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    What Is Shopify Website Builder Cost by Country?

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    Shopify is an eCommerce platform that can be used to create an online and physical store. Store owners use Shopify in the same way that bloggers use WordPress. With Shopify POS and your website, you can sell both online and in person. Now let us look at the prices of various Shopify app builders in USA and how they differ in different regions and countries.

    Shopify development

    Overview: Shopify Website Builder Cost Review

    When it comes to the Shopify review, we created a list of advantages and disadvantages as reported by Shopify users. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using Shopify:

    • Beginners and experts, both, will find it simple to use. Shopify makes it simple to open an online business without worrying about infrastructure or development costs.
    • Shopify will take care of all server maintenance and upgrades for you, ensuring that your store and shopping cart are always up to current and pages load swiftly.
    • It has a variety of programs to accommodate companies of all sizes.
    • It offers technical and customer assistance 24 /7.
    • The Shopify Theme Store has 160 free and premium themes to select from, making it very customizable.
    • Shopify’s powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools help your website rank better in search results so customers can find you.

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    Now that we’ve looked at the other side of the coin, here are some of the drawbacks:

    • It isn’t the most versatile website builder on the market. If your firm isn’t focused on eCommerce, Shopify isn’t very beneficial.
    • Unless your site utilizes Shopify Payments, it charges a 2% processing fee on every purchase.
    • Its multilingual features necessitate the purchase of premium applications.
    • Shopify is not a content management system, and it is designed only for the purpose of selling goods. Don’t use Shopify if you want to include a lot of rich material on your sites, such as movies, carousels, and other things, in addition to the products you wish to sell.

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    Shopify is the top choice for eCommerce enterprises when compared to other website builders. You might wonder why. Because it is solely focused on the eCommerce industry and provides all of the tools necessary to succeed in it. Shopify is for anybody who wants to generate money online, but not for personal or portfolio websites.

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    How to Do Shopify Website Builder Login?

    Because you don’t need to know how to code or develop custom websites to create a stunning online store in a short amount of time, Shopify is simple to use. However, it might appear complex if you do not understand how an internet store works or establish one.

    Shopify development

    Overall, if you only need the bare minimum of functionality, Shopify can help you establish the best online store in approximately 10 to 15 minutes. You can also hire someone to build Shopify store in the USA. However, if you want to create an engaging and well-designed store, it may take much longer to get your eCommerce site up and running.

    • Because you have no prior expertise with eCommerce, start with one of Shopify’s free themes to take the initial steps toward your own online store. They’re generally the simplest to build out with minimal components that give your clients a pleasant user experience.

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    It’s simple to get started with Shopify. All you have to do now is pick a theme for your online business. Some themes are designed for large firms with hundreds of products, while others are designed for tiny startups with only a few items.

    • Each theme is essentially an online shop with content modules that you can link to your catalog or other pages. All you have to do now is create content to fill in the gaps left by the prebuilt modules after you’ve picked a theme.

    Because constructing an eCommerce site differs substantially from developing a conventional website, this makes the process of launching an online store quick and straightforward – especially for novices.

    • Tabs for different parts of your website may be found on the left side of your website’s customization page. Fill in the blanks in each section with material that best defines your new online shop. While this makes it very simple to adapt your online store to your exact needs, it might feel restricting when some parts of the Shopify website builder aren’t customizable. You can’t modify the size of most modules, for example, and you can’t always change where information goes within each module.
    • You may modify the general appearance and feel of your website under the “Theme Settings” area, in addition to editing the modules and content they include. This is where you can make changes to your website’s colors, font, background pictures, favicon, and more to make sure it matches your company’s branding.
    • If you just work through each module and fill in the missing material, designing your eCommerce site with the Shopify website builder will feel quite simple. Shopify themes assist you in determining where and how to place information.
    • Integration is a step further in growing your online business. Shopify connectors link your Shopify store to all of your other systems and apps. ERP and CRM systems, marketplaces, shipping providers, and other third-party apps are all available. Shopify may also be integrated with social media sites. Hire the best Shopify integration solutions in US to ensure a smooth integration.

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    Shopify Website Builder Pricing by Country

    Shopify provides three different monthly subscriptions, ranging from $29 to $299. That means that no matter how big or small your business is, Shopify has a package that will fit your needs.

