can also add custom payment methods other than those provided in the list.

    • Is payment gateways accepted by Shopify?

    Shopify has its own payment gateway that was introduced earlier this year, but it does not step back from partnering with other payment gateways across the globe to make the payment process easier for its customers, by providing them with a variety of payment options. Shopify has already seen to have partnered with multiple third-party gateway providers and is doing great in that area.

    Thus, Shopify does accept other payment gateways, both within and outside of the US, but for the usage of outsider payment gateways, Shopify charges a transaction fee to its customers, which can be curbed if the customers use Shopify’s own payment gateway system.

    • Difference between Shopify payment gateways and merchant accounts

    Shopify payment gateways give the customers of Shopify a variety of options and payment methods to pay through. Internationally as well, Shopify has integrated with many outsider gateways to help make the payment process easier for all users. Yet, there is a huge difference between these gateways and merchant accounts. Rather, these two are very different concepts altogether.

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    Where Shopify payment gateways give options for different ways to pay through, facilitating the online transactions and payment process, merchant accounts are actually the accounts where the money is kept or stored before being deposited in the real accounts of the seller. This way, not only does Shopify guarantee that the payment has been made, but they can also check and verify that complete payment has been made and then transfer the amount to the respective merchant.

    • Is Shopify payment gateways international?

    Earlier this year, the Shopify payments gateway was actually only announced for the users of the United States, with an additional service to Canadian users as well. Though, a little while later, the Shopify payments gateway was open internationally for users in the United Kingdom and the Australian region as well. This made Shopify more global and internationally recognized. In fact, Shopify got even more international recognition when it partnered with different payment gateways to integrate the payment process, and made lives of users around the world a lot easier.

    • Shopify payment gateways Canada

    1. Shopify Payments:

    Shopify Payments announced their inauguration for Canadian users this year, along with US users. Through this gateway, many users are now able to pay their dues without any hassle, and even without paying any extra transaction fee, which is a highly beneficial way of payment for Shopify users.

    1. dLocal:

    dLocal comes in handy for most of the local Canadian users because it accepts different ways of payments, such as via the credit card, bank transfers or any sort of cash payments made by the users. This way, the local currency and on premise payment plans are easily integrated with the online payment process.

    1. EBANX:

    EBANX is another gateway that Shopify has partnered with and is handy for Canadian users, especially those who prefer on premise payments, or those who prefer paying through debit and credit cards. EBANX also facilitates those users who want to use discount coupons, vouchers or wallets in their payment process.

    1. net:

    CoinPayments.net is another essential gateway that Shopify users have access to and is readily available for use. It is mostly concerned with payments made in crypto currency, and with the current rise in crypto currency during the world pandemic, this gateway has increased in recognition and is the preferred choice of many now.

    1. Klarna:

    Klarna is a simple payment gateway that Shopify offers which gives a payment ease to the users. This payment ease is the facility to pay over a certain period of time, rather than immediately. For example, if a user has made a purchase, instead of paying the whole price of the products, the users can pay over a period of time in regular installments. This way, paying up has been much easier for the users of Canada through Klarna.

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    • Shopify payment gateways South Africa:

    1. PayPal Express Checkout:

    Just like in the US, PayPal Express Checkout is also available in the region of South Africa. PayPal, being one of the largest payment gateways in the world, has launched the Express Checkout method, whereby you can make the payments directly on the Shopify website, and are not redirected to the PayPal standard checkout page, making the payment direct and easy.

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    1. 2Checkout:

    2Checkout is another payment gateway that is linked to PayPal and accepts online payments through it, along with accepting payments through debit and credit cards as well. It is a great gateway in terms of fraud analysis and tracking, doing business globally and accepting international payments.

    1. PayJustNow:

    This payment gateway works just like Klarna in Canada, whereby it gives the facility of paying in installments to the users and gives different installment plans to help users pick the one they can afford. Thus, the user can take time to pay and does not have to bear the whole expense at once.

