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    Why Shopify Is The Best eCommerce Solution For Airlines

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    Shopify is the first name that comes to our minds for setting up an eCommerce store and selling your customized products or services online.

    It’s possible that you haven’t heard about Shopify being used for airline websites, but it can be used.

    Shopify is a cloud-based eCommerce platform that allows businesses to create and manage online stores. It has an array of tools and services to help businesses create an eCommerce store, organize their products, and process payments. Also, it can help track shipments.

    Truth be told, it’s not a popular airline eCommerce solution but can help curate a solution that works for airline eCommerce needs.

    Why Shopify Plus is the Best Option For Airlines Business

    As we have already mentioned, Shopify is focused on eCommerce businesses and isn’t usually used by airlines for their core business operations. However, there are a few ways in which the airline business can benefit from Shopify. This is because there is an array of customizable develop themes and templates available for optimizing the website.

    Let’s discuss each point in detail:

    Why Shopify is the Best Option For Airlines Business

    ●      In-Flight Sales

    The benefit of using Shopify as an airline eCommerce solution is the ability to make in-flight sales. To illustrate, flight attendants can process the orders and respective payments through a tablet or smartphone. Shopify integration services is a great way of increasing the efficiency of sales and simplifying the customer experience.

    In-Flight Sales

    The airlines have the option to add multiple products for in-flight sales, including duty-free items, beverages, and snacks. There is an option to use inventory management to keep track of available products and ensure on-time restocks. In fact, the process is extremely simple as airlines can provide a smartphone or a tablet to the attendants with Shopify on it.

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    If you are worried about marketing the in-flight sales, you can opt for signage and announcements on the flights. Also, you can put ads on the official airline website, so customers can see them during the ticket-booking process.

    ●      Travel-Related Products

    Airlines can use Shopify to sell travel-related products such as travel insurance, airport lounge access, and car rentals. This can help customers plan and book their travel arrangements in one place and provide an additional revenue stream for the airline. In simpler words, it creates an easy one-stop-shop for booking travel tickets and other aspects.

    It’s an apt way for airlines to get additional revenue streams, which helps increase profits and reduce operational costs. In addition, it’s quite convenient to add or remove products if you leverage Shopify migration. This means that airlines can customize it according to their aesthetics and offerings. Also, it can be integrated with other Shopify apps development, so airlines can offer to book hotels, local tours, and restaurants.

    Not to forget, Shopify allows airlines to market and promote their travel-related products through email marketing, social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram and various other marketing channels. It’s an apt way of increasing the number of customers, hence more sales and revenue.

    ●      Gift Cards

    Shopify offers a gift card feature that can be used by airlines to sell gift cards to their customers. This is actually a powerful marketing tool to encourage customer loyalty. In fact, this airline eCommerce solution allows the airlines to set the value, description, and expiry date of the gift cards. In addition, payment options can be set up, and airlines can add logos to gift cards for better branding.

    ●      Ticket-Selling

    On top of everything, Shopify can be used as an airline eCommerce solution for selling tickets. Honestly, it’s possible but not common. A problem that eCommerce can cause for the airline industry is that airlines have strict regulations to follow. You can hire a professional Shopify web development team to create a highly-integrated store for inventory management, regulation compliance, and payment processing.


    As far as security concerns are concerned, there are encryption and security plugins that help secure the passenger’s personal information, including the payment details.

    ●      Product Details and Descriptions

    It can be a good eCommerce assistant airline as airlines can add images, pricing information, and descriptions of the tickets.

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    Even more, there are customer management, tax and shipping calculation, and inventory management features (it helps minimize under or over-ticket sales).

    ●      Merchandise Sales

    Airlines can use Shopify to sell branded merchandise such as clothing, bags, and accessories to their customers. It is a great way of increasing brand loyalty and awareness. In addition, it’s become a great source of revenue for airlines. You can get in touch with a Shopify web development company to help you create an airline eCommerce solution.

    Airlines have the option to customize their store by choosing a theme from the library. In addition, it’s possible to customize the design, add a logo, and streamline branding. Also, Shopify plugin development can help upload product images and set up descriptions and prices. The best thing about airline ticket eCommerce is that airlines can use different payment options, including credit cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

    Factors To Remember

    While it’s possible to use Shopify as the airline eCommerce solution, there are some factors that airlines need to consider, including the following;

    • Compliance – The airlines must ensure compliance with regulations associated with travel-related products and services. It includes adhering to local and international laws related to payment gateways, security, and passenger data
    • Shopify Theme Customization The airlines have to customize their store further to reflect their branding and core message. It includes the addition of a logo, the launching of new product categories, and creation a beginner-friendly interface
    • Shopify Integration – The airlines have to use third-party applications for managing inventory and processing payments
    • Mobile optimization – It’s common for passengers to use smartphones to make travel-related purchases, so airlines need to ensure that their Shopify store is mobile-optimized and responds efficiently.

    What are the advantages of e-commerce in the airline industry?

    Advantage Description
    Increased Revenue E-commerce enables airlines to reach a global customer base, leading to higher revenue through ticket sales and services.
    Cost Reduction E-commerce automates processes, reducing operational costs associated with ticketing and reservation management.
    Enhanced Customer Experience Customers can book flights, manage reservations, and check-in online, improving the overall travel experience.
    Personalization E-commerce platforms use customer data to personalize offers, increasing conversion rates and customer loyalty.
    Ancillary Sales Airlines can upsell additional products and services, such as in-flight Wi-Fi and travel insurance, boosting profits.
    Global Reach E-commerce allows airlines to expand their customer base globally, tapping into emerging markets.
    24/7 Availability E-commerce platforms are available 24/7, offering customers flexibility in booking and accessing information.
    Streamlined Operations Integration with reservation systems streamlines operations and reduces the risk of booking errors.
    Data Analytics E-commerce generates customer behavior data for data-driven decisions on pricing, routes, and marketing.
    Reduced Environmental Impact E-tickets and online check-ins reduce paper usage, contributing to environmental sustainability.
    Competitive Advantage A robust e-commerce platform provides a competitive edge with a seamless, user-friendly booking experience.
    Marketing and Promotion Airlines can target customer segments with personalized marketing campaigns, improving advertising effectiveness.
    Cost-Effective Distribution E-commerce reduces reliance on intermediaries, saving on distribution and commission costs.


    The Bottom Line

    It’s quite evident that Shopify isn’t always the first choice of airlines to sell their tickets or other products, but it can be used, especially when Shopify is constantly improving. However, the airlines have to hire professional Shopify developers to ensure their online store is customized to perfection and adheres to the regulations.


    Are there Shopify Themes Available for Airline Businesses?

    Yes, there are airline ticket themes and templates available.

    The top 3 Shopify airline themes are:

    • Tourhut – Travel, Tours, and Tourism Agency Shopify Responsive Theme.
    • Shopify Tour Booking Theme with Advanced Website Builder Shopify Theme.
    • Online Tickets Shopify Theme.

    Is it Possible to Use Shopify Internationally?

    Yes, Shopify is available across the Globe, so everyone can use Shopify, irrespective of where they are living.

    What would be the Cost of Setting up an Airline Business Store on Shopify?

    If you don’t go for the development cost, then you’ll only have to buy the Shopify subscription cost. The pricing starts from $29 and goes up to $299 per month. Apart from the fixed fee, there is also a transaction fee. You can check the pricing here.

    Is it Possible to Create a Travel Website through Shopify?

    Yes, there are many unique themes available that can be used to sell airline tickets online. In addition to predesigned themes, airline businesses can hire a professional to customize the website too.


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