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    How is Shopify a good website builder?

    Last Updated | January 17, 2024

    Is Shopify a good website builder: Does Shopify help you build a website?

    Shopify is one of the biggest and best-known online eCommerce development platforms that is world-renowned as an easy-to-use, all-inclusive web application, and most of the online businesses around the globe are working with it effectively. It helps new business owners or already running businesses that want to shift online, to design, jumpstart and work forward with a successful online store.

    Shopify definitely helps you build a website that is not only easy to design and build but is also successful in the functioning and operations department. The way Shopify works, it provides a wide variety of pre-available options to choose from for its clients, but those clients further have the reigns in their hands to change or alter the way their store looks, design-wise, which makes Shopify a mix of available options and custom designing.

    Shopify development

    First, Shopify offers its clients a range of different kinds of themes and templates that the client can choose from and then make the required changes within it. Next, Shopify provides a long list of features and tools that clients may or may not need for their business, so they can pick and choose according to their requirements; and additionally, Shopify also provides a self-hosting service.

    Many companies and businesses prefer to use Shopify as their eCommerce platform because not only is Shopify for beginners, but even experts can get use their knack for designing and business on this application. It provides solutions to all sorts of eCommerce problems and has alternatives to any feature that may create issues otherwise. Folio3 Shopiy App Design Agency is a group of experts who work on the Shopify platform and have all the necessary knowledge of it, enabling their users and clients to create worthy, attractive, and successful stores online.

    Is a Shopify store worth it?

    Having a Shopify store ensures that the client will get all services under one roof, and the whole process from starting a website, designing the website, adding features, and attracting customers are all available to the client in one place altogether.

    In comparison, other platforms do not have all the features available in the same area, as some may not have hosting rights, some may not have an in-built SSL certificate, or a wide range of mobile responsive themes, or even multiple options for payment gateways, which gives Shopify an upper hand on all those kinds of eCommerce web platforms.

    Shopify development

    Even though Shopify charges for providing its services, it has different pricing packages that can fit a maximum number of clients, and they charge an affordable price in relation to all the kinds of services they provide. Thus, a Shopify store is definitely worth it for all kinds of businesses, and the Folio3 Shopify Website Designs Company can help you through the whole process of setting up your business on Shopify smoothly.

    Why is Shopify better to use?

    Shopify is widely used around the world by many different businesses, be it from any industry and sector, and the main reason for that is the different and wide range of features and tools that Shopify offers to all its clients, no matter which pricing package they use, including some very important aspects of an online store as mentioned in this section.

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    The main reason for users to choose this web platform is the fact that it is highly safe and secure to use and has proved to be very reliable for its clients when it comes to securing the confidential information regarding credit cards, etc., that customers fill in while making transactions. Also, SSL certificates are automatically provided by Shopify, making it highly secure on its own.

    Another advantage Shopify has in comparison to other eCommerce platforms is the fact that Shopify has its own payment gateways and methods that are powered by Stripe, giving Shopify customers a fees-less and comfortable payment process. In addition, Shopify accepts payments from many other payment gateways as well, making it a smooth payment processor for all customers worldwide.

    Being easy to set up, very easy to use, and giving clients a faster uptime by providing templates and pre-set themes, the one thing that Shopify has done to make the lives of clients and customers easy is that, along with being highly mobile-friendly and responsive, they now also have a mobile application that can be downloaded by all Android and iOS users, giving them quicker access from anywhere.

    Shopify offers great marketing and analytics tools for its clients, which bring regular updates, show all sorts of trends, and help the clients conduct the best marketing there is around. Moreover, the search engine optimizations that Shopify offers are state of the art and ensure that the client gains as much search engine attention as possible.

    In addition to all these features, Shopify users have access to 24/7 support for customers and technical help, where clients can live chat, call, email or message and get any sort of help they require. Clients using higher pricing packages also get the abandoned cart recovery feature, which helps them save a lot of the loss they might otherwise have saved.

    Maintaining a website on Shopify is another task that Shopify itself takes responsibility for, as it schedules regular maintenance checks and notifies the owner of any sort of maintenance is required. The Folio3 Shopify Maintenance Services are also available if any client needs extra help maintaining their Shopify website, as the experts here can handle your website better.

    Therefore, all the different features, tools, and advantages that Shopify users get are much more than what other eCommerce websites have to offer, making Shopify better to use for everyone in general.

    How much does it cost to build a website on Shopify?

    Shopify offers its clients different pricing packages to suit different kinds of business and to cater to small, medium, and large scale businesses. Each pricing package has some features that exist in all, but as you start paying higher, more and more features and tools are made available to the clients.

    The pricing packages are as follows:

    Package Pricing Tools & Features



    Basic Shopify






    Best choice for new or smaller businesses.

    Offers: 24/7 support, unlimited products, SSL certificate, discounts, fraud analysis, etc.

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    Best choice for growing businesses.