    1. Ozow:

    Ozow is a payment gateway that facilitates the user via an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) process. Through this process, users do not have to make the payments every time they buy a certain product through Shopify, rather, the payments are directly made from their credit cards or bank accounts at every purchase without any hassle.

    1. Payflex:

    Payflex payment gateway is an average gateway that accepts any payments made through debit or credit cards, or any other cards that Shopify allows.

    • Shopify payment gateways Australia:

    1. Shopify Payments:

    Shopify Payments gateway announced right after their inauguration for Canadian and US users that it will also now be openly operational for Australian users as well. Thus gateway lets the users dodge any extra transaction fees for third-party gateway usage, helps provide a variety of payment options and facilitates the user till the end of the checkout process.

    1. Coinbase Commerce:

    Coinbase Commerce is a payment platform that gives the facility to users to pay in different crypto currencies and automatically presents the users with the rates of different crypto currencies, and that also in a decentralized manner, thus, making the payments hassle free.

    1. SecurePay:

    SecurePay is a payment gateway that is especially available only for Australian residents and users, so it is most beneficial for people of this region to pay through their own locally established gateway.

    1. Klarna:

    Again, Klarna is also available for Australian-based users, whereby the users can easily buy the products for Shopify online, and then choose any installment package and pay for them bit by bit, or later.

    1. PayPal Exrpress Checkout:

    For Australia, too, the option of the PayPal Express Checkout is available, to make payments directly on Shopify’s checkout page, without redirecting and signing into the PayPal standard account.

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    • Shopify payment gateways India:

    1. PayPal:

    Due to Shopify’s easy integration with PayPal, users in India are most facilitated, because Indian users mostly own PayPal accounts, and PayPal accepts payments in different currencies as well.

    1. Ola Credit:

    This is a facility especially available for users in India, whereby the users can buy products from Shopify on credit, and pay the amount later some time, according to whatever pay package suits them.

    1. ePayLater:

    ePayLater also plays a similar role to Ola Credit, where users can buy products now and pay some time later, and the money will be tracked and paid off by the company, and the user has to pay them later, with some interest charges.

    1. Flexmoney:

    Flexmoney in India is a gateway that prescribes different installment plans, so that users can buy any installment plan that suits their product price range, and then keep paying regular installments instead of the full amount at the time of checkout from Shopify.

    1. Paytm:

    Paytm gives the option to Indian users to pay through their debit or credit cards, and make online transactions and payments.

    • Shopify payment gateways in Trinidad and Tobago:

    1. 2Checkout:

    2Checkout payment gateway is one of the very few payment options that the users of Trinidad and Tobago get, and since their online theft and fraud is at an all-time high, 2Checkout is a great option for accurate fraud analysis.

    1. dLocal:

    dLocal is also available in Trinidad and Tobago, so that cash payments, bank transfers or local payments by credit and debit cards is made easier for the users.

    1. BitPay:

    Bitpay is a payment gateway that supports payments made in the Bitcoin crypto currency, as is a great way for making payments in the Trinidad and Tobago area.

    1. net

    Apart from Bitcoin, many other crypto currencies also exist, which is why CoinPayments.net is widely used in Trinidad and Tobago so that they can pay in crypto currency form, as their own currency is pretty low costing in the market, and products on Shopify are highly expensive in their local currency rate.

    1. PayPal Express Checkout:

    The express checkout option of PayPal, again, facilitates easy and hassle free transactions by the users because they do not have to sign into any PayPal account, rather, just pay directly through PayPal at the checkout page of Shopify.

    • Shopify payment gateways Turkey:

    1. PayTabs:

    PayTabs in known in Turkey to power credit card payments for all Shopify products that the users buy from them.

    1. Garanti Sanal:

    Garanti Sanal is a point-of-sale (POS) checkout and payment system, which facilitates payments in many different methods, according to the preferred kind of payment by the users in Turkey.