    • $29/month for the Basic Shopify Plan: The Basic Shopify plan is Shopify’s cheapest option, costing $29 per month.
    • $79/Month Shopify Plan: This mid-range Shopify plan is a step up from the Basic Shopify plan and includes everything you need for a developing business. While the Shopify plan costs $50 more per month than the Basic Shopify plan, it provides far more value, making it well worth the extra expense.
    • $299/month Advanced Shopify Plan: The costliest Shopify package is $299 per month. While the pricing may appear to be prohibitive at first, Shopify created this plan for larger organizations than its other two options.

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    What Does Shopify Website Builder Cost in The UK?

    The prices shown above are the standard rates. For your convenience, we’ll convert them to UK pounds.

    In the United Kingdom, Shopify costs:

    • The basic Shopify plan costs about 22 pounds per month plus 2% transaction fees.
    • The Shopify Plan may be purchased at 60 pounds per month with 1% transaction fees.
    • The Advanced Shopify Plan is £227 per month plus 0.5 percent transaction fees.

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    How Much Do Shopify Website Builders Cost in The USA?

    Shopify website design company in USA will charge the following prices from its clients:

    • The basic Shopify plan costs $29 per month.
    • The Shopify Plan may be purchased at $ 79 per month.
    • The Advanced Shopify Plan is $299 per month.

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    How Much Is Shopify Website Builder Pricing in Australia?

    Here’s the payment plan in Australian dollars, based on the same prices:

    • The most basic Shopify plan costs $40.25.
    • Shopify plan can be purchased for $109.45
    • Advanced Shopify plan costs $416.99

    Shopify Website Builder Cost in New Zealand?

    • In New Zealand, the most basic Shopify package is $41.88.
    • In New Zealand Dollars, the Shopify plan costs 114.10.
    • To purchase an advanced Shopify plan, one must spend 431.83 New Zealand Dollars.

    Shopify Website Builder Cost in Canada?

    • In Canadian Dollars, the Basic Shopify plan costs 36.76.
    • Shopify plan can be availed by paying 100.14 Canadian Dollars.
    • While the advanced Shopify plan costs 379.02 Canadian Dollars.

    Shopify Website Builder Cost in Mena Regions Such as UAE, Qatar, And Saudi Arabia?

    Because various currencies exist in the Mena regions, we’ll break down Shopify pricing in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

    Shopify UAE

    • Basic Shopify plan for 106.51 United Arab Emirates Dirham
    • Shopify plan 290.16 for United Arab Emirates Dirham
    • advanced Shopify plan for 1,098.20 United Arab Emirates Dirham

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    • The basic Shopify plan in Qatar costs 105.59 USD.
    • Shopify plan costs 287.64 Qatari Rials.
    • The advanced Shopify plan in Qatari Rial (QAR) costs 1,088.66

    Saudi Arabia

    • The basic Shopify package in Saudi Arabia Riyal is for 108.77
    • The Shopify plan costs 296.30 Saudi Riyal.
    • The advanced Shopify plan costs 1,121.44 Saudi Riyal. Saudi Riyal is a currency in Saudi Arabia.


    If one person claimed Shopify isn’t the best tool for building a staunch online business that can expand from side hustle to a full-time profession, they would be lying. If you operate a small, local business that wants to sell online, you must use this platform. Shopify is the ideal platform for you if you’re an artist looking to sell products online. This platform is also valuable for people who want to start dropshipping. Because it is simple to use and provides the best value for money.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (Shopify Website Builder Cost)

    Q: Is the Shopify website builder free?

    A: There is no free Shopify website builder package. They do, however, include a 14-day free trial. So, before you invest your money in Shopify, start with a free trial to have a better understanding of it.

    Q: How do I have a Shopify website builder near me?

    A: To design and set up your e-commerce site, you will want to hire Shopify specialists in the USA.  Being digital is the norm in today’s environment. As a result, occupations and employment have shifted online as well. There are several freelance websites that may assist you in locating a Shopify website builder in your area.

    One advantage of hiring freelancers for the task is that you will have several profiles to select from. You may look at their portfolios, credentials, and talents. To build up your online e-commerce business, you may easily employ an expert specialist.

    Also, seek a Shopify website development agency in USA that is close by and cheap.



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