    Offers: Everything included in the basic plan, and more staff accounts, abandoned cart recovery, etc.





    Advanced Shopify







    Best choice for businesses with multiple stores.

    Offers: Everything included in Shopify, and advanced reporting features, third-party calculations of shipping rates, and other extra features.



    Shopify Lite





    This plan is only to use certain features of the Shopify platform integrated with others.




    Shopify Plus






    This plan caters to large-scale businesses and merchants who want certain big customizations made to their websites, so they pay according to their business needs and uses.


    Is it better to create your own website or use Shopify?

    Creating your own website can actually create a lot of hindrances and can become a total hassle because in that case, the client needs to conduct prior research of all the features, tools, and hosting options that might be available to them, and they must have prior knowledge of how to design the perfect website for their business and how to appropriately market it and then launch it for conducting the sales goals that are set.

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    When it comes to Shopify, all the different features and tools from the very inception of the website till it starts gaining profits for the store owner are all handled and available within the Shopify platform. Thus, the store owners do not need to get anything from elsewhere until and unless any plugin or extensions are not available and are really needed by the business. Even in that case, the Folio3 Shopify Integration Services can help you overcome that issue in no time.

    Shopify is easy to migrate to, and websites from any kind of eCommerce platforms can smoothly be migrated into Shopify, which can also be handled by experts from Folio3 Shopify Migration Services, who know their job very well. Even custom-made websites can be migrated onto Shopify if the owner changes their mind at any time.

    Both custom or own websites and Shopify websites cater to different kinds of store owners and business mindsets, where the custom websites are best suitable for those business owners who have highly specific needs that can only be fulfilled by creating your own website. On the other hand, Shopify websites are best suited to clients who want to jumpstart their online store in the least amount of time, with the least amount of effort from their side.

    What does the Shopify website builder cost?

    Website builders are basically platforms that help any business or client bring together different aspects of a website or online store and start conducting operations thereafter. These include the tools that enable constructing web stores without any manual work or actual coding, meaning that everything is already available or provided by the web hosting platform.

    In the case of Shopify, the Shopify platform itself is the host and provides all the necessary tools and features that the business requires, or the clients need, all in one place, so it is the website builder itself. From providing themes and templates, all the way to providing sales channels and marketing analytics, Shopify itself takes care of the whole process.

    The cost of the Shopify website builder is the same as the cost of the Shopify pricing packages and plans because it is the same platform that is being used. The packages available are:

    • Basic Shopify = $29
    • Shopify = $79
    • Advanced Shopify = $299
    • Shopify Lite = $9
    • Shopify Plus = Custom pricing depending on the needs and services required of the business owners themselves.

    Each pricing package has the same tools and features, except that as you pay more or opt for a more expensive pricing plan, you get additional benefits.

    Shopify is itself a website developer, but there are multiple companies and people out there who are working as experts of Shopify and are known as website developers. These people or companies can help business owners set up their websites by providing them designing and developing expertise and taking care of developing the whole website, rather than the owner themselves doing it.

    One such company is the Folio3 Custom Shopify Website Development Services, which is a group of experts that can help any business owner set up an online store smoothly, without any hassle, and without much input from the owner, giving them peace that their store is in good hands.


    What makes Shopify successful?

    Shopify is a world-renowned eCommerce platform and is so successful because it is a provider of a complete set of website development options, and it goes the full circle itself. From the starting, like choosing a theme or template, then adding products, tools, and features to it, giving security to the client and customers, providing all sorts of technical and customer support, and finally giving the best of the best marketing, sales and SEO opportunities to the clients, there is nothing that the Shopify platform does not take care of.

    This is why the business owners can start their online store on Shopify and be tension-free because all processes are automatically taken care of by the Shopify platform, and if there are no specific needs, nothing extra needs to be done. Additionally to all these, Shopify is highly easy to use and gives a quick response time and a faster uptime, making it the best and most successful option for starting a business online.

    GoDaddy vs. Shopify website builder: Which one is best?

    Shopify and GoDaddy are both eCommerce platforms that business owners can use to build websites, also known as website builders, but they both cater to different sorts of business needs.

    If there is a business owner who is in a hurry to start their business and has very simple, classic needs, they can go for GoDaddy as their best option, which offers simple features and starts a web store in no time, without any hassle or complications at all.

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    On the other hand, if there is a business owner who is looking for specific tools and features or a more complex sort of website, they should definitely opt for Shopify, which allows users to customize their website according to their needs and provides outclass features that may be very helpful or required by the store owners.

    How Is Shopify good for drop-shipping?

    Drop-shipping is a term used for those businesses that do not hold inventory of their own; rather, they take products from different merchants and wholesalers and sell them in the market under their banner, which is, taking from different sources and providing them under their store name.

    Shopify is good for such drop-shipping purposes mainly because the Shopify platform itself has built-in plugins and extensions that can be added to the online stores to give them access to drop-shipping techniques, making it easier for store owners to conduct their business by drop-shipping.


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