    1. PayU Turkey (Kredi Karrti):

    PayU is especially a Turkish payment gateway system which mostly focuses on payments through credit cards, but can also be used to handle other payment methods.

    1. PinwheelPay:

    Pinwheel Pay has integrated with Shopify to provide Turkish customers a way of making payments in crypto currency and multi currencies, and also gives a 3D Secure feature in it.

    1. WorldPay (Offsite)

    WorldPay facilities Turkish residents in making payments to Shopify through the credit card, and ensure a seamless process, which is simple and fast.

    • Shopify payment gateways for Nigeria:

    1. dLocal:

    dLocal is again popular in the Nigerian region because it makes payments in cash, bank transfer and local currency much easier.

    1. CashEnvoy:

    CashEnvoy is a Shopify integration, and this gateway is especially designed for Nigerian customers, whereby they can access online payments, use Nigerian debit cards and Mastercards, and also from the CashEnvoy wallet system for Nigerians.

    1. BitPay:

    Again, BitPay is used widely in Nigeria to pay in crypto currency format because their own currency is low, and products may cost a lot if paid for through their own currency rate.

    1. Paystack:

    Paystack lets the users transfer money through the bank or credit cards, but also has a special mobile app feature, whereby Nigerian users can pay through mobile money via the app.

    1. PayGate:

    PayGate is very famous among the whole of Southern Africa, because it is one of the leading payment gateway names in the market for online businesses, and gives the merchants a chance to have spotless transactions throughout the world.

    • Shopify payment gateways UK:

    1. Payment Express PxPay:

    Due to the orders and payments happening and coming in from the UK region are huge, Shopify offers the UK customers the Payment Express PxPay option. This option takes the users to a secure, hosted payment page, where users can securely make payments without any stress of theft, fraud, or other illegal and damaging activities.

    1. SOFORT Banking:

    SOFORT Banking is a payment gateway for UK users through which direct payments can be made from the UK banks, because the whole UK banking system and different banks have been aligned with this gateway, making payments a hassle free process of the customers.

    1. Belfius Direct Net (Mollie)

    Belfius has originated from Belgium, where it is one of the largest banks. It provides its own payment gateway solutions to its users, where they can make real time payments and the details on the checkout form are already filled through a secure system to enable an easy checkout process.

    1. PingPongPay:

    This payment gateway is very famous across the whole of the UK, because it gives a larger share of the hard earned profits of the merchants to them, rather than paying it in the rigorous tax system of the UK. The process is simple, PingPongPay users have to fill out a VAT form, which makes their profits non-payable of taxes, and the taxes are thereby waived off for them.

    1. Amazon Pay:

    Since Amazon is one of the leading business associations of the UK, Amazon Pay is the most widely used payment gateway across the region. This is the main reason why Shopify needs to integrate with Amazon Pay especially for the UK customers, because most of their daily transactions are conducted through it, naturally.

    • Shopify payment gateways Philippines:

    1. MOLPay:

    MOLPay is famous in the Philippines as a payment gateway that widely accepts cash payments, as well as provides different credit card payment options to its users.

    1. Dragonpay:

    Dragonpay is a payment gateway that makes payments easier for customers who want to purchase items from the regular brick-and-mortar stores, by readily accepting cash. Users can also make their payments via the ATM if they choose the Dragonpay option that Shopify allows.

    1. PayMaya Wallet:

    This payment gateway enables the users in Philippines not only to pay through their debit and credit cards, but also through the wallet payment system, which is integrated into the Shopify methods.

    1. PayTabs:

    PayTabs is also present in the Philippines, where it makes card payments, especially made through the credit card are made sufficiently simpler and easier to go ahead with.

    1. Xendit:

    Xendit is a gateway that is widely used in Indonesia, and also in the Philippines, because it has world-class APIs and makes business payments super-fast and secure.

