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    How does ClickFunnels Integrate with Shopify?

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    How does ClickFunnels Integrate with Shopify Plus?

    ClickFunnels is the best option to expand your current Shopify store. Integrating ClickFunnels with Shopify allows you to build high-converting sales funnels that can help propel your business to new heights. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits and how to integrate ClickFunnels with Shopify.

    • More than 1.7 million businesses are using Shopify.
    • More than 7500 businesses have started using ClickFunnels.
    • ClickFunnels have helped businesses increase their ROI by 10 times in 5 years.

    These two marketing and e-commerce powerhouses working together might be unstoppable. You and your users will benefit from the streamlined functionality made possible by this connection.

    Using the ClickFunnels Shopify integration, you can set up a reliable and fully automated sales procedure. If you’re looking for how to integrate clickfunnels with Shopify? Here, you’ll find information on integrating ClickFunnels with Shopify and how doing so can increase your online store sales.

    However, it is recommended to get help from ClickFunnels integration Shopify company for streamlined integration.

    Shopify integration - does ClickFunnels Integrate with Shopify

    Can I use ClickFunnels with Shopify?

    Does ClickFunnels integrate with Shopify? The quick answer is yes, but there are several considerations before using ClickFunnels with Shopify. Integrating ClickFunnels and Shopify is a breeze, thanks to ClickFunnel’s built-in compatibility.

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    After ClickFunnels and Shopify integration, you can utilize the full breadth of ClickFunnels’ functionalities to create a highly effective sales funnel for your Shopify store, ultimately leading to increased traffic and conversion rates.

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    ClickFunnels can increase site visits, sign new customers, and close deals. You can use ClickFunnels to build various sales funnels, from the simple opt-in form to more complex ones for product launches, etc. Upselling and cross-selling allow you to make more money off each item sold in your store.

    Shopify integration - does ClickFunnels Integrate with Shopify

    When a purchase is placed using a ClickFunnels funnel, the details are sent straight to the associated Shopify account, streamlining the delivery process. However, store owners must know how to integrate Shopify with ClickFunnels.

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    Let’s have a look at How does ClickFunnels integrate with Shopify?

    First, you’ll need a Shopify account and at least one product in it before you can install this fantastic feature during your Shopify store development process.

    Step 1. Open ClickFunnels

    • Firstly, you need to access and log in to your Shopify account.
    • You can simultaneously open your ClickFunnels account in the other tab.

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    Step 2. Customize the Account

    The online retailers can begin navigating to their own on the ClickFunnels page by clicking “Integrations” under the Account Menu heading.

    Step 3. Choose to Add New Integration

    Click “Add New Integration” to link ClickFunnels with Shopify stores.

    ClickFunnels Integrate with Shopify


    Step 4. Click Shopify in the Menu

    There are multiple options available for integration; scroll down until you see Shopify and click to select this market.

    How ClickFunnels Integrate with Shopify


    Step 5. Link to Shopify Store

    Your Shopify Store URL can be pasted or typed in the field. Fill out the ‘Nickname’ field with your shop’s name and the ‘URL’ field with your shop’s address. To complete the connection process, click “Connect Integration.”

    Step 5. Link to Shopify Store Your Shopify Store URL can be pasted or typed in the field. Fill out the 'Nickname' field with your shop's name and the 'URL' field with your shop's address. To complete the connection process, click “Connect Integration.”


    Step 6. Select “Install Unlisted App” to Complete The Integration

    Once you have clicked on Connect Integration, a new page will appear. Now scroll down and select “Install unlisted app” to complete ClickFunnels Shopify Integration.

    Hiring ClickFunnels and Shopify integration services will facilitate the whole process.

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    Top 5 benefits of Shopify ClickFunnels integration

    Shopify and ClickFunnels have distinct advantages, but combining them will immensely benefit your business. Conversion rates can be improved when utilizing click funnels to create a sales funnel in conjunction with Shopify.

    Following are the top benefits of ClickFunnels and Shopify integration.

    1- Simplifies The Process

    Any orders made through your ClickFunnels account will be automatically forwarded to your Shopify store. Clients can decide to buy from you at any point in the sales process, not only on your Shopify storefront.

    By integrating ClickFunnels with Shopify, the software automatically sends all your shipping orders to the Shopify store. All sales can be processed in a single spot with Shopify, whether from your sales funnel or your sales page.

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    2- Custom Landing Pages

    By integrating ClickFunnels with Shopify, you can make highly effective landing pages. This allows you to direct users to the pages of your website. Landing pages are an alternative to just directing visitors to your main page, and they may be used to deliver targeted CTAs and convert visitors.

    This might have a significant impact on your sales conversion rate.

    You can also hire a Shopify Theme Development Company for Shopify Theme Customization to get the store you want.

    3- Boosted Conversion Rate

    ClickFunnels’ robust in-built capabilities are another reason to integrate with Shopify because they can help you boost sales. The order bump function in ClickFunnels, for instance, lets you upsell things to customers when they check out. A higher AOV means more money in your pocket.

