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    How Is Shopify A Website Builder?

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    An Overview: How Is Shopify A Website Builder

    Establishing an eCommerce website may appear to be a difficult endeavor, but when done correctly, it can be satisfying and extremely successful.

    A professional eCommerce website builder can assist you in overcoming the challenges of eCommerce and quickly getting you up and running with a stunning online store. You’ll be able to impress customers and start earning sales right away.

    There are a plethora of simple website builders for online retailers available to help you stand out and among all stands, Shopify is the best Shopify website developer.

    Shopify development -How Is Shopify A Website Builder

    Is Shopify A Good Website Builder?

    What kind of products does your company offer? Jewelry or clothes? Regardless of the products you sell in your business, the internet marketplace can provide you with access to a large, untapped audience for a fraction of the cost of sustaining a physical location. This reality will become glaringly obvious if you use any website builder.

    However, if you’re like most business owners, you may be wary of our earlier remarks, and that’s just fine. Think about it. Consider how many individuals have access to your store on a daily basis, regardless of where you are reading this. How many customers do you think could simply walk into your store? 100,000? Or perhaps 300,000 or more? If your store is in a big metropolis like New York, the figure may be closer to eight million, which is a massive audience by any measure.

    From August 2017 to August 2018, however, there were more users who made a purchase on a Headless Shopify website than there were individuals living in the states of New York, California, Florida, and Texas.

    According to the Census Bureau, these four states had a population of over 107 million people in 2018, and according to Shopify data released in August 2017, 131 million consumers made a transaction on a Shopify website in the previous year. As these statistics show, having a Shopify website online can provide you access to millions of clients all over the world. Most business owners, on the other hand, are apprehensive to develop a website using Shopify optimization services provided by the best Custom Shopify ERP integration services in the eCommerce industry because they are uninformed of the whole cost of building a website on Shopify.

    Shopify development -How Is Shopify A Website Builder

    Can I Create A Website With Shopify?

    Whether you’re a first-time seller or a multi-million dollar company like Harry’s Razors, anyone can construct a Shopify website for their eCommerce needs. Yes, Harry’s Razors is a Shopify customer that is happy with the service. All you’ll need is a concept, something to sell, and access to the internet and you’ll be able to open an online store in no time.

    Shopify is a great platform to use because it has over 1,200 apps, specific features like inventory monitoring and logistics tools, and a variety of price options. It is incredibly scalable and can be utilised by any size store.

    If you are willing to establish an eCommerce website from scratch on Shopify you can reach out to Folio3 Shopify Development Company without any hesitation. Or if you want to immigrate from any other eCommerce platform to Shopify we have the world-renowned Shopify migration experts working with us at Folio3.

    Does Shopify Give You A Website?

    Shopify is a software program that allows you to construct a website and sell, ship, and administer your products using their shopping cart solution. You gain access to a simple admin interface in which you can add products, handle orders, and register store data when you use their service.

    You may create a fully complete online store for $29 per month which you could use to sell real or virtual goods. Shopify has a free trial period offer too.

    Folio3 Shopify store design services have some amazing offers for your business if you want to use Shopify to develop an online store.

    Can I Build My Website On Shopify?

    If you’re just getting started as an Online entrepreneur, setting up a store isn’t the only thing on your to-do list. Surely, the first question that plagued your mind was, “What exactly should I sell?”

    You should start by considering the dropshipping model. Dropshipping is a strategic approach for entrepreneurs in which the provider and the final customer are connected.

    You, or perhaps your store, serve as an intermediate between the two linkages in this arrangement. You might not have had a warehouse or even seen the product, but you can still conduct business. Shopify Customization Services is the most straightforward way to organize your first international business venture.

    How Much Does It Cost To Make A Website On Shopify?

    As per the Census Bureau has stated that New York, California, Florida, and Texas; these four states had a population of over 107 million people in 2018, and according to Shopify data released in August 2017, 131 million consumers made a transaction on a Shopify website in the previous year. As these statistics show, having a Shopify website online can provide you access to millions of clients all over the world. Most business owners, on the other hand, are apprehensive to establish a website on the Shopify platform because they are uninformed of the overall cost of doing so.

    Folio3 work with the best professionals and experts in the market and knows the top integration for Shopify website. So here’s a little overview regarding the pricing and the type of integrations you would want the Shopify integration experts to do for your business essentially.