    • Russian Shopify payment gateways:

    1. BitPay:

    Since the Bitcoin boomed in the Russian region in recent times, BitPay makes it easier for users in the area to pay in Bitcoin terms, making payments a lot less complicated than they were before.

    1. Paysera:

    In Russia, the users are also given an option to pay through a Paysera account. This is kind of the same business account that the users might be having in their local banks, but it makes payments easier on a global level. In addition, it also gives the users a virtual IBAN, so that transactions and transfer of funds is easily facilitated.


    Earlier on, we had discussed about buying products in installments and paying later. This payment gateway works more or less on the same notion, apart from the fact that it has a small down payment, and six regular installments that are discussed beforehand, and the user directly deals with the seller, no middle third party is involved, so it is highly convenient and a safe payment method.

    1. Skrill:

    The Skrill payment gateway is essentially known for making online transactions around the globe in many different areas, such as Skype products, trading, shopping, gaming, etc. When it comes to shopping, it is integrated with Shopify as well, so that the Russian users can easily make their online transfers securely and quickly since they are already used to using this payment gateway in their area.

    1. Coinbase Commerce:

    To best make transfers and payments in any crypto currency, and to effectively find the right rates without any fraudulent activity, Russian customers prefer paying through the Coinbase Commerce payment gateway in any crypto currency they own.

    • Shopify China payment gateways:

    1. ALLINPAY:

    This payment gateway is very famous across China, because part of this financial enterprise is owned by a big holding company in China itself, so they prefer using their own local service. This gateway is a third party payment provider that works as the middle man in any transactions through Shopify between the merchant and they buyer.

    1. Lianlian Pay:

    Again, Lianlian Pay is a third party service provider that has given the Chinese an international payment gateway option to make transactions across the globe. It is the fourth largest electronic payment company in China, thus, a much used service in the region.

    1. QFPay Secure Checkout:

    With the amount of technological advancement taking place in China, it was not a surprise that such a company passed the challenges of cloud-based data systems and payment methods, and has made its name in the market. This payment gateway gives the users a clear option of currency conversion, whereby the users can pay in their local currency and the merchants in the other region would receive their pay in their own local currency, without manually having to convert the currency. An easy and effective payment method as can be seen.

    1. Oceanpayment:

    Oceanpayment is another payment gateway that provides payment services and methods for the Chinese users who are working with debit cards, credit cards and need alternative payment solutions for international and omni-channel payments. It is preferred in this region mostly because it is headquartered in Shenchen, China, making it a go-to payment method for all Chinese customers.

    1. Alipay Global:

    Alipay was one of the first mobile wallet apps for payment processes and was started in China, but over the years, it has gained much acceptance across the region and now has more than seven hundred million users using this service effectively. Along with a payment option, it is also a lifestyle platform, and Shopify did a great thing by integrating this rapidly growing payment solution into its portfolio, as China is a major customer base for Shopify, says research.

    • Shopify payment gateways for Morocco:

    1. 2Checkout:

    The 2Checkout payment gateway is widely used in Morocco due to the updated tracking and fraud alert system that helps the Moroccan users ensure that their cross border payments are secure and have reached safely to the Shopify and merchant accounts.

    1. dLocal:

    In Morocco as well, dLocal is in use for all the local currency payments that are conducted through cash, cards or bank transfers.

    1. Paysera:

    The Paysera payment gateways is also used in Morocco by users who are comfortable using the regular bank account system, where Paysera makes a similar account for them through which they can conduct online transactions, and even own an IBAN code for tracking of outgoing payments.

    1. net:

    In the African countries, mostly we can see that the trend of crypto currency is high, and still rising, thus, CoinPayments.net has proved to be a great payment method choice for users in Morocco as well.

    1. EBANX:

    The EBANX payment gateway facility is also available in Morocco, so that the users in that region can easily avail their credit cards, debit cards, any wallet systems or vouchers that they may already have in hand.