    ClickFunnels and Shopify integration are potent tools for boosting conversions and expanding business. In other words, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table by not integrating ClickFunnels with Shopify.

    4- Product Launch Funnel

    If you have an upcoming Shopify product, you can utilize ClickFunnels to plan its release.

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    ClickFunnels can facilitate the launch of your latest Shopify product. In reality, ClickFunnels includes a product launch funnel template with five pages to promote a new service or product. Simply enter your email list into the Product Launch Funnel, and your message will be sent to all of your subscribers.

    5- Track Individual Product Sale

    The sales data for each product or service can be easily gathered with the help of the ClickFunnels Shopify Integration. ClickFunnels helps Clickfunnel Shopify integration firms to keep an eye on promising customers and to differentiate warm leads from cold ones.

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    Once you know your best potential customers, you may tailor your marketing efforts to convince them and increase sales. When you employ this method, you can speed up the process of reaching your sales goals.

    How to Use Shopify ClickFunnels Integration?

    You may wonder what you can accomplish by integrating ClickFunnels and Shopify now that you know how does ClickFunnels integrate with Shopify. Now it’s time to understand how to use ClickFunnels with Shopify.

    Can you integrate ClickFunnels products on Shopify? Yes. Shopify merchants may take advantage of ClickFunnels’ many benefits by linking a product they’ve developed in their stores to the service for order fulfillment.

    They must integrate ClickFunnels with Shopify and have at least one product in Shopify before they can upload it to ClickFunnels. Add Your Shopify Product to ClickFunnels by Completing the Steps Below.

    Step 1: Log in to your Shopify account.

    Log in to your Shopify account

    Step 2: Choose Products from the Order Form page of ClickFunnels.

    Choose Products from the Order Form page of ClickFunnels


    Step 3: To proceed, select Add Product on the Product pages.

    To proceed, select Add Product on the Product pages

    Step 4: Fill out the form with your product details, including the Payment Gateway details.

    Step 5: Select Shipping from the Product Settings menu.

    Select Shipping from the Product Settings menu


    Step 6: Users of Shopify stores must double-check a box that appears before continuing.

    ClickFunnels Integrate with Shopify - Add Products


    Step 7: To link their Shopify accounts, merchants should only choose Shopify Account in the Integrations menu.

    Step 8: To add a product to your Shopify store, navigate to the Product SKU section.


    ClickFunnels Integrate with Shopify - Product SKU


    Step 9: At last, select Create Product to complete the action.

    Shopify and ClickFunnels work together, so you can link the two platforms and have a “Buy Now” button on your funnel pages that takes users to Shopify. In addition, Shopify allows you to add a “Add to Cart” button to your site, which will take clients directly to their shopping cart.

    FAQs About the Shopify-ClickFunnels integration

    What Is The Difference Between Shopify And ClickFunnels?

    ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder that automates the entire sales procedure for organizations. With its help, you can maintain command throughout the whole buying process.

    On the other hand, Shopify is an easy-to-use e-commerce platform that consolidates online store creation, management, and marketing for small businesses into a single location. It also allows an easy Shopify Migration process.

    Aspect Shopify ClickFunnels
    Primary Purpose E-commerce platform Marketing and sales funnel builder
    E-Commerce vs. Sales Funnels Ideal for creating online stores Focuses on lead generation and sales funnels
    Ease of Use User-friendly with a wide range of features User-friendly but more specialized
    Payment Processing Shopify Payments and third-party gateways Integrates with various payment processors
    Customization and Design Customizable themes and templates Focused on conversion-focused landing pages
    Pricing Monthly subscription plus transaction fees Monthly subscription with different tiers

    Can I Use ClickFunnels For Shopify Dropshipping?

    The answer is Yes. ClickFunnels allows you to dropship through Shopify. ClickFunnels Shopify Integration has made dropshipping easy.

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    Any shipping orders made within a funnel will be sent directly to your Shopify store once you’ve integrated the two eCommerce platforms. As a result, Shopify will be able to handle all of your transactions, whether they come from your sales funnel or your sales page.

    What Is The Monthly Cost For ClickFunnels With Shopify?

    Both platforms offer a 14-day free trial; however, they have three types of packages available, and store owners can choose according to their needs.

    ClickFunnels offers a Standard package for $97, Platinum for $297, and TopComma ClubX for $2,497. On the other, Shopify has Basic Shipofy for $29, Shopify for $79, and Advanced Shopify for $299.

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    More customers have been visiting Shopify stores since their owners began using ClickFunnels, allowing them to create landing pages and sales funnels quickly. Shopify ClickFunnels integration agency implements this efficient solution to transform potential customers into paying consumers. By using Shopify, business owners can simply increase their revenue.

    How does ClickFunnels Integrate with Shopify?

    With any luck, this guide on how to integrate ClickFunnels with Shopify can help any e-commerce store owner use this powerful integration into their procedures. You can also hire Shopify developers for ClickFunnels integration to take responsibility for this integration and Custom Shopify website development.


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