    How Is Shopify A Website Builder – Upfront Shopify Website Price

    Shopify is one of the most popular online platforms for creating an e-commerce website, and you should anticipate spending two sorts of charges when having a Shopify website constructed: recurrent operation costs and upfront costs to have the website designed by a Shopiy designer. The number of features you wish to give your website’s visitors will determine the number of upfront website fees. A basic Shopify website will typically cost between $3,500 and $5,000 and include the following four features:

    1. Up to 25 products can be shown on a professionally designed eCommerce website.
    2. Contact form with five fields
    3. During the first year of website hosting
    4. Professionally produced content up to 10 pages

    For small start-up businesses, a simple website might be useful. The architecture of the website helps to focus on a small number of products, but the website must be user-centric and structured in a way that helps in managing your Shopify website quickly. As a result, paying for extra features upfront can result in a larger long-term return on your original investment. As a result, a completely optimized website costs between $6,000 and $10,000 and contains elements such as:

    1. SEO Content for up to 35-42 pages max
    2. A collection of products
    3. A sophisticated product filter
    4. MailChimp integrations for email marketing
    5. Featured in related products
    6. Feature of a cart that has been abandoned
    7. Payment gateway created specifically for you
    8. Email notifications, invoicing, and a custom cart page

    Recurring Shopify Website Price

    There are some continuing charges related to the use of the Shopify platform after the website has already been developed. These expenses may be broken down into two categories: Shopify platform prices and pre-buy charges incurred when a consumer makes a purchase from your online store. On Shopify, you may choose from three distinct plans:

    1. Basic Shopify -$29/month
    2. Shopify -$79/month
    3. Advanced Shopify -$299/month

    The basic Shopify plan includes critical features such as 24 hour tech support, manual order creation, discount codes, discounts on shipping labels, use of the Shopify point-of-sale application, and more. Both the Shopify and Advanced Shopify plans include all of the features included in the Shopify basic plan, and other more advanced features such as the ability to use gift cards, professional performance reports, enhanced discounts on shipping labels, etc. The plan you choose should be based both on the size of your current business and the amount of online business you expect to attract after your website has an established online presence.

    Per Purchase Shopify Website Price

    Other fees are assessed per purchase and should be included in the cost of the item your business sell on the website. Furthermore, these fees vary depending on the Shopify plan you choose, and others are assessed as a per cent of the overall purchase price. The charges per purchase for each Shopify plan are mentioned in the table below.

    Charges/Purchase Shopify Basic Shopify Advanced Shopify
    Online purchase charge 2.9% + 3ȼ 2.6% + 3ȼ 2.4% + 3ȼ
    Other payment provider except Shopify payments incurs an additional cost.  










    How Is Shopify A Website Builder – Shopify for Mobile Users

    The way people view and buy things online is continuously changing, and buying products using a phone or tablet gadget is the future of eCommerce. Having a website that doesn’t cater to mobile customers can have a significant negative impact on your Shopify website’s overall performance. People who had a horrendous experience with a phone app are 62 per cent lesser likely to buy from that business in the future than if they had a favourable one, according to Google’s recent research. As a result, you should always employ responsive web design approaches to cater to website users who access your site via mobile devices.

    Responsive websites recognise the type of device a customer has been using to browse a website and automatically modify the size and website structure to fit the user’s device’s screen size. Because a single second latency in smartphone loading time speeds has been found to impact conversion rates by 20% in retail, ensuring that the company’s Shopify website is both reactive and designed to suit mobile customers is a vital component of having a retail website. Because of the nature of your website’s business model, a 20% decline in your website’s conversion rate directly corresponds to a 20% drop in your Shopify website’s earnings.

    This is why it is recommended that you prefer hiring the best Shopify app development services for all sorts of Shopify integration services or Shopify support services.

    FAQ About How Is Shopify A Website Builder:
    1. How does Shopify compare to other website builders?

    If you haven’t yet entered the eCommerce arena, 2021 might be the year to start thinking about starting an online business. The recent pandemic has wreaked havoc on many businesses, but eCommerce is capitalising on the situation. There’s also evidence: in the United States and Canada, the growth of digital retail orders has increased by approximately 150 per cent.

    When it comes to this topic, there have been numerous debates on whether or not to use Shopify builder vs. website builder platforms. Both have advantages and disadvantages, as well as a number of factors to consider while coming to a decision.

    With that in mind, we’ll use this post to assist you to figure out which solution is best for you when it comes to running your online store.

    For almost everyone, starting with Shopify is less painful than starting with some other website builder platform. The following are some of the reasons for this:

    1. Domain and hosting availability
    2. Coding knowledge requirement
    3. CMS (Content Management System) platform
    4. Who is the target audience for Shopify?

    A target audience is a group of people who are either interested in the product or are likely to buy it in the near future. The following is a list of Shopify’s target audience:

    1. They go after every retailer who creates a website.
    2. It provides services to people of all income levels through various subscription plans.
    3. The services they provide are segmented by industry and store.
    4. Customers were targeted by developing their own eCommerce websites.
    5. They allow their customers to sell their items to everyone in the world, regardless of where they are located.
    1. Is Shopify a full website?


    Shopify is a full-featured e-commerce platform that allows you to build, grow, and manage a company. Anyone may set up an online store and sell their products using subscription-based software. Shopify store owners may use Shopify POS, our point-of-sale app and hardware, to sell in physical locations. So the answer to this question would be a NO; however, you can use this platform to create or build a website of your own.

    Even so, if you still find this a mind boggling activity Folio3 Shopify development partners would love to help you out in all sorts of Shopify building and integrations. The Folio3 Shopify store design services offer some mesmerizing themes and layouts for your business website that too with the best pricing in the eCommerce marketplace.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.