    • Payment gateways Shopify Malaysia:

    1. iPay88:

    iPay88 is a payment gateway that provides services across the Asian region, mostly catering to South East Asia. It is highly recommended for Malaysian users who want to use their credit cards, debit cards, any alternative payment solutions or even bank transfers, as it is highly friendly with different methods like Alipay, etc.

    1. Stripe:

    The Stripe payment gateway is also one that the Malaysian users are really comfortable with, because it integrates and brings in all the payments earned from different businesses into one merchants’ account, making the payment receipt process very efficient and quick.

    1. Sezzle:

    The Sezzle payment gateway is a payment solution for people who do not have the resources to pay at that exact time, but do not want a longer installment plan stretching over months either. It is a short span buy now pay later service, with no interest charges, and the actual price of the products itself stretched over a short period of about six weeks, making the payment process easier.

    1. GrabPay:

    GrabPay not only makes the whole payment process cashless, it also makes it a lot easier. This payment gateway enables its users to top up their mobile GrabPay wallet using local resources, and then make international purchases, though, even credit cards and debit cards can be charged through it.

    1. Asiabill:

    Since this payment gateway is a purely Asia-based corporation, Malaysian users can get a lot of benefit from it. They can use this source for collecting Amazon funds, processing their credit cards on an international level, having the choice of alternative payment methods, and also having an option to send or receive B2B remittances from abroad.

    • Shopify payment gateways in Kenya:

    1. Pesapal:

    This gateway is used for frequent payments in Kenya, whereby it lets the users use their mobile banking, mobile balance or cards to not only pay their local fees and utility bills, but also for shopping through Shopify internationally.

    1. net:

    Again, as already mentioned above, crypto currency is of high usage level in the South African region, making payment gateways like CoinPayments.net, etc. very famous in that area, including in Kenya.

    1. Peach Payments:

    The Peach Payments gateway is based in South Africa itself, making it a widely used method over there. It has access to all alternative payment methods and provides service in all credit and debit card transactions as well, and is essentially built for the emerging markets like Kenya itself.

    1. dLocal:

    Since the local currency is of high importance, and needs conversion into the currencies accepted by Shopify, dLocal is an asset to Kenya and all South African countries to make any sort of cash payments, card payments or bank transfers.

    1. PayGate:

    PayGate, as mentioned earlier on as well, has a lot of fame in the South African market, as it is one of their leading payment solutions provided to users and merchants, and is very good for making international transactions cross borders, anywhere in the world, giving a seamless and easy service to all the people using it.

    Q.1.) What integrated payment gateways are available on Shopify for smoking products?

    2Checkout has been already used before by some merchants to sell pipes, glassware and tobacco products, but no one can be sure, it all depends on your own research and permissions. People in any country should first check their country list as to which payment gateways are available for them, and then reach out to those gateways to see which one allows tobacco product sales. Shopify Payments itself does not allow smoking product transactions.

    Q.2.) Which Shopify payment gateways allow knife sales?

    Knives can be sold easily on Shopify, but again, Shopify Payments gateway itself does not allow such transactions to take place, whereas PayPal does. So in case of knives as well, the merchant needs to find out which third party payment gateway would allow such transactions as per their Terms of Service, or their AUP policy.

    Q.3.) How to edit Shopify payment gateways?

    Editing a gateway is especially easy, and you start with opening the payments tab from your Shopify admin account. Then you click the “choose another provider” option, mark the provider you want to work with from now on and unmark the one you’re currently using, enter any information or credentials that the payment provider requires, and finally tap the activate button.

    Q.4.) What is meant by Shopify third party payment gateways?

    Shopify, this year, has launched their own payment gateway by the name Shopify Payments, through which you can make monetary transactions when you sell anything. All the other payment service providers such as Amazon Pay, PayPal, etc. are third party payment providers. For using third party payment providers, Shopify charges you an extra transaction fee, as well as redirects you to that payment providers page at checkout to complete the process.

    Q.5.) What is Shopify multiple payment gateways in the United States of America?

    Shopify does not allow two or more gateways to be used at a time for the same purpose. For example, if a user already is using one payment gateways for credit card transactions, they cannot add another credit card gateway. Though, they can add another payment provider for alternative use, or for manual payments. So basically, you can multiple gateways set up that provide different facilities.

    Q.6.) What are the third party payment gateways for Shopify USA?

    For Shopify users in USA, there are a lot of third party payment gateways available, some of them are listed here:

    • 2Checkout
    • Amazon Pay
    • Afterpay
    • PayPal
    • iPayLinks
    • Alipay Global
    • FirstData US
    • Sage Payment Solutions
    • com
    • Adyen
    • QuadPay
    • Katapult
    • Skrill
    • Sezzle
    • Oceanpayment, and many more.

    Q.7.) How to integrate Shopify POS payment gateways?

    Shopify has already integrated with multiple POS payment gateways, whereby the users can upload their inventories into the Shopify system and website, and also can download their order related information into their POS software. Shopify POS integrations with Retail Pro, Windward, Quickbooks POS systems, etc. is already available and running smoothly.

    Q.8.) How many Shopify supported payment gateways are there?

    Shopify has integrated with a multitude of gateways, especially due to its geographical spread, and has catered to different gateway providers in different regions, that make transactions easier. Thus, there are a lot of payment providers supported by Shopify for each country it conducts business with.

    Q.9.) What is Shopify credit card payment gateways?

    Shopify supports any payments and transactions that the users make through their credit card, but for that payment to further process, the customers need to enter their personal and credit card information, thus needing a safe and secure payment provider to deal with that transaction. Shopify Payments itself is a gateway providing credit card payments, but there are also other providers such as PayPal, etc. who also readily deal with credit card transactions in the most secure way.

    Q.10.) What are the Shopify alternative payment gateways in USA?

    Most people prefer paying through their credit or debit cards, though, some people do choose alternative payment methods as well, such as installment plans, cryptocurrency, etc.

    For installment plans, Shopify in USA provides the following gateway integrations:

    • Splitit Monthly Payments
    • Sezzle
    • Klarna, etc.

    For cryptocurrency payments, Shopify in USA provides the following gateways integrations:

    • BitPay (for Bitcoin related payments)
    • net (for all crypto currency payments)
    • Coinbase Commerce, etc.

    Q.11.) List the best Shopify payment gateways for a home business?

    Since home business owners would not be open to alternative options like crypto currency payments, etc., their best choice is to go for Shopify’s regular payment gateways such as:

    • Shopify Payments – since there is no transaction free and is hassle free.
    • PayPal – since it is the most widely used gateways across the globe.
    • Amazon Pay – since most people use Amazon services and already have an account with them.
    • 2Checkout – since it gives accurate sales results and provides fraud analysis if any such case springs up.
    • dLocal – since all local transactions through debit card, credit card, cash payments, etc. can be made easily.

    Q.12.) Is there any free trial payment gateways for Shopify in USA?

    During the free trial period of Shopify in USA, no sales can be made since no payment gateway has been chosen as yet. Sales and transactions will only begin when you upgrade to any of the paid plans that Shopify provides.

    Q.13.) What are the payment gateways Shopify supplement sales?

    Supplements and nutraceuticals can be sold on Shopify, though; choosing a payment gateway is tricky, since there are multiple questions to be answered and a form needs to be filled to see which gateways suits your scenario best. Shopify Payments itself does not help in selling such products easily, and your Shopify store needs to be well set up in order to convince other gateways to help you out. Yet again, it all depends on which payment gateways accepts your request of such sales.

    Q.14.) Any Shopify payment gateways for CBD?

    In case of CBD or CBD-infused products, Shopify only gives rights to sell them across USA, and that too, only in states where the law allows it. The merchant of such products need to take special permission from a payment gateway himself, and also needs to consult an attorney as to how to go about selling these products without any wrong involvements.


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